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  1. I use a Thompson Chain reference Bible, love it! I also have an very old dictionary (1829 I think?) to help me understand :)
  2. The problem is not so much with the versions, but the text from which the versions came. The KJV came from a text we call the TR, which has been available to the church for ages. The NIV and all almost all other modern versions came from the Critical text. The manuscripts to the CT were found in a monastery and the Vatican after being lost for many years. The reason people believe that the CT is more reliable is because they are older. Yes, they are older. Why? Because the church didn't think them trustworthy so they haven't been used! The old old manuscripts of the TR are lost yes, because wh
  3. But you have to realize, the teenagers do! I know people who justify listening to CCM because they heard the song sung by someone else (that person could have not even known where it came from, and sang it innocently!)
  4. If you do not know who the Getty's are, please look them up before posting. Have you noticed that the new Majesty hymnal contains music from the Gettys/Sovereign Grace? What is your opinion on that? I find it an outrage that they are digging through garbage to find good music. I think it is sad I can't just buy a CD from a trusted source without knowing if there is CCM behind the music. Why aren't pastors stepping up and writing the Hamiltons? Why aren't we fighting for our music? Why have we stopped caring about associations? Don't people understand as soon as a weaker Christian hears you li
  5. I agree! And the person sees that you are a real person who can have a conversation and not some weirdo
  6. One of my favourites is one that says, "ye must be born again" on the front with butterflies. The design is eye catching and the tract is smaller in size so it fits in a pocket without looking rumpled (another thing I hate.... rumpled tracts!) My boss (praise the Lord he claims he is saved) says the Sunday crowd is the worst (i.e. the people who come in after morning church for lunch) ugh. I feel embarrassed my coworkers relate me to them...
  7. After working in fast food for my first college year, I am disturbed at some Christians. This maybe for edification, or a slight rant about my upset. First of all, I am tired of "Christians" who behave horribly, have no control over their children and leave huge messes for me to clean up... and then leave a tract on their dirty table... and on the floor. My unsaved co-workers just comment on the lack of backbone the Christians had for not actually handing it to ANY of the workers, but littering the room with them. The only person that actually encouraged me was someone who just asked me if I
  8. Still going, God's still good :)

    1. Baptist Girl

      Baptist Girl

      He is always good ^^ God bless you!

  9. Thanks for all the birthday wishes friends :) love you all!

  10. Sister comes home tomorrow :)

    1. farouk


      So, you're big sister maybe, or is she? Blessings

  11. Hi, how are you doing; I joined recently; this seems a great place to discuss the Bible.

  12. Two more added to membership! God is doing great things :)

  13. Whaaa? The world didn't end today? My shocked face :o bahaha Oh "preacher", please read your Bible and quit trying to make money with your scams off those who don't (Matt 24:36)

    1. Calvary


      Hi, sorry I didn't see your new conversation. I don't come by but once a week or so. I was kinda hoping that May 21 would be a great day, but I knew from my Bible that it would another day to be a good witness here.

  14. I am amazed at all the wondeful things God is doing in my life and in my church. What a wonderful God we serve! <3

  15. Pastor Paul went home to be with the Lord. We rejoice that he is with God, but our hearts are filled with grief.

  16. Please pray for Pastor Paul and Ruth. Serious car accident. Oh God, help them, help us.

  17. "I die that you might live" The Look, prOBably my new favourite song :)

  18. If you take a concordance and compare the word "day" (yowm) to the other occurrences in the Old Testament, it means a 24-hour day. For example: Gen 34:25 And it came to pass on the third day (yown), when they were sore... etc.
  19. Four girls saved at church today! God is good :D

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    2. John81


      Praise God!!!

    3. PastorMatt


      John gave a double dose of "Praise God's" :)

    4. Melodys


      Hahaha well He deserves it!

  20. It may seem dark at the moment, but don't lose hope. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, keep moving and you'll get there. God won't abandon you; let God be your light. It may take some time, but in the end, everything will be alright.

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