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  1. I hope you are not speaking of me. I did not say that we are free to committ evil without punishment. I simply said that a Christian can committ evil. He must repent when he does so.
  2. They are not baptized into anything; they simply got wet.
  3. In no way is it clear that they were not Christians. Just the opposite, it is quite clear that they were Christians. In the case of Ananias and Sapphira, go back to Acts 4:31 and read all of this in context. Continue to read in chapter 5. They were part of the church. They were Christians. In relation to Simon, it is even more clear that he was a Christian. Begin in Acts 8:12. Notice that Simon did exactly what the others did. It says they believed and were baptized. It says that he believed and was baptized. Clearly if he was not truly saved then none of the others were either.
  4. Ananias and Spphira in Acts 5 lied to the holy spirit. Simon in Acts 8 thought he could buy the gift of God. Demas left Paul because he loved the world more than the truth in 2 Tim 4:10. I could list more but these three should be enough. What about Romans 6? It says that the old man is crucified and we become a new creature; it DOES NOT say that we become a perfect person and thus do not ever choose to do something which is evil.
  5. America has never been nor will it ever be "God's people." Are there Christians in this nation? Certainly! And those people are God's people. The Bible is clear that God's people are Christians not a specific nation.
  6. So, as a Christian I can never commit/practice evil? I simply can not agree with you on that. I see too many examples in the Bible of those who were Christians who chose to do things that were evil.
  7. Of course not, but I am saying that I can believe in Christ as the son of God and still make the choice to do evil. I know many people who believe that Jesus is the son of God who not only choose not to become a Christian but do much evil.
  8. The Bible says that even the devils believe and tremble. They still do evil.
  9. Are you suggesting that I can not believe in Christ and still choose to do evil?
  10. All the Bible is there for man and is beneficial to man but not all things in the Bible apply to man as a whole nor to the Christian specifically. Who today is commanded to build an ark to escape a great flood? Ignore the context and you will create a pretext.
  11. It was specifically spoken for the Children of Israel. I believe the general principle applies to God's people (Christians) but again the specific statement is to the children of Israel. No specific nation is God's people today. All who are saved are his people.
  12. But it does not say that Felix had the HS doing anything miraculous to him. I certainly see free will for each person. I just can't reconcile to two points of the HS working miraculously with the fact that so many never respond.
  13. I realize that there are many different teachings in the Religious world about the Holy Spirit. I hear people talk about the Holy Spirit working working on the sinner in some miraculous way in order to bring him to salvation. But, I see so many who do not get saved. Since God is not a respector of persons and desires all men to be saved, how is all of this reconciled? Wouldn't the Holy Spirit, if it is operating on one individual in such a manner, opperate on everyone? Wouldn't it be able to get everyone saved? Does anyone have a thought on this?
  14. I am sorry that you are offended by what I said. I certainly do not wish to offend anyone, but I can not go against the truth so as not to offend either. I will simply say I stand by what I posted above and leave it at that.
  15. Read the entire book. While his main points about going, going by twos, etc are valid and good, most of what he says under his headings are unbiblical hog wash. I stand by what I said in my previous post. Dr. Hyles clearly taught that one must simply say a little prayer. No repentance needed, nothing but a little prayer. By his example, one would not even need to understand why he is praying such a prayer...just say the little prayer. He contradicts himself more than once. He says that one would need to know he was a sinner but then gives the example where he clearly tricked the couple
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