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  1. - Seeing as you are quick to state scripture, lets see some references for salvation being responsible for fruit and the fact that it is not biblical for saved believes to live lives "like the devil".
  2. Frankly, I am so sick of the Independent Baptist answer to everything they don't quite get - " Was he/she really saved?" The Word is VERY clear on salvation -if you at any time believed on Jesus Christ as your personal Savior then you are saved regardless of how you live afterward or if you confessed your sins and repented or were baptized or not or any other of the "IF'S". Many a born again believer is lying drunk in there own vomit somewhere, or considering/committing adultery, etc. You don't have to remember the exact day, time and place you gave your life to the Lord to be saved, nor do you have to be a 1611 KJV Bible believing Baptist to be the only one going to heaven. Signs and fruits have nothing to do with your state but with your standing - this means that your state is in Christ and He has your salvation in His hands forever - your standing however is entirely up to you and the choices you make and the signs/fruits you bear reflect this not the grace of Christ. It's easy to call someone a coward from the other side of the fence, maybe you should walk a mile in my shoes. I have faced death many times in my life and I can tell you that any one who decides to take their own life is not a coward, they have more than likely faced more in their lives than you could ever handle, on your own or on your knees!!! Thanks, tried that too many times, but thanks for the kind words and keep on keeping on. Suicide is not my way of dealing with things, but as an option has it's merits. Every person has the right to choose life or death. We do this at salvation when we choose life in Christ over death in sin. I am not the first to be angry with God and neither will I be the last if He keeps on tarrying. I wanted to see the reaction this thread would incur and besides the usual IB bigotry I have come to hate I have seen a love not often seen in IB forums or people and to see if just maybe there was a hidden verse I hadn't found yet . So thanks to those who care and to those who don't.
  3. First off, I find it ridiculous that I am unable to read or post on nearly all the available forums. Are we IB's so conservative that we have to protect ourselves from the view points of outsiders. Now to the main question I have that I must post here as I was not allowed to post in the relative forum. Can a saved believer commit suicide and lose there salvation? Now before I get a sermon on eternal security understand that I have been saved for over 25yrs and a 1611 AVKJB baptist for most of them. I just want biblical references to prove either or as I can find nothing besides the catholic point of view anywhere. I plan to be seeing my maker soon as we have unresolved issues that need sorting and I'm sick of the christian pretense that He actually listens and -wait for it - answers. Time for a face to face and yes I'll say it when most of you want to, but don't have the "" to say it - i'm one p'd off child of God and apologize if this offends, but life ain't pretty.
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