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    Kids bringing various Bible versions

    I teach this class at my church. Thank you all for the great ideas. I really appreciate it. I love the idea of giving out the special class Bible. Just a couple weeks ago, one of my regulars got a pretty new Bible for her birthday. I looked at it and was dismayed to find it was an "International Children's Bible" version. I mean, who ever even heard of that one?! Bro. Jerry, I agree with you about the confusion. What a great plan Satan had on this issue.
  2. I teach a children's class on Wednesday night. Formerly, I would give the kids points for various things like bringing their Bible, bringing a vistor, etc. I stopped doing this eventually, though, because it seemed that each kid brought a different Bible version and when we would read it would be so confusing. I hate to not encourage them to bring their Bible, but what do you do? Many of these kids and their parents don't know to look for a KJV when they buy a Bible.