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  1. Revival this week!!! Excellent so far. One more day left.
  2. John, You OBviously don't understand how this thread is supposed to work. There is absolutely no way I can win if you keep posting after I do.
  3. I have to say this is the first time I've won anything 3 times in one day.. Winner winner chicken dinner.
  4. Jordan is starting to follow a pattern I've seen before. Start a thread and let the fighting begin without any input. Could be familiar?!?!?!?
  5. MAN!!!! So close..... WAIT A MINUTE..... I am the winner again!!! HA HA HA HA HA
  6. I'll go one farther. Now before I make this statement I understand the reasoning behind the music. BUT If the argument is made that we should only listen to Christ honoring music then why is there so many songs about America in our Hymn books. Seems to me there's a little bit of worship of place or establishment to me. There will come a day where we will have to choose between our country and our God!!! Be prepared.
  7. No doctrine pushing here. I just love to read scripture and try to put myself there. Simple questions nothing more. I love to close my eyes and picture God and his glory and the things of the bible. Especially in creation passages, the gospels, and revelation. I don't tell these things much. I guess because we're online I'm more comfortable sharing things. Love having a place to vent and share ideas with the option to just turn it off when I feel I'm being chastised. Try that face to face.....makes for an awkward encounter next time.
  8. I was just posting the dinosaur thing in reference to what some people believe. As for light you're thinking in 3 dimensions. Remember when heaven was opened during the baptism of Jesus and the other times that heaven was "opened". The question was how old is the earth. God is eternal, past and future, so the light I understand. As for the flood, that was a rain event. Why else would God put the rainbow in the sky. Just a question between me and you, if a mist came up from the ground the how did God form Adam from the "dust" of the ground. Off topic but the Holy Spirit showed me this a while back and I thought I'd share. Gen. 2:8,15 and Gen. 3:23 Do you think Eden was in heaven? And is that why no one can find any evidence of it? I know the verses about the rivers and where on the map that puts it but what about the tree of life protected be the cherubim with the flaming sword? I think Genesis is my favorite book in the Bible. Is God good or what? He didn't have to do any of this much less give His life for us.
  9. I just posted it that way to show the unimportance of the matter as related to our faith. I use an old scoffield KJV Bible and his notes in Genesis agree with the gap theory. I don't and here's why. In the gap theory you assume there are millions of years between vs. 1 and 2. that is how most explain the dinosaurs. However, there is no light until vs. 3. without light nothing lives John ch.1. People try to explain the death of dinosaurs here but that puts death before the fall which is not true. Either way the point is irrelevant and you can use my reasoning in the previous post to turn a conversation into witnessing for Christ. That's all I was intending on showing. All the PS's were just ranting on topics my mind kinda joins together. Ponder this thought. However old the earth really is we're walking on the same ground. By the way, I have some antique soil for sale by the gallon on www. ......just kidding.
  10. I'm glad you want to know how old the earth is. This subject has been on my heart for sometime now. First let me say I do believe that creation is coming up on it's 7,000th year. God rested on the 7th day. One day is as a thousand years etc.etc. But I would like to ask this question in response and hopefully add a little apologetics to your defense of this matter when an unbeliever asks how old the earth is. What difference does it make? Now that sounds rude but really it defeats all other questions. For example if you believe in the Big Bang theory then you still believe in a "beginning of time". So if the world is 6,000 years old or 6 million years old why do we write 2014 on our checks (those paper things we used to write for money or services)? It's because something happened 2014 years ago that all of eternity is centered around. It doesn't matter how far back you go, if you call it B.C. and A.D., or if you use BCE and CE the fact is that something happened 2014 years ago that changed history. That thing was the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. And from the time of his birth until he returns we're all on the same page. P.S. You can also discredit the Big Bang theory just by asking "where did that come from" because whatever "banged" had to have a beginning as well. P.P.S. You can discredit evolution with the fact that there are still monkeys around and nowhere in the world has an apple tree ever produced a watermelon. P.P.P.S.S. (whatever) Gays are not born that way because you have to choose a mate. You're born white, black,etc.but you were not born with a mate. Also if it were a genetic thing it couldn't have carried on because gays cannot reproduce. Sorry this turned into an apologetics sermon. Hope this helps you all in defense of the faith.
  11. I watched him one time because I was teaching on false prophets. Has anyone paid any attention to the chant that he has the whole congregation to recite before the message? They use the word "I" lo less than 12 times. It sounded like Satan when he decided to overthrow the throne, or something that Nebuchadnezzer would do. Freaky. My advice.....stay away from the kool-aid
  12. My name is Wesley. I attend a small IFB church in Kenly North Carolina. I was saved at the age of 18 fresh out of high school (Thank You Lord) I am now 34 with a wife and 3 beautiful boys. I look forward to communicating with fellow believers. Coming from a small church in an area with 10 churches in a 10 mile radius (out in the country no less) really makes it hard to stand out. Pray for our church as it continues to grow on nothing but the preaching of the TRUTH and making deciples of all who believe. For now keep looking up and listening out. See you all soon at his return. W Stancil.
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