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  1. It's really sad that this is happening to IB churches and even other churches that are bible based. I know - my friend is a pastor and has been for over ten years and the church has never grown more than 20-30 at most and all poor - difficult to feed a family on that. But he will NEVER (I hope) give up sound doctrine for a nice house and car. Maybe it's time we payed (paid) more attention to those who serve faithfully and backed off from that new toy we want.
  2. No hard feelings John81 - we are all entitled to our "assumptions". And I hope the prayer is not just lip service - need all the fervent prayer of the righteous that I can get.
  3. The "emerging church" is something I have had to deal with a lot here in SA as IB churches are scarcer than a perfect person. We call them "people seeker" churches amongst other names. I have found that one of the biggest reasons many pastors and church leaders go this route is due to lack of money. The reason for this is their entire doctrine is based on attracting people to the services - more people = more money and times are tight. So they take out stuff that convicts and offends and put in social events and a doctrine that is watered down and makes people feel good. The best way to tell a
  4. John81, I am not quick to attack nor reject what is put forth as long as it is relevant, backed up by scripture and not one's opinion and finally, based on the love of Christ. You will note that in my first post I asked for scripture, not someones opinion. Yes, I may be angry with God, but I am not suicidal and my goal was to stir up a hornets nest and see what came out. You will also note that many who replied were humble, gentle and really concerned in their replies, not bigoted, arrogant and opinionated. My reason for the post was to see if this site had IB's who are full of themselves in t
  5. - Seeing as you are quick to state scripture, lets see some references for salvation being responsible for fruit and the fact that it is not biblical for saved believes to live lives "like the devil".
  6. Frankly, I am so sick of the Independent Baptist answer to everything they don't quite get - " Was he/she really saved?" The Word is VERY clear on salvation -if you at any time believed on Jesus Christ as your personal Savior then you are saved regardless of how you live afterward or if you confessed your sins and repented or were baptized or not or any other of the "IF'S". Many a born again believer is lying drunk in there own vomit somewhere, or considering/committing adultery, etc. You don't have to remember the exact day, time and place you gave your life to the Lord to be saved, nor do yo
  7. First off, I find it ridiculous that I am unable to read or post on nearly all the available forums. Are we IB's so conservative that we have to protect ourselves from the view points of outsiders. Now to the main question I have that I must post here as I was not allowed to post in the relative forum. Can a saved believer commit suicide and lose there salvation? Now before I get a sermon on eternal security understand that I have been saved for over 25yrs and a 1611 AVKJB baptist for most of them. I just want biblical references to prove either or as I can find nothing besides the catholi
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