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  1. I received an email from American Family Association promoting Kirk Cameron's new movie "Saving Christmas" which opens today in select theaters. Anyone planning on seeing this? http://www.savingchristmas.com/
  2. Just to follow up on how the wedding went.First of all we put on the rehearsal dinner- no alcohol around- no toasts offered. Just great food and conversation. At the wedding everyone had clear water glasses and we just used those when a toast was presented. There was alcohol all around and God-awful ear thumping music that made it very difficult to even converse. We did stay at the hotel and manage to escape to our room for several much needed breaks. I was able, oddly enough at the reception, to witness and reach out to my wife's widowed aunt about coming to church with us as soon as sh
  3. I cannot vouch for them but I have seen ads for Liberty University Online. They are accredited and have a wide variety of online degrees you can get. They say they are a Christian university and emphasize how they work with the military. Not necessarily cheap but they have a extensive Financial Aid part of their site. I am looking for other alternatives as well if they specialize in IFB students.
  4. Thanks for your very helpful comments. I tried to make some changes to address them.
  5. Hi all, I was led to start a website to warn the lost that there is a real place called Hell. I don't profess to be the most technically savvy guy so it is not much but feel free to visit Hellisarealplace.com to look over. I would be interested in others opinions and suggestions for improvements. Thanks everyone- jebarr
  6. Bro Sam Gipp has a great website where he has scripted videos leading a young man to "why we should use the KJV" It is at http://bigdealKJv.com/ It answered a lot of questions I had and helped me understand its importance and how other versions are incorrectly translated or downright leave verses out.
  7. Genesis 35:10 And God said unto him, Thy name is JacOB: thy name shall not be called any more JacOB, but Israel shall be thy name: and he called his name Israel.
  8. Its unfortunatley Halloween time again and I am struggling with the fact that once again our IFB "separate from the world" home church is using "trunk or treat" to hand out candy and Bible tracts. I have heard both sides and see the opportunity to pass out tracts to many unsaved people but still feel as though it is a slippery slope to "Movie nights" and other gimmicks to get people to come to church. Not all of the congregation participated last year but I believe more are this year as the pastor has pointed out that one family returned to faithful church attendance because of last years
  9. Will be praying for them. My son is down at Pensacola Christian College right now. Thankfully PCC is inland and is quite a bit above sea level. He said some kids were swimming/playing in some of the higher water around the dorms though. Crazy kids
  10. Yes we are IFB but the son getting married is not saved and has only attended a church as a young teen but it was a more worldly church that did not even impress a need to be saved. My wife and I and two of the younger children were all saved in our IFB church we have been attending for the last 6 or 7 years. We had a meeting with the preacher to discuss our two unsaved boys' upcoming marriages. If these were church weddings he would not marry them but since these are both marriages outside the church he said that he did not have a prOBlem doing the wedding but would not attend the recep
  11. Your comments really encourage me as this past Thursday while out Soulwinning a guy angrily opened the day and said " I can tell by your shirt that I am not interested!" I happened to be wearing a leftover teen conference polo that said "Jesus, the choice for a new generation" I love that shirt and have always gotten many compliments on it but this was the first angry reaction I had seen from it. It startled me as I said "Your not interested in the Lord?" thinking I had misheard him. He came back with " Get on out of here, I said I don't want to hear it! I'm not interested!" Every other ho
  12. What if Husband 1 and Wife 1 love each other growing closer to God and each other everyday while walking in His likeness? If we stick to God's design and plan we won't have all of these "what ifs".
  13. Well we have no intention of offering a toast. This is our first son's marriage and have no idea fully what to expect. I have just read that at the Rehearsal Dinner and the Wedding Reception, toasting can be frequently offered so was just looking for advice on how to handle that with good stewardship. Thank God she has testimony of being saved. I pray that she returns to the Lord soon. Your situation is definitely difficult with the distance and you funding the whole wedding. At least perhaps that will give you some control over the content. It is hard when it is our own children
  14. Thanks again all for the discussion. All make excellent points and agree that I want to abstain from the appearance of all evil as testimony of my faith in Jesus Christ. I personally stay out of the alcohol aisles at grocery stores, but have in the past went to sporting events where it is all around. My saved son once innocently took pictures of the "Clydesdales" at the state fair and posted in on Instagram. I had to point out to him that in the background one could see "Budweiser" signs and that others could perceive this as him condoning it. He understood and immediately removed the post.
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