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  1. I was sleepin but I'm back on bottom now :coffee2:
  2. I really do feel for you. Working nights I have to have my ac so I can sleep in the summer time. Its not so much a luxury as a necessity for me.
  3. Humid I know well. I feel for ya buddy at least I get to sleep under the ac during the hottest parts of the day.
  4. My Pastor has a saying. He says he knows the KJV is God's word because man wouldn't write a book that can cut us the way it does. That cuttin is what they are trying to do away with.
  5. :thumb: Cool article. If I had the land I would definately have four or five of these critters.
  6. What needs to be cut are "pet projectcs" and grants to oil companies to find alternate fuel sources. I mean really giving an oil comapany money to look for alternate fuel source is like paying Mcdonalds not to sell french fries!
  7. Yeah I meant the quality of its construction. The Sword I had wasn't the best made bible in the world. Im not real familiar with Dr. Ruckman but what i have read and heard of the Ruckman Bible sounds interesting so i may check one out. Thanks.
  8. I am another Matthew and John guy :thumb:
  9. We get these at our church to take home. I think we get them once the are out of date though, but it is still good to read.
  10. I have a Paperback KJV that I got to carry to work. It was only $1 at the Dollar General Store. The print is a little on the small side but it is readable even for those with bad eyes like me. Not to be crude but I also keep one of these in my bathroom. At $1 each you could supply the whole class with a bible to use. I would still do a lesson on WHY the KJV is important though.
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