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  1. If we will admit it, sometime during life, we will feel abandoned by a loved one. What I am saying to you that most people feel abandonment during their lifetime, and there are certain normal feelings that go with feeling abandoned or deserted. Those feelings are often sadness, disappointment, anger, and even rage. These feelings are all normal and human. These feelings are not necessarily rational or intelligent. Such feelings are often directed at the person who abandoned you. Sometime during life, we all feel abandoned by God. This happens in life, especially when tragedies happen to you p
  2. My Thoughts Instruction Manuals, Construction Plans & The Bible May 18, 2011 Ever tried to put something together without reading the entire instruction manual? The parts and steps that look like they should go together we usually end up taking back apart because of something we didn’t read. Any contractor worth his weight will tell you before starting any construction project you should read and go over the entire set of constructions plans. The better you know the whole set of plans the better and easier the entire project will go. You can’t take a page out of one section and
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