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  1. If I understand the "Oh ick" properly, it may have referred to point one above, about Jesus dying on the cross "looking hot." That is blasphemous.
  2. Very useful information! I am very familiar with the various Anabaptist branches and their history, but I haven't studied enough of Baptist history to be familiar with their standings. What are the differences between IFB (or other Baptists) and the general beliefs of the Anabaptists?
  3. I do not think that is necessarily true. We have a large Mennonite and Amish population around where I live, and I have heard many many people say that seeing a woman dressed modestly (such as the cape dresses) is a breath of fresh air to them. They are automatically recognized as Christian and I think they provide a valuable witness even if they say nothing. I am a skirts/dresses only person myself, and I am strongly drawn to the Mennonites and Anabaptists in general for their position on modest attire.
  4. We are already at $3.29 a gallon and it keeps going up about $.05 every 3-4 days.
  5. What about Anabaptists? I understand their teachings, and I have studied them extensively. What is your opinion on them? Also the LDS church?
  6. THank you all for the warm welcome! I am from Wisconsin originally, so I am glad to be back My husband is from California originally, and we lived in Phoenix for a year and then Prescott Valley for 3 years. I can't wait to get to know all of you better I have been gone a bit since it is my son's 4th birthday today! So hopefully I will be able to contribute a bit tomorrow
  7. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your post and statement of faith/doctrine. I was inspired by it. Jessica
  8. I think that I am unclear as to who is considered a "Protestant." From my understanding, which is limited of course , there is the Catholic church, Protestants, and the third sort of "grouping" is Anabaptist. Would Baptists be considered another group altogether?
  9. Hello! I am Lare, and I am from central Wisconsin. My husband, myself, and our two boys just moved back here from living in Arizona! What a change in the weather! I found this forum through a websearch, wanting to find like-minded folks to have conversations with about the Word and the Lord. I am so blessed to be able to join your group and I am sure I will spend much time reviewing the archives of conversations!

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