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  1. Doc, I would say that there are over 450 phony versions of the bible in the English language and that denominations are evil as are other religions. I agree with your second paragraph.
  2. Forty years ago very few people had ever set eyes on the Sinaiticus. I doubt many even questioned it though sure some did, I wasn't a Christian then. So, what is its chain of custody? Why is there only one copy? Who are those men and what is their relation to the text? If you do know them, why do you discount their writings about the origin of the Sinaiticus?
  3. That link is to the Sinaiticus itself, that's evidence. If you arm yourself with the basics of how scribes back in the day made copies it'll be plainly obvious. There are no jots and tittles in it either if memory serves. If you really want to know the truth, go research it for yourself, I did. If you have questions, ask. These truths are not invalid because you demand more from me than what you've seen. I gave you many nuggets of information. Here are two more, Constantine Simonides and Constantine Tischendorf. I'll reiterate a third, what is the chain of custody of the LXX, the Septuagint? Your objection reminds me of the people attempting to tear down the work of Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, a man almost single-handedly using peoples DNA to trace man back through the ages to each of Noah's sons and man's movement across this earth which refutes the many fantasies of evolutionary thought. Often times, it's just one Christian, standing against the world, that puts forth the truth and makes changes for good. Who was that guy that single-handedly stopped the lions from eating the people in the arenas? My eyes are hurting, just got up to let the dogs out and now going back to bed.
  4. The article that the link refers to leaves out a lot of information. There were men who viewed the Sinaiticus shortly after its "discovery" and then viewed it later and noticed that portions had been purposely aged, the pages were no longer white as they had seen them earlier. if you look at the actual pages you can see this for yourself. Why is there only one copy? Nearly 1800 years had passed since the scriptures were completed and in this time there is but one copy with no chain of custody. Think about that. Doesn't that run against what God said about His Word? There's a hundred other reasons why it is a product of satan. Remember, from discovery in the 1840s until 2010, only "scholars" and select people were able to view Sinaiticus and then only parts of it as it was broken up and may remain so to this day. Regarding the Septuagint, what is its chain of custody? There's no mention of it in history but in a forged letter from the 1800s. We were told that this line came out of Egypt but it was a line that most of us bought without question. We were wrong. If you search through these forums you'll see me parroting the same thing until about 7-8 years ago when I studied it.
  5. That's quite understandable as the Sinaiticus was not available for viewing until 2010. Before that, everyone took it as gospel that it was authentic and discounted the letters from the men involved in its creation and theft. The folks in possession of it will not allow the pages or the ink to be dated. It's plainly obvious that portions of the text were purposely aged with tea or something, others are still pristine, especially those in possession by Russia. Sinaiticus would never pass a critical review of being a period work. It's not written in the way they wrote back then, there are notes and additions in the margins as the scribes uncle made changes to the text to fit his heretical views.
  6. I prayed for all involved when I first learned of this years ago. What brought you to this forum? Care to share your testimony with us?
  7. The Sinaiticus is a fraud, it was written between 1839-1844 to get a printing press from Russia. In order to give it credulity by the guy that stole it, a letter was made up referring to the Septuagint which also didn't exist. The ink this was letter was written with didn't exist until the 1800s. There is no chain of custody before the 1840s. Have a look at it on their website and you will laugh at how amateurish it is. https://codexsinaiticus.org/en/manuscript.aspx
  8. That's in reference to the scriptures being completed.
  9. The NIV is of the devil. It is a book of doubt, not faith, it contains the word of God here and there but it is not God's preserved Word. If we have to go into the whys again, I'll do it.
  10. They are the worst kind and bring so much pain and suffering. They honor God with their words but live like the devil and do not like folks who are instant in season, out of season or who reprove, rebuke and exhort them. Almost always, their names are not found in the lamb's book of life.
  11. No! And would not have married one who could not have either. My mother and her mother taught me to cook as well. My wife is the better cook, my children are great cooks. My sister burns toast and our paternal grandmother was raised high society and did not know how to cook well. She always left the strings on the birds and roasts and served them that way! Though we still eat out too much, my wife and I take turns cooking, whoever's aches and pains are less at the moment! This is not the fun part of getting old.
  12. I was just thinking about him the other day and came here looking around to see if had posted recently. No more pain and suffering and yes we'll see him again in Glory!
  13. I'm getting confused these days, I thought Local Church became Church Bible when they moved! Need more vegetables! LOL
  14. https://churchbiblepublishers.com/shop/bible-by-cover-color/black/midsize-turquoise-reference-bible-corporate-series-black/ We recently gave this as a gift to a young man courting one of my daughters. It is very similar to my Hendrickson's Minister's Bible which is why I chose it. I prefer the center references and it has a great many of them. They also have center reference bibles for $67 with leather covers as well and they now do imprinting in house. I'm going to get the same thing if my eyesight returns as the dog chewed mine up (the cover) when she was little. The text is Scrivener's update to the Cambridge I think in 1875. It's great.
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