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  1. On 12/26/2018 at 5:07 PM, Pastor Scott Markle said:

    Since Brother Alan specifically mentioned me, I will present the information for the website of the church over which the Holy Spirit has called me to pastor.  To be clear - I pastor a small country church in a small village within the Thumb area of Michigan, nothing of popular importance.


    (Note: I struggled a bit with presenting this information because I do not desire to push myself forward in any manner.  Please receive this information in the spirit with which it was delivered.)

    Listened to some of your sermons yesterday. Such a blessing. Thank you

  2. 6 hours ago, Alan said:

    1. Pastor Ron Thomas, Rodges Baptist Church, Garland, TX, is a larger church that  love the Lord and has stayed true to the faith once delivered to the saints. They are able to have an extensive website with an extensive  audio and YouTube ministry to help those  who desire to listen to a good ministry over the internet.

    Here is the link to their media ministry: http://www.rodgersbaptist.net/media/

    2. The "Gospel Web," created by missionary James Dearmore, is a more extensive ministry with written articles concerning many different subjects, sermons, and issues. He also has a link to other fine IFB churches and ministries. 

    Here is the link to the Gospel Web: http://www.gospelweb.net/mainindex.htm

    As brother John Young and Old Fashioned Preacher mentioned, there are a lot of fine IFB churches still in America today. So often they are in the limelight. In fact, even some of the bigger ones like Rodgers Baptist Chruch are relatively unknown due to the fact they have a good spirit about their ministry, they do not create controversial issues to attract attention, they have not compromised the doctrines of the scriptures, they believe and practice in soul winning, are strong KJV, and have a sincere love for people.

    Thanks Alan, appreciate it. I have never heard of any of these that you have mentioned. Will definitely look into these. My home church is 1000 kms away so and my wife and I are probably the only KJB believers in our town. Though I tell the truth to anyone who will listen none do these days


    14 hours ago, Pastor Scott Markle said:

    Since Brother Alan specifically mentioned me, I will present the information for the website of the church over which the Holy Spirit has called me to pastor.  To be clear - I pastor a small country church in a small village within the Thumb area of Michigan, nothing of popular importance.


    (Note: I struggled a bit with presenting this information because I do not desire to push myself forward in any manner.  Please receive this information in the spirit with which it was delivered.)

    Appreciate your candor Brother Scott

  3. 2 minutes ago, Alan said:

    I was just about to leave when I noticed this. As I know you are in South Africa I will have to send you some with a church website. Most of the smaller churches do not have a website so I will have to find some of the larger churches that have a website. Tomorrow morning I will send you a private message with some men.

    Off the top of my head, here on OnLineBaptist, John Young  is a pastor of a smaller church that has some sermons that he uploaded onto OnLineBaptist, Pastor Scott Markle has a website with a lot of fine sermons you can download and books that he has on his church website, Matt (the owner of OnLineBaptist), has a church website, Jim Alaska has a link to his home church, Old Fashioned Preacher (although on furlough) his old church in Kansas has a church website, Salyan's home church has a church website with some fine sermons that I have downloaded.

    I am sure that I have missed some as I am pressed for time right now.

    Thanks Alan. Will check these out. Appreciate it

  4. 7 minutes ago, John Young said:

    I would say that the majority of IFB pastors are actually humbly and quietly working and serving in their local areas and are mostly model Christians (There are over 6,000 IFB preachers in America). Its the very few public, limelight teachers (many not even pasotrs or IFB) that spread most of the contention that I have seen which give that impression to the masses who see their bad spirit. And conversely the same attitude in those of the Non-KJB limlight teachers do not help matters any.

    Sadly for us who do not reside in the States where the KJB and IFB are strong we only see those in the limelight and on the web and I must say that it doesn't paint a pretty picture. I am blessed though that I have enough understanding and knowledge now that I can ignore it and sift through for what I need. So far I have only found one consistent online preacher who does not play that game.

  5. David Cloud is solid, and has many very excellent study materials. Don't throw out a solid ministry just because you differ with where he draws a particular line. If it wasn't for solid Bible teachers like Cloud, many more IFB individuals and churches would be by the wayside as well. His is a discernment ministry and it has its place for sure, regardless of whether someone might cross all their t's the same or not. Take what he presents, check it out with the Bible, and if it lines up, then hold to it - as you should do with any other sound Bible teacher or preacher. If something doesn't line up, then throw that part out - if a lot doesn't line up, then disregard that ministry. But if a lot of it lines up, then pray for discernment and wisdom** for what to do with what you think is not correct. If it is his personal opinion or conviction, but not a clear Bible principle, then take it as such - but if it is a clear Bible principle, then we need to heed it - regardless of our personal feelings about the source (providing the source is generally reliable - I am certainly not advocating dipping into the wells of infidelity or some wishy washy teacher to glean something to take with us. As they say: Eat the meat and spit out the bones - but if the meat is tainted, throw it out!).

    **We should be praying for wisdom and discernment when studying the Bible and reading material by others anyway.

    Exactly what I meant when I said:

    When someone is on a band wagon it's usually best to get off and ride your own horse.
  6. Though I have many of David Clouds sermons I have never listened to one nor read anything of his or read much about him. So my coming statement is not directed to him. But I have found through personal experience that those that demand separatism are usually the least separated, especially when they make a point of exposing those that "disagree" or share a slightly differing view point. When someone is on a band wagon it's usually best to get off and ride your own horse.

  7. Here is an excellent article that answers some questions on this subject, and refutes the false answers Calvinism gives:

    What Is Biblical Predestination?

    Excellent link Jerry!!! My pastor once preached on this topic and I could say it was almost identical to the linked topic. This is what rightly dividing the Word is all about!!


    God's Eternal Purpose by Norman H. Wells
  8. It's really sad that such an issue can arise in THE CHURCH or any single church concerning something as paltry as a woman wearing pants. I would think we have far more important things to do and worry about. My wife is a nurse and wears pants. Pants made for woman. If I wore these pants I would be laughed at. The issue is not pants and should never have been pants. The actual issue here is authority and modesty. Authority that was and still is abused by "believing" men in ignorance and pride that make an issue out of pants and other silly "doctrinal" points of view without actually seeing the real picture and message that was taught.
    If a woman wears woman's pants that are modest and her character is not one that undermines the authority of her husband and his role in God's church then let her wear pants and get past the idiocy and blindness of legalism that trapped the Pharisees and follow the character and nature of Christ.

  9. Standing firm says that there is an old adage... Do we live by old adages, or by the Word of God? Some people cannot get it through their heads that the key word is "abomination". It does no command the man not to wear mens clothing, but the woman. This quoted post is as ridicules as the others by "standing firm", and I hope no one sees any logic in it.

    "What's good for the goose is good for the gander" refutes the gender gap. It puts men and women equal in strength, in appearances, in every way, which is liberal modernism at its best. We need to get back to the roles that God meant for us.

    By the way, (I said this before here) even the world uses pants and skirts to distinguish the difference. In many restaurants, or public places, the signs on the restrooms are silhouettes of a man in pants (for men!) and a women in a skirt or dress (for women!) DUH! For propriety and clarity, if nothing else! Try convincing a decent woman that it's ok to use the door with mans silhouette on it because times have changed, and women wear pants too! Or perhaps a Scotsman in a kilt, he could follow the sign couldn't he? Try explaining it to the judge!

    Someone please give me a verse where the bible, Paul, Jesus or even God says that "PANTS" are forbidden to woman. I am looking for the word "pants" here. And if we go on the fact that it actually means that they must not dress as men, then forbid them T-shirts, socks, boots, sandles, sneakers, button up shirts and anything else that is similar to what we wear! Just another case of making mountains out of dung heaps!
  10. I was engaged to what I thought was the one for me and found out she was living with someone I knew when I was not around - hurt worse than anything but I learned through this that most of the hurt was also hurt pride. Wasn't three months later that I met my wife of 15 yrs now - we were married 2 months after meeting each other.Sometimes bad things happen to good people so that better things can come around.

  11. I don't know why you are asking this when I've stated clearly in more than one post. Like I said, we were saved before the foundation of the world. I'm very thankful for that!

    My question John, is where in the Word does it state that you were saved before the foundation of the world? Not fighting, just asking.
  12. Thers

    Kitagirl, it is obvious he lied. You were not there, I was. My wife was.

    Do you really believe God wants His people to be led by a deceitful pastor?

    There is not a pastor in this world who has not lied, sinned nor will there ever be. Thank God for His grace that supersedes that of disgruntled church members as I am sure if stoning were still allowed there would lie a dead and stoned Pastor in many a church!!

  13. The point is, just as God knew Jeremiah, he knew each of us before we were even formed. God provided for our salvation before He even formed the world. God knew before He formed the world that the Sunday after I turned 18 I would be born again in Christ.

    I know that was your point John, but there's a little ambiguity concerning whether He knew you before you were born or did He SAVE you before you were born? I believe that God knew us before we were born and PROVIDED a way for salvation for all mankind through Jesus before the foundation of the world. But some sadly believe that this provision was only for a few elect and they were SAVED before they were even born, that this "knew" and "saved" are the same thing.

  14. Why are some so fixated upon Calvinism and think it's everywhere.

    God knows the beginning from the end, what He sets forth, He accomplishes, God set forth salvation and the means for it before He ever formed the world. Why not rejoice that God loved us enough to do so rather than deciding not to bother even creating us or bringing about creation and then leaving us to sink in the mire of sin?

    Just as with Jeremiah, before God formed you, He knew you!

    Jeremiah 1:5

    5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

    In context - spoken to Jeremiah only - HE - JEREMIAH - was sanctified and ordained a prophet before birth. He, God, may have known me before birth but He never SANCTIFIED nor ORDAINED me a prophet, a believer or saved before birth.

  15. I don't have time to follow the link right now, but what's wrong with pointing out the fact that God saved us from before the foundation of the world? That's right from the Bible.

    God's saving us from before the foundation of the world has nothing to do with election, foreknowledge, etc - it's because the Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world. God's plan to send Jesus was always in effect, before He even created Adam and the world. God is outside of time, you could say He is time, so He moves independently of the time that controls our lives. Jesus was crucified for ALL who will BELIEVE before man was even created.

  16. Yes you can renounce it but it doesn't matter. You are still going to heaven. He'll deny us reigning with him but he won't deny us as his flesh and bone.

    2 Tim.2:11-13

    [11] It is a faithful saying: For if we be dead with him, we shall also live with him:
    [12] If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: if we deny him, he also will deny us:
    [13] If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself.

    Well said!

  17. In some cases it's not that they are judging, condemning or criticizing, it's just that those who want to claim to be Christian but live as they please take it that way or make that charge to try and deflect the truth.

    In cases where one is actually judging, condemning or criticizing, they are doing so because of unattended sin in their own life.

    We have to be careful in this area, both as one trying to help others and as one who might hear someone trying to help ourselves or others. It's easy to become defensive and think one is attacking when they are not. When we are trying to help someone we have to remember to do so with kindness and love.

    There are cases where one has a hardened heart and in trying to reach them it can appear more harsh than what it actually is. When Jesus confronted the religious leaders of His day His approach was much more direct and sharp. Those religious leaders took great offense at His words and demanded to know who or what gave Him the right to speak like that.

    When it comes to actual biblical Christians, we are to help one another make it in this life and to grow in the Lord. We should humbly give and receive such help.

    Very well said John!!

  18. Sorry to say, but this is a classic sort of response to pointing out what the Word of God calls all followers of Christ to.

    We can't reach "sinless perfection" in this lifetime but God calls us to pursue Christlikeness. As we submit more and more to the lordship of Christ in our lives, as we walk in the Spirit, not in the flesh, as we learn and obey the Word of God, there should be more of Christ showing in our lives and less of us.

    Was Paul, John, Peter or any of the other writers of Scripture "living in sinless perfection" when God commanded them to write His Word which clearly tells us how we are to live? No, of course not, and neither does anyone have to be "living in sinless perfection" today in order to be able to read the Word and live according to the Word through the help of the Holy Ghost.

    Agreed, then why do some act as if they do and judge, condemn and criticize those that aren't as "Christlike" as they are?
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