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    ThePilgrim got a reaction from heartstrings in Patriotism   
    The music is beautiful and moving however there are a large number of people including me who might not agree with the the War of Northern Aggression is depicted.  So I offer this depiction to bring balance:
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    ThePilgrim reacted to John81 in Are You Familiar With "local Church Only"   
    The world, the flesh and the devil are constantly on the attack, constantly trying to chip away and weaken churches and individual followers of Christ.
    We have to remember that IFBs have only been around for a little over a hundred years. In remembering we should consider that the reason IFBs came into being is because the once biblically sound churches they attended began drifting away.
    We see throughout church history Bible strong churches eventually weakening and drifting. This often causes church splits or outright beginnings of new churches. Such is actually a natural process of God's people separating themselves to better serve the Lord.
    If more and more IFB churches drift away it's likely we will eventually see many of God's people leaving these churches to form under another name as the IFB name loses it's once clear, valuable meaning. That said, it's still possible the drifting could end, revival could take place among IFBs and the soundness of their churches regained, rebuilt or simply strengthened if they hadn't been among those drifting.
    One way or another God always has a remnant of dedicated followers and He always cares for them.
    Remain faithful regardless of what others around you do. Situations like this sometimes require we spend more time in personal Bible reading and study, as well as in prayer. This can be a good thing.
    Praise God I'm in a good church now. There have been times in my life when that wasn't the case, even two occasions when I witnessed a church falling away (one due to a new pastor, the other due to a power hungry, controlling church board). During those times it was difficult to see and go through what was happening, but at the same time God used it to strengthen me and draw me closer to Him as I spent more personal time in the Word and prayer.
    Pray for your pastor and other church leaders. Pray for those who are still standing strong and pray for those who are drifting. Our effectual, fervent prayers can avail much!
    Rest assured you are not alone in desiring to or striving to live right for God. While some here do hold differing views, sometimes even those of us who stand in basic agreement will yet discuss issues in order to dig deeper into them, clarify matters, refute bad arguments, build up better approaches, look at things from another angle, all while we each stand firm on the Word.
    There are good, sound followers of Christ here, and we are pleased you have joined us.
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    ThePilgrim got a reaction from Invicta in 51st State?   
    Interesting.  I guess the writers tongue was so far in his cheek that nobody could see it was written tongue in cheek.
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    ThePilgrim got a reaction from Alan in Help for the History impaired   
    Those that don't learn history are doomed to live through it's horror again.  What ever happened to the Christian churches in Asia and Africa?
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    ThePilgrim reacted to John81 in Debtors to the Jews.   
    Christ the Saviour came through the Jews, for that we are indebted and should share Christ with lost Jews so they can know Christ too.
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    ThePilgrim reacted to John81 in Debtors to the Jews.   
    The debt spoken of is regarding individuals, not nations. If individuals or churches believe they are led to give financial, military or other aid then that's what they should do. However, there is no call for nations to consider themselves to be owing a debt which should lead them to give money, military hardware or other things to Israel.
    Christians should pray and follow the leading of the Lord. Each nation will make their own determination as to foreign aid based upon what they think at the time is in their best interests. That's why Russia and other Soviet Bloc nations, as well as socialist France, were early big defenders, suppliers and supporters of Israel. Later, when Cold War strategies brought about shifts in what seemed best for some nations, the Soviets and their allies chose to line up with some of the Arab countries and with America losing some influence in Arab countries she stepped in to alliance with Israel as part of Cold War strategy.
    Today, while America gives Israel large financial aide each year along with military aid, she also gives such to Israel's neighbors and potential or even actual enemies.
    Those who want to help Jews or Israel need to be very careful how they go about such. There was an excellent report out either earlier this year or some time last year (I may have posted about it then) which showed lists of organizations which claim to support Israel from a Christian perspective yet only a tiny few actually do. All the others are either mostly scams to make the leadership of the organizations rich, or they provide only specific and limited help to specific and limited Jews or parts of Israel, and that without sharing the Gospel.
    Pastor John Hagee, one of the most vocal and big money and influence maker for Israel decided some years ago that Jews don't need to hear the Gospel because God's going to save all the Jews in another manner. That, of course, is not in accord with Scripture or his own previous teachings on the matter, but it is politically correct to Israel, most Jews and Americans of influence. That change of position is what opened the doors wide for Hagee to make great inroads and connections with Israel and Jewish leaders.
    Dangerous times with many dangerous pro-Israel leaders and organizations out there which care not for the eternal souls of Jews.
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    ThePilgrim got a reaction from Alan in You just can’t make this stuff up.   
    Sounds like American Baptist doctrine to me.  I made the mistake of attending an American Baptist affiliated church a number of years ago . . . . yeah sounds a lot like what I experienced.  Their doctrine was pretty much nothing . . . . do what pleases you . . . . as long as it is PC and not biblical.
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    ThePilgrim reacted to John81 in Fundamentals   
    Like so many other "Calvinists" such as William Carey, considered the father of modern evangelism; as well as others like George Mueller, Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield.
    It's a misnomer that "Calvinists" don't share the Gospel. As Spurgeon said, we don't have to understand how God uses such we just have to do as He commands and spread the Gospel.
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    ThePilgrim reacted to John81 in Russia blocks world’s biggest porn site for endangering children   
    Russia blocks world’s biggest porn site for endangering children
    MOSCOW, September 15, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Russia blocked access to Pornhub – the world’s biggest porn site – as well as 10 other pornography sites this week after a court ruled the sites were breaking the law.
    The Russian government’s communication watchdog Roskomnadzor announced Monday that a court in the city of Krasnodar ruled that the websites had violated federal laws protecting children from “harmful information.”
    The court also ruled the adult sites illegally produced and distributed pornography, although it’s uncertain what precise content brought about the ban, according to The Verge.
    Pornhub has acknowledged the ban. “We can confirm that Roskomnadzor has blacklisted Pornhub in Russia and we are currently investigating and considering available means to reinstate our website in Russia,” a spokesperson stated in an email.
    Roskomnadzor’s statement warned that distributing illegal pornography online carries a prison sentence of two to six years on conviction.
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    ThePilgrim reacted to John81 in Inside the Syrian War   
    Americans have been fed the lie of "equality" as defined by liberal humanists which has led most to ignore reality, history and their own instincts. The strongest nations are those which are most homogeneous, not the most diverse. Commonality binds, diversity, as the word suggests, brings division.
    American leaders are intent upon turning America into an increasingly diverse nation which will, as history proves, bring about extreme power plays between the competing diverse peoples and will likely end in brutal civil war and the downfall of America.
    Russia has been attempting to join with America in the fight against Islamic terrorism for years. Ignored is how quickly Russia sent condolences and offers of any assistance of any kind immediately after 9-11, or the memorial gift they sent America. Ignored is the fact Russia has continually sent America information regarding terrorists, including warnings against the brothers who became the Boston marathon bombers, but virtually Russian intelligence is dismissed simply because it comes from Russia. Russia has offered assistance in dealing with ISIS since they first became a thorn in our side.
    American leadership has failed to learn the lessons of removing strong leaders from Muslim countries. Look at the vast mess created by the removal of Sadaam and the problems in Libya since Gadafi was taken out. They seem to forget Assad willingly helped America by allowing use of Syrian air bases in their previous wars there.
    Muslims and radical Islam is poised to dominate not only the Middle East, but Western Europe within the next 20 years. This war will extend to Canada and America as well.
    While the Christian West commits suicide, the Islamic hoards are crashing the gates to exterminate both Christians and Westerners.
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    ThePilgrim reacted to John81 in Titus   
    Too many pastors/churches today proclaim with an air of "holiness" they don't care about doctrine, they just want to follow Jesus. Sure, sounds good to the unlearned and biblically illiterate masses, but it's not in accord with Scripture or actually following Jesus!
    How can folks follow Jesus if they don't know what Jesus said, don't know what God expects of His people, don't know the foundations of the faith, all of which is DOCTRINE.
    Forget carrying a Bible with you to church, never mind even having one at home (no time to read that anyway), just listen to a pleasant sermon at church, maybe catch a pleasant radio or TV preacher, play some Hillsong music, toss a little prayer in here and there, say "amen" once in awhile, and there ya go, following Jesus with no need to bother with that pesky doctrine.
    Sounds more like a huge water slide they are on with no sure idea of where it leads or ends. In other words: DANGER!
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    ThePilgrim got a reaction from Genevanpreacher in The Judgment of Babylon   
    Then it will be called North Mexico.
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    ThePilgrim got a reaction from John81 in Donald Trumps Everyone Else . . . . Not   
    If the west would shut down the invasion from the south and send the immigrants that don't wish to assimilate back home the Muslims would not be such a threat.
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    ThePilgrim reacted to Invicta in Ask questions later   
    Must have been a different report.  It makes no difference. An isolated incidence doesn't warrant an armed police force.  I have come across armed police several times and their attitude is not pleasant.  Regularly in the City of London when the police escorted the bullion vans from the Bank of England, and once when the then PM Blair travelled though our town to visit our offshore wind farms.  I wouldn't want regular police to act like that. Police should be our friends, not our enemies as they seem to be in the US.
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    ThePilgrim reacted to Invicta in Comment On Current Debate   
    Agreed, Ian,
    Today we may say that there is a flood of immigrants pouring into Europe.  The word always had a literal and a figurative meaning.  Cameron said recently that there was a swarm of immigrants coming in.  He was attacked because they said he was calling them insects.  Nonsense.  He was using the term figuratively.  We often use words in such a way without realising it.  Scripture also uses words in this way.
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    ThePilgrim reacted to Jim_Alaska in Qualifications for Pastor and Deacon   
    In all of my forty years as an Independent Baptist, this is one issue that has always caused me great discomfort and sadness. In any discussion that revolves around the qualifications for pastor the issue of divorce always takes front seat. All the other qualifications must always take a back seat to the issue of divorce.
    If our brethren who so forcefully contend that a divorced man is unsuitable for the pastorate would apply their reasoning to all the other qualifications, then no one could pastor because they could not qualify.
    Let me clarify on just this one point: Most of those that contend that a man that has been divorced previous to his salvation is still not qualified. But they will not apply the same logic to the other qualifications found in 1Tim.3, such as;
    Has he ever been not blameless; What about bad behavior? Has he ever in his unsaved life not been apt to teach? While he was unsaved has he ever been given to wine, or a striker, or greedy? Has he ever been a brawler or impatient or covetous? Has he ever not had his children under subjection? So then under the heading of qualifications, divorce remains the unpardonable sin among Baptist people. All of these other qualifications can be overlooked because the man was not saved, but not so of divorce; this is man's reasoning, not God's Grace. It makes no difference that God Almighty has pardoned the man from ALL sin and remembers it no more. Man, in his wisdom and reasoning cannot find it in his heart to understand that God's Grace is all encompassing.
    Let me insert one example of how God's Grace and Mercy worked in the life of the Apostle Paul. Paul, as an unbeliever, actually killed believers, but look at what he has to say about his qualifications for the ministry:
     1Tim. 1:12  And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry; 
     13 Who was before a blasphemer, and a persecutor, and injurious: but I obtained mercy, because I did it ignorantly in unbelief.
     Rom. 8:33 Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God's elect? It is God that justifieth. 
     34 Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us. 
    So then, I contend that it is Christ Jesus that enables and qualifies a man for the ministry regardless of his past and in direct contradiction to the reasoning of men. Grace = the unmerited favor of God.
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    ThePilgrim reacted to John81 in Proof of the shrinking American brain.   
    His outspokenness is the main reason the Republican leadership, media and others want him silenced.
    The head of the RNC told Trump he needed to stop talking about certain things, change his tone, and follow the guidance of the Republican leadership or the RNC would work against him.
    This is also the reason the Republican leadership and many Republican politicians in DC don't like Cruz and want to see him done away with; because of his more open and honest speaking. Similar is true also of Rand Paul but in regard to other matters.
    Ever since Ronald Reagan one the nomination in 1980 against the wishes of the Republican leadership, the RNC has worked very hard to make sure only candidates on their approved list might have a real shot at the nomination and presidency. They have done this to the point of willingly sacrificing any real chance to win the presidency just to have their way.
    Honesty and truth, and men who can't be bought off, are not wanted by the RNC, DNC, or the media.
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    ThePilgrim reacted to John81 in Theologians, what you look for?   
    You seem to be mingling the idea of sensationalized "Christian" books with those written by sound pastors as in the same category. I don't even count books along the lines of "The Shack", "Four Blood Moons", "The Harbinger" and such like as being Christian. What I refer to as Christian books are typically written by pastors and amount to sermons in written form. In fact, many of these books come from their sermons.
    I referenced our own Pastor Markle above so I'll stick with that example. His book on marriage and family is very thorough and excellent based upon the fact it's saturated with the Word (no need to look up verses or passages, they are in the book). The book is akin to a sermon series on the topic of marriage and family.
    Books such as Pastor Markle's, are an excellent way to get needed, biblically sound "sermons" to a far wider audience. Also, in book form these written "sermons" can be referred to, studied and shared as often as a person likes, and for years.
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    ThePilgrim got a reaction from EKSmith in Republicans There Is Still Hope....   
    I am still available.    Just give me some good speech writers so I don't have to say what I really think about things and I think I could win.
    Whoops.  Belay that.   I nearly forgot about the skeletons in my closet.  Not available, sorry.
    God bless,
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    ThePilgrim reacted to Ukulelemike in Ready for Prison?   
    I agree in most, however, I know of many who don't go to 'formal' soulwinning, yet who daily in their life are a witness of Christ. As well, 'soul-winning' as it has become, as a formal, got out on such and such a night and knock doors, doesn't work everywhere in the same manner.
     many people in small towns, especially those who have been there a long time, take time before they trust you for anything, particularly for advice on their souls. So time must be taken to develop relationships, while, clearly at the same time, giving testimony of Christ and salvation. Also, in small towns like mine, if we had a weekly program, each month we'd be starting over in the same places, and soon becoming tiresome to them, as we'd be showing up all the time. So we hit them once, go through the entire town, and maybe 6 months or a year later, do it again, while in the meantime we are around and known-speaking at events, or just present, talking, being a friend, always presenting Christ in their eyes, so they can know Him and us.
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    ThePilgrim reacted to EKSmith in Ready for Prison?   
    Brother I agree , but it was our liberal mayor in his first news interview pledging to remove the flag stating it represented the hate of the young man whom had murdered those folks all the others jumped on board ,Satan put the hate in his heart not a flag, and he's using these folks to promote more hate within others hearts pulling them away from the Truth, Jesus Christ our Lord.
    God Bless,
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    ThePilgrim reacted to John81 in Ready for Prison?   
    "But the church is also registered as a for-profit business and city officials said that means the owners must comply with state and federal regulations."
    Why is this church also registered as a for-profit business?
    The so-called "civil rights" laws long ago took away our rights to free association, freedom to run a business as the owner wishes, freedom to buy, sell or rent as we please. The entire "equality" movement has been all about destroying liberty, especially personal liberty, and forcing people to accept and help promote or support that which they don't want to. People allowed this to happen because they chose to vote and operate according to emotion rather than reason. 
    A more recent example is the mass killing in the church by one lone nut who admittedly didn't have a solid understanding of his own beliefs. Since Sharpton and the other race hustlers couldn't get the good folks of that church to go along with riots and protests, they decided to attack the Confederate battle flag. Based solely upon emotion people flocked to this idea and others either gave tacit approval or decided it wasn't any of their business. No matter the flag had nothing to do with the crime or the fact the flag being removed won't prevent another crime. Yet look all around and we see removing that flag isn't enough for them. Now they want to have all things Confederate erased from public, and not only that they are demanding statues of Washington, Jefferson, Will Rogers and many others be removed. They are going so far as to dig up the graves of General Forrest and his wife so they can move their "offending" grave site out of actual sight.
    Sounds as if the communist Soviets won the cold war and have occupied America! But wait, it's Americans forcing this cultural and historical cleansing. Something Americans once said they abhorred. Just like happened in Nazi Germany, communist Russia and the Soviet Bloc, communist China, communist North Korea and elsewhere, most people either go along with it or remain silent (especially if the particular target doesn't seem that important to them) until eventually they get around to targeting things which directly effect them but by then it's too late to stop the train of eradication.
    Whereas many churches across America once preached against government interference in churches in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc nations, China, North Korea, and such, now a growing number of churches are declaring churches must allow the government to dictate what the churches can and can't do. Others silently cower on the sidelines hoping not to be noticed.
    Sure, give in a little here and there in the 1800s, give a little more in the early 20th century, go much further in the last half of the 20th century, now give even more at the beginning of the 21st century, and we see they are still not pleased. They won't be pleased until virtually our entire history and heritage is erased and they have transformed America into a socialist nation dominated by Third Worlders and filled with false religionists.
    Live for Christ now because tomorrow you may be in prison or facing worse.
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    ThePilgrim reacted to heartstrings in More Bluegrass   
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    ThePilgrim reacted to John81 in James W knox?   
    That's actually a good, broad point. No matter who the pastor, preacher or Christian in general, there will typically be "always something" which we disagree with, a view they hold which is (or seems to us to be) not in line with Scripture, they are too harsh in some way, too weak on certain points, may hold a slightly (or greatly) different end times view, may be too open minded on some unclear issue (such as some finer points regarding the end times), or in some cases have differing views or opinions on things not directly in Scripture (such as a point regarding sports or politics or science fiction), etc.
    We are all human, we are all flawed, we all lack full understanding, we all have finite minds.
    Some folks hop from church to church (or some refuse to attend church) because they can't find a perfect pastor (meaning one which holds to exactly the same views on every point they do).
    This is just a general observation and has nothing directly to do with Knox or anyone here at OB. It just seemed like a good place to bring this up.
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    ThePilgrim got a reaction from EKSmith in How to defend against a sheep   
    The better part of valor might be instead of attempting to dodge the ram, you might meet him head on with a Dodge Ram. 

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