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  1. I started learning chess when I was in the Army, as a way of learning tactics and strategies. I was never that good at it, but could hold my own with most of the guys in my company. In the last 15 years, I've been slowly getting back into chess as a way of keeping the mind active and creative. Along with learning to play a new musical instrument and keeping (or trying to keep) a journal are great ways to keep your mind sharp and focused as we get older. Lucky for me that there is a local chess club in my town, but I've only been able to meet with them twice. I have a chess game on my phone that is good, helps me learn and can do lots more if I wanted it to, like see how I rank with other users and such, but for now, just a quick game now and then is good for me. Its called Chess Free, by A I Factory. I think they have a paid app, but I use the free one. Also, I noticed 2 more threads about chess as I logged in, but this is the only one with comments. I'll have to look at the other threads later. Dr. ROBerson
  2. Its that time of year again! Where we go to the store and wonder if they are allowed to say Merry Christmas or happy holidays or nothing at all. Every year there's a big push to "Keep Christ in Christmas" and a back lash against people using Xmas rather than the full Christmas. So what's your view on this? Are you ok with Xmas? Personally, I'm not. I'd rather use the full spelling of Christmas. I feel its more respectful and honorable. Do you know the meaning behind Xmas? Look it up, it might surprise you. Dr. ROBerson
  3. A very fascinating topic, but I've not the time to give a proper post to the topic. When time permits, I'll list a few of the books I've read that give some great insight to our Baptist History. Dr. ROBerson
  4. First published in 2011 and dragged back out for us now. Quoting new evangelicals, emergent church writers and millennial church wrighters (if you can make a distinction) to prove that there is a hate for the pre trib rapture. I can sum this up in two words: WELL, DUH!!! Dr. ROBerson
  5. Why not just start a new thread about Matthew 24 &25 and any other chapters you think support your positions. This thread is already beaten to death and so far off from the main topic that its only causing discord. A thread like I've just mentioned prOBably has been done before, but some fresh ideas might come out of it. Dr. ROBerson
  6. How long will it be before Dan Brown gets ahold of this for some new book? Its very old news, but so many fools fall for this every time! Dr. ROBerson
  7. Remember SFIC, Judas was just a person, not the whole called out assembly. We all have saved and unsaved members in our churches. It's the responsibility of the pastor to be on point through the power of the Holy Spirit to lead the church, and for every believer to do the same. Dr. ROBerson
  8. This thread gets a little confusing when we stop talking about the main topic and start fighting with each other. "When was the pre-tribulation rapture first taught?" This is actually a loaded question used by liberals and atheists a lot. They use it to confuse us on one or two points then say that our beliefs must be false because we can not agree on something. You'll see this used a lot on some websites and blogs such as stuff fundies like as ammo against fundamentalists. Fundamentalist by in large hold to the pre tribulation & pre millennial doctrines. The question is not asking if the pre trib position is biblical. I believe it is biblical but that's another matter. Its asking when it was first taught. As you have seen in the article, it was believed and taught long before Charles Darby. (more on that later). Was it taught by Jesus and the apostles? I personally believe it was, just not called "pre tribulation." For that, you must understand the importance on "IMMINENCE". Christ and the apostles taught us to be watchful of His soon coming. Like a thief in the night. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye Christ will come and call his bride away! Knowing that Christ may come at any moment is pre tribulation by default. If you wait till the the events of the first half of the tribulation happens and expect to be saved from the second half, "the great and terrible wrath of God", they why bother with imminence at all? Why bother looking for that great and blessed hope if all you have to do is wait for the first half of the 7 years of tribulation to happen? For those who are post tribulationalist, do you really want to go through all that? Are you not saved from the wrath that is to come? For Christ to allow his bride to go through the tribulation would be spousal abuse! Now, back to Darby and Dispensationalism. Of all the views about the end times, the pre tribulation view is always linked with dispensationalism. Darby did not come up with the pre tribulation doctrine by way of dispensationalism, but his system that he came up with lines up the best with the pre tribulation rapture. It is also the best system that lines up with a LITERAL INTERPITATION of the Bible. In the book "Things to Come" by J. Dwight Pentecost, it states: "Pretribulation rapturism rests essentially on one major premise- the literal method of interpretation of the Scriptures." If you don't have this book, stop what you are doing and GO GET IT AND READ IT!! So! back to the main focus of this thread: When was the pre tribulation rapture first taught? If you interpret the Bible literally and you are fully knowing that Christ can come at any moment, then you can say it was first taught in the new testament. Therefor the pre tribulation rapture is both a historic doctrine and more important, a BIBLICAL one. I hope this is a help to everyone and a good reason why we need to be a faithful steward of God's Word. Dr. ROBerson
  9. I will recommend a very good book on the subject. You can read it and any others you wish, but make an informed decision on what you believe. You need to have a better reply that "Jesus was not baptized by John the catholic, or John the Methodist, but by John the Baptist!" I'm surprised that no one has brought up the BAPTIST acrostic yet. The book, by Evangelist Mike Gass, is called: "A Glorious Church" subtitled: "A study of the origin, identity, heritage, and integrity of the new Testament Church." Its published by Striving Together Publications, from Lancaster Baptist Church, Lancaster CA. And most of you know its pastored by Paul Chappell. The crux of the book is that Jesus did establish a called out assembly, gave it a mission, and that a line of churches throughout history has strived to maintain a pure bride of Christ. There is only two times in the gospels that Jesus said he finished something. We all know He finished our redemption on the cross, but in the gospel of John 17:4, Jesus says he finished the work that God has sent him to do. What was finished? If our salvation was finished on the cross, it couldn't have been done in John 17:4. Answer that question and I personally believe you will be 99% done with your study of the origin of the church. Did Jesus call his work a Baptist church? Nope. Did Jesus establish what we could call a church? Yes. Just as we firmly believe that God has perfectly preserved his Word, He has also guided The church throughout the ages. For me, and this is just my belief the origin of the church started with Jesus and the Baptist church is the closest to that church that I have found. Your mileage may very. You may be a landmark or separatist, or secessionist, and even Anabaptist. Which ever you prefer to be, make sure you can back it up with scripture and prayer, with lots of study having been done. Dr. ROBerson
  10. Has anyone else watched this show? What are your thoughts about it so far? I like Neal Tyson deGrasse's delivery and style, but some of the substance I have questions and doubts about. All my life I've been a science geek and I'm constantly being amazed at what new discoveries that have been found. For me science and my faith are not at odds, but some scientists and some interpreters of scientific data, are at odds. Mostly due to some personal or political bias on their parts. The producers and writers of the show are out right agnostics and Darwinian evolutionists and it shows in their work. I posted another topic about how most Americans doubt the big bang and evolution, and that must have been a huge blow to their egos. So if you have not seen it yet, you can find it on hulu. Let us know what you think of it. Dr. ROBerson
  11. This looks like it will be an interesting read. I'll look forward to the remaining parts. Dr. ROBerson
  12. There was a new poll that came out last week that showed that most Americans, by 51%, reject the big bang. Similar numbers for evolution and man made glOBal warming hold true too. This got alot of traction and a hot debate (with plenty of name calling too) on other forums I frequent, but I've not seen it mentioned here. I tried ot post it last week but I was having issues with the forum letting me post links to that artical. I've posted on below ( I hope) to the artical mentioned in the Huffington post. Yes the huffpo is very left wing, but it will show you how they feel about us if you read the coments below the artical. So what's your take on this? Some Christians I know are ok with the big bang and thiestic evolution. Myself, I'm what you would call a young earth creationist. I believe in a literal reading of Genesis, and 6 24 hour days of creation. However, your mileage may very. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/21/big-bang-poll-american-doubt_n_5184931.html Dr. ROBerson
  13. Why can I not post a link to some articals on the forum? There was a poll and an article that came out this week about how 51% of Americans are not sure about the big bang, evolution and glOBal warming. For some reason I cant cut and paste or use the "link" option. Dr. ROBerson
  14. Here is the full post from back in April. I will stand corrected by this: you did give to the church, while you were still members. You are right, I am wrong. Forgive me. Here's where the water gets muddy: You taught agents the tithe, calling it a man made doctrine, while still a member of that church. Were you teaching a Sunday school when you did this? From the pulpit? If you were not given the authority from the pastor (and possibly the deacons) then you usurped his authority. And because you were not envited to the meeting does not mean it was a secret meeting. Was some heavy handed politics used by that pastor agents you? Kinda looks like it. If you believe the tithe is wrong, why did you give when you were a member? or was it a free will offering? Have you found a church to attend yet? Dr. Roberson
  15. It was a good question, and a good deflection. Standing firm has given his position about giving way back on April 5th, at 4:42pm post # 27 in reply to a RSS thread from David Cloud: Tithe and the Christian. He does not give to any church because he does not attend one. He was booted out in what he called a "secret meeting" because he did not tithe/give and usurped the pastor's leadership by teaching that tithes are a man made doctrine and so doing, sowed discord among the brethren at that church. He is on a fixed income so therefore does not give. Others are on a fixed income as well and still tithe. If that's how God leads you, then so be it. Its there, in his own words, go look it up. He is always quick to respond to ANYTHING about giving/tithes. That's his right to do so. You gotta admit, he's got a lot of resources to quote from. Even has his own forum for his personal views and any who agrees with him. Call him what you want but lazy and uneducated are not among them. And just about every thread he does respond in, gets locked by the admins. I forsee this one getting locked down soon too. Dr. Roberson

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