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  1. I have noticed that so called IFBC's are using watered down contemporary music. You may not have the drums, or electric guitars; but the music is toned down so the piano can be used.

    In my opinion; this is supporting the CCM movement.


  2. But you have to realize, the teenagers do! I know people who justify listening to CCM because they heard the song sung by someone else (that person could have not even known where it came from, and sang it innocently!)
  3. If you do not know who the Getty's are, please look them up before posting. Have you noticed that the new Majesty hymnal contains music from the Gettys/Sovereign Grace? What is your opinion on that? I find it an outrage that they are digging through garbage to find good music. I think it is sad I can't just buy a CD from a trusted source without knowing if there is CCM behind the music. Why aren't pastors stepping up and writing the Hamiltons? Why aren't we fighting for our music? Why have we stopped caring about associations? Don't people understand as soon as a weaker Christian hears you listening to something like "Amazing Grace My Chains are Gone" they will automatically assume you would listen to Chris Tomlin? We will loose my generation if we do not stand true.
  4. I know there are certain types of pants that men wouldn't wear (or if they did they would look rather feminine...) for example, darkwash jeans with a wide leg and a broad hem. Is that not distinction enough?
  5. I don't believe pointing out error is wrong... I think the childish response from Irish had no point but to cut.
  6. Thats not only a Ruckmanite teaching. I'm talking stuff like re-inspiration, correcting the TR with the KJV and translating the Bible into other languages (like Spanish, etc) using the KJV instead of the TR.
  7. Very hurtful and un-Christlike. I wouldn't mind if you stopped posting. Your replies are unecessary and ridiculous.
  8. WVA? Wow I didn't know she was a principal, very neat :)
  9. Thanks, I'll look up the book :)
  10. Haha I believe this discussion came from the other post I had. Irishman said he didn't recommend Ambassador because of something I said.
  11. I suppose. It is so discouraging to see people flock to different versions because they do not understand.
  12. Do you know all of Ruckman's teachings? I do not think Pastor J based in on assumptions, but on the beliefs you defend on the forums.
  13. Yeah, but I think our people need to be educated on it though. I had no idea the difference between inspiration and preservation. I thought the issue was a version issue, and hardly knew anything about the CT or the TR. I believe if we taught more on that, less churches would be allowing different versions.
  14. I always heard that the people under you will most likely have a lower standard, so just set your standards high, so that when they are under you, they still wont be wrong.
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