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  1. Listened to some of your sermons yesterday. Such a blessing. Thank you
  2. Thanks Alan, appreciate it. I have never heard of any of these that you have mentioned. Will definitely look into these. My home church is 1000 kms away so and my wife and I are probably the only KJB believers in our town. Though I tell the truth to anyone who will listen none do these days Appreciate your candor Brother Scott
  3. Mind messaging me a few names that I can check out?
  4. Sadly for us who do not reside in the States where the KJB and IFB are strong we only see those in the limelight and on the web and I must say that it doesn't paint a pretty picture. I am blessed though that I have enough understanding and knowledge now that I can ignore it and sift through for what I need. So far I have only found one consistent online preacher who does not play that game.
  5. Haven't been on here in years but I can tell you from an outside perspective (foreign) that the constant in fighting, slandering, and arrogance of most IFB pastors is what is killing the KJB only to a certain degree.
  6. You can delete your face book account, the trick is to NOT log in for 30 days. Try it, it worked for me. When you delete the account the small print says that if you log in before 30 days are over it will be reactivated.
  7. Though I have many of David Clouds sermons I have never listened to one nor read anything of his or read much about him. So my coming statement is not directed to him. But I have found through personal experience that those that demand separatism are usually the least separated, especially when they make a point of exposing those that "disagree" or share a slightly differing view point. When someone is on a band wagon it's usually best to get off and ride your own horse.
  8. Excellent link Jerry!!! My pastor once preached on this topic and I could say it was almost identical to the linked topic. This is what rightly dividing the Word is all about!! I quote his one statement and leave it at that. "PREDESTINATION HAS TO DO WITH THE ETERNAL SECURITY OF THE BELIEVER, NOT THE SALVATION OF THE UNBELIEVING SINNER." God's Eternal Purpose by Norman H. Wells
  9. Two schools of thought on that one. Both use scripture "rightly divided" to base their views on. Spose we will only know when we get to see our Maker.
  10. Not just aliens and zombies, but the fascination with nephilim has also increased. Some Christians believe they are already walking amongst us.
  11. Guess what? I wear SHORTS to church!! Burn me at the stake. Come on Jerry, prove to me if you can where pants is "not to wear that which pertaineth to a man" Men wore robes when that statement was made.
  12. It's really sad that such an issue can arise in THE CHURCH or any single church concerning something as paltry as a woman wearing pants. I would think we have far more important things to do and worry about. My wife is a nurse and wears pants. Pants made for woman. If I wore these pants I would be laughed at. The issue is not pants and should never have been pants. The actual issue here is authority and modesty. Authority that was and still is abused by "believing" men in ignorance and pride that make an issue out of pants and other silly "doctrinal" points of view without actually seeing the real picture and message that was taught. If a woman wears woman's pants that are modest and her character is not one that undermines the authority of her husband and his role in God's church then let her wear pants and get past the idiocy and blindness of legalism that trapped the Pharisees and follow the character and nature of Christ.
  13. Someone please give me a verse where the bible, Paul, Jesus or even God says that "PANTS" are forbidden to woman. I am looking for the word "pants" here. And if we go on the fact that it actually means that they must not dress as men, then forbid them T-shirts, socks, boots, sandles, sneakers, button up shirts and anything else that is similar to what we wear! Just another case of making mountains out of dung heaps!
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