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  1. Truth hurts? Anyone who's a student of Ruckman is a KJV cultist. Period, end of story.
  2. Just a request. I'm pushing 40 and, I do believe that it time that I settled down and find me a wife to fuss over me (or at me ) and for me to drive her out of her mind. Anyhow, I'm 39 and I'm willing to try again with all that romance and mushy stuff. (I've never been married. But, I did do a relationship thing once, when I was backslidden... it was not a good thing!) So, pray the Lord send her, and more importantly, pray the Lord properly prepare my heart for all that. I just want my marriage to last 43 years; like my Mom and Dad's has. :icon_smile:
  3. John the Baptist Jesus Christ The rest of 'em are a bunch of weirdos who think they can preach! (I mean, modern people, NOT the apostles now!)
  4. Yuck. Hyper-dispensationalist, KJV Cultist, One of Ruckman's stooges. Avoid, I'd say. met him once; was not impressed with his attitude.
  5. I agree with that. Calling me to come talk would have been fine. But that's not what happened. He called and just started accusing me of a bunch of silliness. The first time, I let it go, the second time, I left. :runforhills:
  6. I don't unit with those who deny the Word of God or specifically the King James Bible or don't follow it.
  7. Here's a solution to your problem. You don't like my posts? Don't read 'em. Further more, anytime you wanna come up here and say all that junk about my disability and my writing ability, to my face. You can feel free. But, let me give you some advice, you better have some really good medical insurance. Because I when I get done, you'll be in a wheelchair, or worse, a body bag. I grew in southwest Detroit and, as they say down there, "I don't play 'dat." You know who you are. and that......is all.
  8. The real point is this; I left. I knew what kind preacher he was and I left on the authority of the Word of God. I have no regrets.
  9. Anyone who threatens someone with bodily harm, if they are being confronted as presented in Matthew 18:15-17 has no business being in any sort of a ministry at all.
  10. Sorry, But I disagree. Calling someone on a cellphone is the most cowardly thing a man could do. That is when he is accusing someone of the things I was accused of... If you got something to say to me; you say it to my FACE and not on a cell phone. Period, End of Story. If you're a pastor and you do this; you are a hireling and I will never, ever serve under someone that does not take that King James Bible literally, word for word. Go and tell means GO AND TELL! Not use a cellphone, because you are too much of a cowardly rat to face me. I guess Ruckman is right, not everyone is a true Baptist KJV believer.
  11. I just discovered something. I somehow or another have moderator abilities here. I was able to close a topic that I started. Is this by design or an oversight? Just a wonderin'.... -Pat
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