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  1. It's really sad that such an issue can arise in THE CHURCH or any single church concerning something as paltry as a woman wearing pants. I would think we have far more important things to do and worry about. My wife is a nurse and wears pants. Pants made for woman. If I wore these pants I would be laughed at. The issue is not pants and should never have been pants. The actual issue here is authority and modesty. Authority that was and still is abused by "believing" men in ignorance and pride that make an issue out of pants and other silly "doctrinal" points of view without actually seeing the real picture and message that was taught. If a woman wears woman's pants that are modest and her character is not one that undermines the authority of her husband and his role in God's church then let her wear pants and get past the idiocy and blindness of legalism that trapped the Pharisees and follow the character and nature of Christ.
  2. Someone please give me a verse where the bible, Paul, Jesus or even God says that "PANTS" are forbidden to woman. I am looking for the word "pants" here. And if we go on the fact that it actually means that they must not dress as men, then forbid them T-shirts, socks, boots, sandles, sneakers, button up shirts and anything else that is similar to what we wear! Just another case of making mountains out of dung heaps!
  3. I was engaged to what I thought was the one for me and found out she was living with someone I knew when I was not around - hurt worse than anything but I learned through this that most of the hurt was also hurt pride. Wasn't three months later that I met my wife of 15 yrs now - we were married 2 months after meeting each other.Sometimes bad things happen to good people so that better things can come around.
  4. My question John, is where in the Word does it state that you were saved before the foundation of the world? Not fighting, just asking.
  5. And that is? Why don't you share it with the rest of us?
  6. Thers There is not a pastor in this world who has not lied, sinned nor will there ever be. Thank God for His grace that supersedes that of disgruntled church members as I am sure if stoning were still allowed there would lie a dead and stoned Pastor in many a church!!
  7. I know that was your point John, but there's a little ambiguity concerning whether He knew you before you were born or did He SAVE you before you were born? I believe that God knew us before we were born and PROVIDED a way for salvation for all mankind through Jesus before the foundation of the world. But some sadly believe that this provision was only for a few elect and they were SAVED before they were even born, that this "knew" and "saved" are the same thing.
  8. In context - spoken to Jeremiah only - HE - JEREMIAH - was sanctified and ordained a prophet before birth. He, God, may have known me before birth but He never SANCTIFIED nor ORDAINED me a prophet, a believer or saved before birth.
  9. God's saving us from before the foundation of the world has nothing to do with election, foreknowledge, etc - it's because the Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world. God's plan to send Jesus was always in effect, before He even created Adam and the world. God is outside of time, you could say He is time, so He moves independently of the time that controls our lives. Jesus was crucified for ALL who will BELIEVE before man was even created.
  10. Agreed, then why do some act as if they do and judge, condemn and criticize those that aren't as "Christlike" as they are?
  11. Are you both "pearlites" living in sinless perfection?
  12. Exactly what I have been saying and to John, no it's not a false teaching - it's not a teaching at all, just something I choose to believe. Whether they are saved or protected or not accountable until a certain age I really do not know but I just choose to believe in His Mercy that has been evident throughout the Word and not only on the occasional example of his just and righteous wrath.
  13. Agreed John, but please point out where I said saved. I do not believe that babies nor children up to a certain age are saved by other means and no where did I say that. I am also not taking a single verse out of context and "creating" a doctrine. The whole passage speaks of unequaly yoked and equaly yoked marriages in the context of salvation so where does legitimacy come in? Paul speaks of having received a letter asking questions - we do not have that letter and he does not specify the questions so I must take the scripture at face value and not read anything into it - so "sanctified" and "holy" mean exactly what they are meant to mean in the context of salvation. So I state AGAIN - I believe that possibly the children of believers are PROTECTED by God's grace and mercy until they make there own choice. IOW - they are kept alive if there parents are walking in God's will. This is my personal belief based on what I understand. But if you & SFIC believe that all babies, fetuses and children are damned to hell then by all means do so. But I must say that the Calvinist camp is sounding far more attractive every minute with their belief that we have no say and that God chooses whom He will, then I don't have to worry about my unborn child not making it or not making a decision if they die before understanding the doctrine of salvation because God has already chosen and nothing I do nor say nor teach can change that. It's easy for you to say that I can not believe a child is protected, but the thing is, you nor SFIC don't know either.
  14. Once again you put words in my mouth so I will let you read it again - this time read slowly and pay attention - I will even highlight for you: Do you by chance see the word "saved"; "believer" or any such thing in that statement? By this I mean "kept safe" though this does fly in the face of many a believers child having died too young to make a conscious decision. Like I said - it's a difficult one that no one really knows the answer to and if there is one we don't always like it. So I will stick to this one even if it sounds foolish, just as you stick to your "Repent" in order to be saved. We all have our faults. And to keep the peace don't use this as an opening to do the whole repent thing again - it's been done to death already. :D
  15. Not a theory - 1 Cor 7:14 says the children of a saved parent are holy. I suppose this covers the "age of accountability" doctrine. As a young child the gospel was explained to me and I made a choice to accept Jesus as my savior, recommitted my life in my teens and was baptized, so no I do not base my salvation on that and I never stated that I did. I do however believe that the child of a believer is protected (covered by the faith of the parent if you will) until the time they can make there own decision. And just as God sees us through the blood of Christ and His faith, He sees our children through our faith. So just as Christ is responsible for the Church His bride and so the believing father responsible for his wife and children, if no father then the believing mother.
  16. All right. So we have two camps here. One that says God has made a condition for salvation and that condition is to believe and that this "choice" is available to all mankind. The other says God stops at some and passes on by others using comments like "irresistible grace"; "predestined"; "foreknew" and others to justify this doctrine. One says free will One says "God's will" Now if it's free will, then how do babies make a choice? Does God come speak baby gobbly gook that they understand and they make some baby gobbly gook decision to follow Christ? Or does God "foreknow" the baby's decision and decide for them? Those of us in the free will camp either ignore this question, believe in the "age of accountability" thing or say all those who have not decided on their own free will to follow Christ are in hell. Those in the "Calvinist" or "reformed whatsit" camp don't care, God's got His own and the rest can go to hell. So this is the God some of you serve: One who damns fetuses, babies, children, the autistic and those born brain damaged all to hell. (I am leaving out the ones who haven't heard because I understand and accept Romans) One who has made Himself the sacrifice for sin for ONLY those that hear, UNDERSTAND and believe with a complete understanding of the doctrine of salvation. The others serve a God that like I said just doesn't care, He's already done His pick and choose thing and we have no will in the matter. Come on people, even the Jews understand that the parents are accountable for the child until a certain age - bat mitzvah! I choose to believe the Word and the Word tells me that though God is vengeful and righteously ruthless at times He is also FAR MORE of the following: Just Compassionate Long suffering Merciful Holy Righteous Self sacrificing (Jesus for those that don't know) And He knows what He's doing. So just because I don't know and HE hasn't made it clear I will stick to what He has told me: And I don't care what "some" have preached or "commentaries" say I follow the WORD of God - KJV AV and it says "NOW ARE THEY HOLY" - it doesn't say legitimate, they would have used that word if that's what they meant - IT SAYS HOLY!!!! So if you are a KJV believing believer then stand your ground, ignore what the preacher says, the commentaries say and HEED the Word and it says they are holy and sanctified through the faith of the parent just as we are sanctified through the faith of Christ. The passage context is salvation, not illegitimate children. It's married believers and unbelievers, not the unmarried.
  17. Not sure I agree with you on this one John - sanctified is sanctified - meaning "Made or declared or believed to be holy; devoted to a deity or some religious ceremony or use" and Holy is Holy and we all know what that means and if the verse states "(1Co 7:14) For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy." It says what it says, no hidden meanings or ambiguities. It is a difficult one that God has chosen not to make clear as much as some doctrines and truths are made clear in the Word. I just choose to believe that we don't know everything and can not make a conclusion until we are 100% sure but until I get to heaven and find out that babies are in hell like the Catholics believe I will stand on God's mercy regarding this one.
  18. What in the above statement did you not understand? You have an amazing knack of taking peoples posts and twisting them. No where did I state that any were innocent of sin - the term referred to unaccountable by adult standards not biblical. Besides, I have yet to find in the Word where it says that children are accountable and held guilty of sin and though it does say that we are all born in sin it also says this: Eph 5:1 Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; And this: 1Co 7:14 For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy. - Sanctified through the faith of the parent! A DIFFERENT SALVATION FOR CHILDREN that are not yet of an age to understand the doctrine of salvation - prove otherwise! Explain that? And back to topic: 1Co 7:17 But as God hath distributed to every man, as the Lord hath called every one, so let him walk. And so ordain I in all churches. What about the words EVERY MAN and EVERY ONE do they not understand? Verse in context to salvation - read the whole chapter!
  19. I have listened to that a few times. He does teach that this is possible, yet admits it's unattainable while still in this body.One has to listen to it a few times to see this - it's about sinning less the more you submit to God's Word and His Spirit.
  20. I was waiting for someone to bring up this point. You could also use the flood as an example. Many "innocents" died there too. By innocents I refer to children. You will note that I stated that God's character throughout the ENTIRE bible reflects His mercy and does so far more than it reflects His wrath.Yes we do see a wrathful, jealous and vengeful God when it comes to sin. Note that God does not command that the children be put to death in Hosea, He just states that they will be - this is the nature of war. Some believe in the "age of accountability" for children, but like I said in my earlier post, it's a difficult one and the Word does not give an exact reference to children and how accountable they are. As much as I fear and respect God's wrath, I believe in His long suffering and mercy. But back to topic - The CONDITION for salvation is the recipients BELIEVING in the finished work of Christ. God put grace in place so that none could boast on their own strength and He put the condition in place so that none would have an excuse. We must steer clear of those that would use a few verses to try and subjugate the entire Word of God when the entire Word of God attests to mans ability to make his own choices and bear the consequences thereof.
  21. Any one here heard of the Pearls? Mike and Debbie Pearl at No greater Joy?
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