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    Bible College

    What Bible College did you attend? Master's Baptist College (Fargo, North Dakota) Did you graduate? What was your Major 2018, Church Secretarial What years did you attend? 2015-2018 What did you like best about the college? They have practical classes so you can get a good taste on what the ministry will really be like, the pastors at the church really invest in the students What did you least like about the college? They operate like a large college, instead of a smaller college (not necessarily wrong, I had just wanted to go to a college with a smaller college atmosphere.) Would you recommend that school now? Yes In your opinion, did the school properly train you for the ministry? I will be graduating this year, and while I believe that the school is doing its best to adequately train its students in every way, I think that there are things in life/ ministry that you will have to learn by experience
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