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  1. swathdiver

    Let's discuss study bibles (and other KJV Bibles)

    I stick with just the Words of the Lord between the leather. Commentaries and such are helpful and appreciated but I do not want to begin confusing the Word of God with the words of man between the pages of my bible. This happened to me as a babe in Christ with my first bible.
  2. Christ and Paul called friend and foe alike names, usually to their faces. But Anderson's way is different, seemingly filled with hatred (other videos of his that I've watched. Did not watch this one.) Call them fools if needs be and stick with scripture. Anderson is his own worst enemy, doing great damage to the cause of Christ due to his sheer and utter ignorance. Communists would call the liberals that unwittingly advanced their nefarious agendas, useful idiots.
  3. swathdiver


    While I once considered myself a Catholic and even a Protestant, I thank God that His Word made me a Baptist! An Independent, Fundamental, Soul-Winning Baptist!
  4. swathdiver

    Hunting yummy things

    One can also pierce it with garlic and slow cook it Cuban style in mojo sauce covered until the last half hours or so to crisp up the outside and any skin (my favorite part). We seldom eat it this way as it's a Cuban recipe and my wife is Puerto Rican so she prepares pork according to the way her family has done for generations, I think they call it Pernil. Still very tender and not dry at all. If your husband starts bringing home male boars, the gamey taste can be removed by putting the meat in coolers with water and changing it out every day for about a week. Some do the same with brine water.
  5. swathdiver

    Oil all gone in 30 years, what next?

    Point 1: Of course not, then you would be faced with the truth of the words coming out of their mouths instead of the liars who are attempting to deceive. Point 2: Generally speaking, it's the little cars that run into the big cars. I have heard the silly argument that all cars should be equally unsafe to make things fair for all before. Do you own a Trabant? No, you've mis-understood what was written Dan. No, it was how GM raised their CAFE average by making their truck's FlexFuel capable. Since those credits expired in 2016, guess what? GMs trucks aren't FlexFuel capable anymore. Again, you did not understand what was written. I use E85 specifically because it costs me less per mile to run than gasoline. Explain your math to me Dan, E85 costs eighteen cents a mile while gasoline costs twenty-three cents a mile. If you're in Rio Linda Dan, that's a savings of a nickel per mile. That's fifteen dollars that stays in my pocket for every 300 miles driven. If I'm wasting money on Ethanol, why do you think the government should subsidize it? Dan, here's a most important question. Why is all this stuff more important to you than the things of God? What did you do or are you doing to get into heaven and stay right with God? I much prefer talking about the Lord and scriptures than oil. How about you?
  6. swathdiver

    My Apology

    Maybe I'm too carnal and backslidden, didn't see anything wrong in your replies. Are we to suffer fools?
  7. swathdiver

    Hunting yummy things

    Family in New York all have cats to control the rats and mice that get out of the walls and into their apartments. Do you have any donkeys to protect your sheep from coyotes?
  8. swathdiver

    Hunting yummy things

    I solved our rat problem with copper. The rat would leave my attic and start eating out of the bird feeder and I filled him full of copper. No more rat problem. We also have a cat problem; one killed a rabbit under that feeder the other day. Haven't solved that problem yet.
  9. swathdiver

    Anyone in your church not a Dispensationalist?

    Amen Dave! I thought it odd that he was trying to enjoin the two.
  10. swathdiver

    Oil all gone in 30 years, what next?

    Dan, I just thought of something and wanted to share it with you. It is sure to warm your heart. Did you know that my GMC Yukon XL gets 84 miles per gallon? Yes, under your beloved CAFE standards, because my truck's engine can burn either gasoline or FlexFuel, the government has assigned it CAFE ratings of 30 mpg on gasoline and 84 mpg on ethanol. Ain't that grand? Of course, I live in Realville, and in realville my truck averages 12 mpg on E85 and about 15 mpg on gasoline. Haven't spent too much time on gasoline, since the engine makes more horsepower on E85 and since it's subsidized by the taxpayers, it's less expensive than gasoline to burn. Since October of last year, the truck averages $.18 cents a mile on E85 and $.23 cents a mile on high test gasoline. Which is better? My daughter's little Kia costs about $.12 cents a mile to operate. Which is more efficient and ecologically friendly, 1000 gallons of FlexFuel or 1000 gallons of Gasoline? With an alcohol content of 80%, it would take 278 bushels of corn grown on 1.58 acres to provide me with 800 gallons of ethanol. To complete the mixture, 200 gallons of gasoline is required which would come from 10 barrels of oil. Of course in both products, the bushels of corn and the barrels of oil, not all of it is used, only portions and the leftovers and by-products are made into many other things, little is wasted. To make up the gasoline needed for a year, it's basically 50 barrels of oil plus the additives. So which is a better use of resources? What do you drive Dan, is it ecologically friendly too like mine?
  11. swathdiver

    Oil all gone in 30 years, what next?

    Cars are disappearing because of government regulation. They are also saddled with so many hundreds of pounds of safety requirements that they get poor mileage and the do-gooders have done their damage to powertrains as well. As an American, I believe in Freedom, not taxes designed to punish, that's Statism and evil. Of course I disagree. As a consumer my measure of efficiency is not MPG but rather cost per mile. I almost fell out of my chair reading this! Too Funny! It's a lie of course. Dan are you also ToOldToCare? Hezbollah is Iran and their charter is the destruction of Israel. Don't look up Memri's videos showing Iranian leaders telling the world they want to destroy Israel with their nuclear weapons. Point 1: "Read my lips, no new taxes!" Already had a gas guzzler tax under President George H. W. Bush and such brought on a recession. Nobody's lives were lost or saved because some rich dude forked over a $900 tax for a Corvette. But it sure did make the communists feel warm and fuzzy inside. Point 2: Because it is safe and reliable. Today's Chevy Suburban gets 24 mpg on the highway, eclipsing many smaller cars of just a few years ago and doing it with a vehicle that is far more efficient in hauling things and people. In the 2000s, my little brother had a Honda Accord, my sister a Kia Sportage and my wife and I a Pontiac Montana. At highway speeds we were all within 1 mpg in fuel economy numbers. In practice on a road trip, we were highest. We could haul seven in comfort with luggage for over 500 miles. They were crammed with 4 in each car. Ours being bigger was more comfortable, had better visibility as it sat up higher, etc. Guess who's car is still on the road today? People who buy Tahoe's, Yukon XLs, F-150s generally keep them much longer because they are better built and more efficient and safer. I can go just about anywhere in my truck in any weather, very few cars can match this capability. Point 3: Communist propaganda. More oil leaks from the ocean floor daily than the worst man-made disaster. Where is your faith rooted Dan, God or man? From reading this thread, it is man and not God. God is in control. If we're going to run out of oil, The Lord will provide just as He did when man started running low on trees.
  12. swathdiver

    Anyone in your church not a Dispensationalist?

    Are New Testament Christians supposed to interpret the bible using man's ever changing definition of words or let the Holy Ghost show them the meaning of a word or concept from the Scriptures? So Dan, are Christians God's chosen people today?
  13. swathdiver

    The Husband of One Wife

    The Holy Spirit restrains sin in a society. The more christians, the higher the morality of the people in that society generally speaking. Now as to the quote above, yes, my parents and grand-parents identified as Christian, they even went to Mass every Easter and Christmas. What does that reveal?
  14. swathdiver

    Hey all!

    Howdy Dan! What's your testimony? Can you elaborate on the above?
  15. swathdiver

    Huntsville, AL

    Going to Florida OFP?