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  1. Deuteronomy 22:5 1 Timothy 2:9 Exodus 28:1-4 The whole chapter shows that the priests dress a certain way. They were not to go into the holy place without these requirements. Who are the priests today? 1 Peter 2:5-9 Bottom line is conviction from God about how you dress outweighs any outside push to get you to dress right or wrong. By the way, if you do dress to fit your convictions people will give you a hard time. People that you never thought would say a bad word against you will make little smart remarks trying to discourage you. If you're asking this for yourself then I think God is alr
  2. Do you believe that Jesus Christ is God? John 10:30
  3. Legalistic is the word used to battle convictions. There is nothing wrong with the word legalism. If you're on the right side of legalism then you have what we call standards. Usage of the word legalism today is nothing more than a rebellious spirit. If you would submit yourself biblically then it's more understandable. Don't let the flesh ruin other peoples set of standards.
  4. I have recently ran across an issue with our Sunday School classes. I am the Superintendent (that's hebrew for "you do this nOBody else wants to" ) of the Sunday School classes. We have a lady teaching the teens with the oldest ones being 15 which are her 2 sons (twins). The statement was made the other day that we didn't need to have a woman teaching boys over 13 years old. Since then I have inquired about the 13 year old rule. I have asked a few deacons, preachers, and friends. Only a few have a different answer. Most stick to the 13 year old rule. I decided to search out the Bible first
  5. Interesting topic. Goes right along with this past Sunday School Lesson Take time to read Psalm 73......it's not too long. Remembering who you are is important as well.
  6. If something illegal is going on in a house that is in your name you can be the one put in jail. Illegal activity....call the law. If your neighbor knows about drugs being used they would prOBably call the law. If you knew your neighbor was dealing with drugs you'd prOBably call the law on them. Don't be sneaky about it just tell them all together at the same time that illegal drug use will not be tolerated in your house and that you will call the law if you see or smell it again. You are called to be submissive to your husband....don't get me wrong. If someone breaks into anyone's house
  7. We had one of those "sons" in our church. Never happy with anything and has his own ideas on how things should go. It would be wise to ask him to not come back. Cancer like that spreads like wildfire. What is your church structure like? I saw in an earlier post that you don't have a building anymore. I can tell from this post you meet on Sun. Morning, Sun. Night, and Wed. Night with some special events. Lots of today's members (just like kids) are needing structure. Physical and Ideal. By that I mean they want ownership and/or partnership in anything they can find. With th
  8. Just a few questions for you to ponder. If our actions get us in trouble and out of trouble then what are you blaming God for? What exactly is troubling you? Who is God? If you will be true with yourself in answering these I think they might help.
  9. If He didn't build it then you better find another church!!!!
  10. Sometimes I feel a little caged in.......but then they feed me and I forget about it again. Come to think of it, I wonder if anyone asked the chimp what his stance was in this whole situation?
  11. We'll talk animal rights when they stop killing other animals.
  12. This is how it should be. We need to be the cat in this video. NO FEAR!!!!!
  13. Here is the situation Gay activists are like the little dog in this video. They could be had at any time if the big dog would just bark back!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEe0P8fsAHI
  14. 1 Corinthians 16:13 Stand up. Load up the jail cells. 3 squares and free cable tv ain't soooo bad....well at least the 3 free meals anyway. Come Get ME!!!!!!!
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