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  1. Why can I not post a link to some articals on the forum? There was a poll and an article that came out this week about how 51% of Americans are not sure about the big bang, evolution and glOBal warming. For some reason I cant cut and paste or use the "link" option. Dr. ROBerson
  2. I was going to reply and point out the misunderstanding, but looks like Ukulelemike and Salyan beat me to it. I would like to recommend some good books to you: "Things to come" by J. Dwight Pentecost. One of the bests! If you can find it: "Jesus is coming again" by Blackthorn, first name escapes me at the moment. "Understanding the End Times" by Paul Chappell. Tim LeHay also has two good books, one on Revelations the other on the Rapture. David Jeremiah also has some good books "The Writing On The Wall" and "What in the world is going on" "Escape the coming Armageddon" and more. This thread started as a lesson on the Pre Tribulation Rapture of the church, not to be confused with the current persecution of Christians in other lands. What they are going through is horrible but nothing compared to what will happen after the church is raptured out to meet with Jesus in the air. My position on the mater is this: Knowing that what is going to happen after the rapture will be far far worse than what is going on now, shouldn't we be that much more motivated to go and tell the gospel?? Dr. Roberson
  3. If you, like me believe that the church is the bride of Christ, made up of born again Bible believing Christians, Then the church will not go through the tribulation. Why? For Christ to send his bride through the tribulation would be spousal abuse! Dr. Roberson
  4. I have never heard of the 6 day people. This is new to me. So far, everyone else has given what I think is the right answer: 3 day, 3 nights very early on the first day of the week UP FROM THE GRAVE HE AROSE! We can stop beating the dead horse now and put this one to rest too. Dr. Roberson
  5. Im going to agree with BroMatt on this. When I was in high school, way back in the dark ages of the '80's, my music teacher taught us that music is an expression of emotion. Love song for example... Why is CCM such a bothersom topic among IFB? Because its EMOTIONAL! This is one of the very few topics that gets people's attention like no other because it speaks to our emotions/feelings. As formyself, I will recommend West Coast Baptist College and Lancaster Baptist Church. Side note: Paul Chappell DID NOT preach at the Sword of the Lord Confrence last year because of his health. Dr. Roberson
  6. Question: Is anyone being helped by this? Anyone helping to sharpen the brothers iron? so to speek? Have any of you gone back to the Bible and done some indepth studies to reafferm what you say and belive? (I think all of you have from what I'm reading, but the questin has to be asked) Is this keeping you from sharing your faith with others? Leading others to the Lord for salvation? If all this is doing is gendering striff amoung the bretheren, stop now and go bowling or something. If on the other hand, you find this intellectually stimulating like I do, then cary on in brotherly love and provoke none to wrath. Dr. Roberson
  7. SPOT ON! gotta send this to a few friends of mine. Dr. Roberson
  8. Ah.. the plot/pot thickens!... Dr. Roberson
  9. 2 Chronicles 7:14 14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Can Americans today, claim that verse? Can we as a nation claim this promis from God for America? Personally, I belive so but I came across a conversation the other day where someone was saying no. It was a promise from God to Solomon for the nation of Israel and should not be claimed by Americans. What say you all? Dr Roberson
  10. Baptist joke? "Baptist cant have a meeting without eating"... not much of a joke! When my friends and I go out, its always got something to do with eating! Love it! "Food, Fun and Fellowship".. thats how we like it! Dr. Roberson
  11. If anyone ever figures out what I did right, let me know! Dr. Roberson
  12. His theology is off, but he's funny! I'm positive that I've met preachers like him befor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ph3N4f7ysA I cant get this to embed, so we gotta do it the old fasioned way... Dr. Roberson
  13. He does seem to defend himself alot, dosent he? Dr. Roberson
  14. its what they call those athiests who follow Richard Dawkins, read his book the God Delusion, and are very confrontational when they go out to spread thier belive system. Such as... That quote was taken from this website: http://www.life-and-faith.org/2009/05/rise-of-fundamental-atheism.html about half way down the page. Let your people know that there are people out there like this and they stand a chance at meeting them while out soulwinning. Dr. Roberson
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