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  1. I stand on what I wrote earlier. I also emphatically state that any believer that is "hostile" in their attitude regarding the Word of God is a believer to steer clear of. I was taught in a staunch IFB bible college that teaches KJV only that any person with an agenda that does not include the ENTIRE Word of God is a cultist and many IFB believers take a doctrine and turn it into a cult where the doctrine becomes more important than everything else in the bible. The bible is the WHOLE truth and there are many doctrines in the bible that make up the whole, not just one or two that appeal to a i
  2. I see in your Bio you state: came here looking for answers, not to be slammed down for daring to use a Bible other than King James. Remember that our growth is directly effected by the offense we take and hold onto. I also have a very strong aversion to many of the attitudes presented on this forum concerning some IFB doctrinal points, but as John stated: If the Lord has not yet convicted you in your heart concerning the Bible you use then keep on using it!!! No one can force a doctrinal point on you and you can not judge a group by the attitudes and actions of a few individuals. I my
  3. Thanks all - still in state of terrified confused panic - it'll sink in eventually.
  4. After 14 yrs of marriage I would have thought that I was past the danger, but noooooo, God had other plans (thanks for letting me know God!), So I was woken up at 2 this morning with "you are going to be a daddy" well, no sleep after that! (and it's her birthday day!!!) So we need all the prayers I can get now. Business needs to bring in a reliable income now or a good job would be on top of that list being the pragmatic person I am. Thanks All
  5. That's just wrong. I know men here in SA that drive 400 kms to preach for free! That go out every Saturday to street preach and give out tracts. I would happily preach if my needs were met, not my wants. As a bladesmith and artist blacksmith I can work after hours for extra money. I think the problem is that there was a short period of time where churches were full and pastors could get positions that offered a building and a "manse" and it became an expected thing. My brother in law is a Presbyterian pastor and for a long time suffered because they have this thing - you can be "called" by a c
  6. My wife (god bless her strength) and I did exactly that. Sold everything, packed what was left in the backie (truck to you in the USA) and moved - don't quite know what happened but it's a long story full of bitternes and disenchantment and lots of anger on my side so after 18 months I decided that enough was enough and we moved back home to the support structure of family to start over again. Faith is not always rewarded like some think and teach that it will be. I am mature enough to know that the problem was not God but me, so we'll leave it at that for now.
  7. How about the other side of the picture. I have approached many "missionary" organizations in the past and because I don't go to a church as the closest IFB church that I trust is over 950 kms away and they only have 20-30 people on a good Sunday, I am not an "acceptable" candidate for missions work. I have been to most of the churches here in my town and their doctrine is so far off I usually end up walking out during the service.I do not have a trust fund, I do not believe in asking for money and God hasn't supplied as yet so I have stopped trying. Many a young man has been called and short
  8. Calvary, excellent exposition, well laid out. Can't get better than that. It's as plain as day.
  9. Had a closer look and agree with your assessment. With the amount of wine, strong drink, adultery, etc, etc in the Bible with Gods chosen people, one can't but wonder why He hasn't destroyed us all yet.
  10. Children, like dogs (oooooh, think I might upset a few with that) need to learn boundaries. I train both the same way. The RULE OF THREE. Once, twice - then the applicable punishment. Most times they stop at two :knuppel:
  11. I disagree. Many verses that use the term "wine" mean alcohol. I proved that in my earlier post. So I will prove it again. Eph 5:18 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; - wine as alcohol. 1Ti 5:23 Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often infirmities. - do you think that Paul would condone that Timothy drink alcohol for medicinal purposes? If this one doesn't prove it then the next few should. Hos 4:11 Whoredom and wine and new wine take away the heart. Here wine and "new wine" are alcoholic. Jer 23:
  12. There's a difference between spanking and beating. Good parents spank in love, bad parents beat out of anger, frustration or just pure vindictiveness. I think that those that punish children out of love and discipline with the right reasons are few and far between. So I suppose that's why we also have laws that forbid corporal punishment. Protect the children and all that. I'm one of those that was spanked alot, single Christian mom with three kids. Most time out of love, others just pure frustration. I rebelled badly but like the bible says "Pro 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go:
  13. If you read my above post (# 23) explaining my reasoning you would understand. I will not and can not accept God commanding the drinking of alcohol when so many verses strongly refute this. I will go as far as His possible permitting, but not commanding. It goes against the very character of God.
  14. I am sorry, but one mans opinion is not enough to convince me that "strong drink" means beer. You can not take a Babylonian word and a similar Hebrew word and combine them and make beer out them. If we truly believe that the KJ is the true inspired Word of God then the word beer would have been used. They knew what beer was when they wrote the KJV 1611. I still stand on my previous post that strong drink here meant concentrated grape juice and that it always comes back to context. Any one that accepts this disregards the character of God.
  15. The terms wine and strong drink often mean grape juice, fermented grape juice (alcohol) and have also been used to describe wine that has been boiled down into a syrup that was later mixed with water. I do not think that God was endorsing alcohol in this verse, that would contradict Him and we know that is not the case. It is important to always look at the context of the verse. If we look at that verse in Deut 14 we need to consider the nature of God and use that as a guideline for understanding the meaning the word was used in. God does not endorse sin, so would not condone alcohol in a situ
  16. 1 Tim 115, I have never heard of Acts 15: 29 "used to preclude Christians from tithing" - can't even see how anyone would get it in the verse. But to answer the question - "Can this verse, Acts 15:29, apply to Gentiles who are not in Asia? Would it apply to us Gentiles in the West?" Yes it does. My reasoning: lets look at the verse and the context of the chapter. The context of the chapter starts off with works based salvation versus salvation through faith alone, also a division was growing between the newly saved Jews who were struggling to reconcile the old way of works with this new
  17. Here's a heads up. We "dispies" know the difference between doctrine for the Jews and doctrine meant for the church. That means we know what we are TOLD to do and what we can LEARN from - two different playing fields with separate rules. Unless you want us to start circumcising all our boys and turning our churches into slaughter houses. I don't think Rick was throwing out a doctrinal question, more a hypothetical one that we can learn a lesson from. I'm reasonably sure that he already has an answer. Rick Here's a question: 1Ti 3:2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wif
  18. Any one stop to think that because money is a object that does not decay, and that gold and silver is universally accepted that God purposely used the fruits of the harvest as a tithe in order to curb corruption as it could not be stored for long and to show that Gods provision was renewable and daily, not to be hoarded? Just a thought I had.
  19. SFIC, I am curious to your reasons behind this non negotiable viewpoint that you have taken a very strong stand on. I have read all your posts concerning the tithe and also your stand on the MV portraying Jesus as a liar. I have also had some words with you in the past on other threads regarding salvation. You always seem to take a stand on some fine point of doctrine and argue it to death, regardless of the out come (if there is ever one) and regardless on whether no one agrees with you and they often end up locked by a mod. So I have some questions if you would please answer: Do you think
  20. John, I am in no way saying that we should not be content in all things. That God does not provide our every need at the right time. And you are 100% right about the car, in hindsight we can always see His wisdom in His provision, even though at the time it may seem suspect, or not quite what we were hoping for, it's always for the best. What I am saying though is that we have not because we ask not. That we have been conditioned by life, false doctrine, the church and previous unanswered prayers to ask Him for little and not for much. That we give up to easily when it comes to petitioning God
  21. You know. one thing SFIC is right about is the lack of faith in our modern "Christianity". I say this in a broad spectrum as I know of pastors that live by faith alone and I know of many "workers" that don't. My pastor is a IFB pastor who lives by faith alone and is poor by the worlds standards, my friends uncle is a charismatic one that has three cars, a 6 million Rand home in a exclusive town in the Cape and travels the world preaching and staying in luxury. I myself have had a heart for missions since I was 6 and have learnt the hard way concerning mission boards and missionary organizati
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