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  1. Not my comments, but I agree with the comments.
  2. This is probably not wise on my part but I am going to suggest a book. Resistance to Tyrants: Romans 13 and the Christian Duty to Oppose Wicked Rulers Available on Kindle and paper back from Amazon. only 79 pages Book Description Publication Date: August 24, 2012 Hayek spoke of nations travelling a road to serfdom: This book points to the only real exit ramp. If you're like most Evangelicals, you've been taught that Romans 13:1-7 gives you, the Christian citizen, a blanket duty to "render unto Caesar" an unqualified obedience. Modern teachings on the sticky relationship between God and government, church and state, seem to be little more than restatements of what any dictator would want you to believe. It hasn't always been that way within Christianity. Does even an antichrist government have a right to command your meticulous fidelity? Did you sin against God when you broke the speed limit? Or is it possible that Thomas Jefferson got it right when he said, "Resistance to Tyrants is Obedience to God?" American society is sliding into political ideologies like socialism and raw democracy. The Bill of Rights is under assault, both in the court of public opinion, and through nightmarish government maneuvers like domestic drones, NDAA indefinite detention, a Presidential "kill list," ever-increasing assaults on Second Amendment rights through gun control, and attacks on religious liberty inherent in Obamacare. It's more important than ever that those who claim to be sent into the world as salt and light have a solid foundation in Scripture. And, let's be honest, the over-reaching big government bullies, the would-be icons of Orwell's Big Brother, could have no greater friends among the citizenry than supposedly Bible-believing pastors who urge their flocks to comply, and submit, and stand for nothing. But, thankfully, there is always a remnant that has not yet bowed the knee. In this 79 page book, Christian pastor, author, and patriot, Gordan Runyan brings his conversational, often humorous style and characteristic clarity to bear on these issues. The reader will feel both challenged and encouraged to stand up for true liberty. The first section of the book is a close examination of the controversial text of Romans 13:1-7, which many have used to teach unconditional obedience to tyrants and despots. Is that what it really says? This commentary on Romans may surprise you. In the next section, common objections to the concept of resisting wicked government are answered. (e.g. Shouldn't we give Caesar what is Caesar's? Shouldn't Christians avoid entanglement in politics?) Finally, "Resistance to Tyrants: Romans 13 and the Christian Duty to Oppose Wicked Rulers" concludes that Christian resistance ought to be recognizably Christian in nature. Not bloodthirsty, or vicious, etc. He gives some suggestions for Christians who want to fight wicked government in the here-and-now, which a lot of Romans 13 commentaries are content to avoid discussing. This book is a joyful volley against the walls of the God-hating establishment, from Happy Siege. Arm yourself with the truth of the Word of God. Join the Resistance.
  3. Good grief I thought Dick and Jane were long gone by the sixties. I read them in the forties.
  4. This is probably not wise on my part but I am going to suggest a book. Resistance to Tyrants: Romans 13 and the Christian Duty to Oppose Wicked Rulers Available on Kindle from Amazon
  5. ​I would be surprised if that isn't happening already to some poor soul somewhere in the world.
  6. Not much need to be said about the cops here. I could say one thing though. They use to hang horse thieves didn't they . . . . got off easy, huh? http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Man-on-Stolen-Horse-Stunned-by-Sheriffs-Deputies-in-IE-299250951.html
  7. I am sorry to disagree John. The man was stopped for a bad tail light. The man ran the cop shot him. It doesn't matter what else ocurred. Neither the cop nor anyone else was in any danger. The man was shot because he had a bad tail light and did not bow to a bullies authority. Surely you don't believe a cop has the duty to shoot anyone who doesn't obey his orders. There is absolutely no excuse for murder by cop. If there had not been a video of this occurrence the cop would have got by with murder as is usually the case.
  8. Life is the childhood of our immortality.
  9. Not mine enemy. Just information for those who are sure who their enemies are. It has been my experience that if one is treated as an enemy they eventually will become an enemy. Kind of a self fulfilling prophecy.
  10. Probably a stupid question on my part, but, why are uncertain and unclear antonyms for real? Don't uncertain whether something is real or whether something is unclear mean that you are not sure if something is real or unreal? Evidently the party making the list was uncertain and unclear about the meanings of real and unreal. Therefor the list cannot be trusted as a help in knowing the meaning of words. My original post was written tongue in cheek. So is this one.
  11. What they are thinking or just misinformation? You decide. http://cassad-eng.livejournal.com/153079.html
  12. I ran across a post in one of the blogs I look at and in it was mentioned a conservative columnist and writer Joe Sobran so I checked him out. Here is one of his articles which I naturally pretty much agree with because in it he shares my feelings about the press in today's world. At the end of the article is where his articles may be found. Defenders of the Faith July 17, 2001 by Joe Sobran NEWSWEEK recently ran a cover story on the controversy over stem-cell research. Did I say story? It was really a propaganda screed, one of its authors being Eleanor Clift, whom you may remember as Bill Clinton's adoring Olive Oyl. Its theme was that scientific research shouldn't be inhibited by religious fanatics (namely, Christians). The cover featured a color photo of a cluster of human stem cells, hugely magnified. The point was obviously that these things don't look like what we think of as a human being, so what's the harm of killing them? Mind you, NEWSWEEK doesn't always make use of audio- visual aids in discussing embryonic and fetal human life. In its coverage of late-term abortion, it has never used a color picture of a dismembered human fetus in the ninth month to shape public opinion. By the ninth month, those little things do look pretty human, after all, and such a picture might, from NEWSWEEK's point of view, backfire. You don't have to be a religious fanatic to recoil from seeing a baby torn to pieces. Scientists in Virginia are already creating human embryos for the sake of "harvesting" their stem cells. The embryos themselves, having served their purpose, are destroyed. It's all very mundane, routine lab work. There are no demented men with hunchbacked assistants and lightning flashing overhead. Nobody involved seems to have any qualms about toying with human life. Who says it's human, anyway? Only religious fanatics. Should all this proceed with the blessing -- and subsidies -- of the government? Why not? Having redefined human life some time ago, the U.S. Supreme Court has recently been emboldened to take the sacrilegious step of redefining golf itself. What puzzles me is why journalism should be so reflexively on the side of the government. During the Watergate era, we heard about the "watchdog press," the "adversary press," the press as the "fourth branch of government." That old skepticism about government, largely illusory then, hardly survives today even as a pose. Today the press seems to see itself as government's partner, assisting and promoting the expansion of the state. The only politicians it treats with skepticism, verging at times on open hostility, are those who try to put the brakes on government. You might think that after a century of tyranny, total war, genocide, and mass murder, not to mention organized robbery through taxation, inflation, debauched currencies, and redistribution, all of which have generated moral corruption and social decay -- well, a little skepticism toward the modern state itself is long overdue. But the news media still persist in the faith that government is the natural instrument for the betterment of the human condition. If you believe that, you can believe that a tiger can be taught to pull a plow. In the good old days, the state was limited in its ambitions, if only because its techniques were still primitive. But today's sophisticated, organized, computerized, atom-splitting state knows a few tricks its crude ancestors had no inkling of. It also enjoys the propaganda services of nominally independent journalists. Producing no wealth itself, the state punishes productive people and encourages dependency on itself. The parasite state wants parasite citizens. It increases the tax burden of producers and the benefits of its own dependents. In order to do this, it has to invert common morality. It legalizes what were formerly crimes and criminalizes what were formerly freedoms. It has to convince its subjects that when the state commits a wrong -- killing or robbing, say -- it's not really wrong. It's somehow authorized. We are shocked by a "terrorist" bombing that kills dozens. We accept it as legitimate when our government bombs whole cities. All this requires, as I say, the constant propaganda support of the "free" press. The press doesn't have to lie very often; it merely has to ignore the obvious, and pretend that the abnormal is normal. It keeps us "informed" by reporting on Washington sex scandals instead of the steady erosion of constitutional government. It alarms us about trifles, while soothing us about enormities. Faith in the state couldn't survive without the partnership of state and press. You'd think a free press would favor a free society and the morality that supports it. For some reason, the opposite is true. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Read this column on-line at "http://www.sobran.com/columns/010717.shtml". To subscribe to the Sobran columns, see http://www.sobran.com/e-mail.shtml or http://www.griffnews.com for details and samples or call 800-513-5053 or write fran@griffnews.com. Copyright (c) 2001 by the Griffin Internet Syndicate, www.griffnews.com. All rights reserved.
  13. This is on youtube: It is about 50 pieces by Lesitsa. Solo and with various orchestras. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ai1kArqSve8&list=RDAi1kArqSve8#t=122
  14. ​Britain policing policies and practices do seem to be a little more humane than in the U.S.. As a matter of fact they are more humane nearly everywhere else in the civilized world. http://thefreethoughtproject.com/american-cops-killed-people-month-march-uk-entire-20th-century/
  15. Interesting. To my mind, (which is probably influenced by my aberrant thought processes, being a Christian) it seems to me some of the antonyms do not follow from the description of antonyms in the table. Spiritual is indeed real so it cannot possibly be an antonym for real. Therefor for Spiritual to be a correct entry in the table it should be in the list of synonyms for real (the top part of the table). So the table was obviously constructed by spiritually illiterate persons who cannot be trusted with constructing Real tables. Therefor I would not let the table worry me too much.
  16. Then there is this argument also: The police don't seem to be the brightest among us. http://reason.com/blog/2013/05/01/court-oks-barring-smart-people-from-beco
  17. I find that in almost all of the videos I have seen of police either beating, shooting or throwing to the ground a citizen there has been a refusal to listen to a word the citizen has to say. The training the police receive today is not the same training they received in the past. The citizen is an adversary and the policemen approach the citizen accordingly. In all the dealings I have had in my life with police officers I have had no problem because the issue has been cut and dried and I was guilty and I do not like to argue with a club and a gun, especially since I have the knowledge that I cannot possibly win the argument. Some citizens unlike me do not seem to appreciate the reality of the world today. However the wrong thinking of the citizen does not justify the police roughing him up or shooting him. The incidents you are addressing in the post are prime examples of bad training and cowardice ( a strong word which I think fits) on the place of the police officers involved. Automatically "shoot first and ask questions later" is an axiom straight from Satan's realm and should not be observed in a civilized society. Another case of stupidity, cowardice, and the axiom in operation:
  18. See article below video: http://rt.com/news/247297-canada-orchestra-pianist-ukraine/
  19. I know this little demonstration in New York will irritate some but the city father's are taking it down and it hurt no one. http://animalnewyork.com/2015/theres-a-massive-illicit-bust-of-edward-snowden-stuck-to-a-war-monument-in-brooklyn/?utm_content=buffer28ca0&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  20. The everyday battles in which we find ourselves engaged are nothing more than ripples and reflections of this, the one true battle, the centuries-old war between the Prince of this world and the Son of Man. Contemplate how dark and hopeless everything must have looked to the apostles, and to women like Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Mary, after the Crucifixion. So when things seem dark and hopeless, when you feel outnumbered and alone, when you look at the barbarians rampaging inside the gates and despair at what the future will bring, remind yourself of two things. The tomb is empty. He is risen. Happy Easter.
  21. Some not necessarily correct but interesting thoughts on the societies war against Christians: http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/the-post-indiana-future-christian-religious-liberty-gay-rights/
  22. ​Whoops! Sorry I took it that way. Guilty. Must be this diet I am on.
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