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  1. Covenanter, I had not read your comments or anyone else's about the preterist doctrine until this morning when I searched it on this site, and had not even discussed it with anyone until last Sunday when someone approached me about it. So sorry I had just not seen anything until today, and for my part what I have read it did not change my pretrib belief. As for the SBC being KJB, they were many, many, many years ago, my pastor Bro.Jamie Coleman (now in glory), was SBC before thy went south (sic, liberal, MV, etc). They used to have solid beliefs, now they are as mushy as the rest of
  2. No I have not read his book, but it sounds consistent with the fact the the once great SBC has gone away from what it was based on and that was the Bible (KJB) and what happens when people start to use "new revelation" It sounds like the "Rev" wants to sell books, and you can't sell something today of you don't have a "controversial" twist to it, nor can people be lead astray if there are not some "intellectual" giving credence to false teachings. Th preterist idea/belief had not ever come to my attention ( I ain't a Bible scholar) until this last week went I was approached about the pre-wra
  3. Sonic is trying the skating thing and now it you want A&W at least Here in NM, you have to go to a Long John Silvers, "Hey matey, you want a mug of root beer?"
  4. If I remember right they made their own root beer right there. Man it was something special when dad said, "We're going to A&W." Then sitting in the back seat watching the girl skate up and take our order. Then after she rolloed away dad would roll the window up a couple of inches as we wanted for her to bring a tray back that hooked to the window.
  5. I used to wash dishes in one of those diners, and when someone said that they couldn't pay for their meal and wanted to wash dishes the owner would tell them ok but that I was the one that would be paying them. Since it was taking my job I could decide what to pay them. It was amazing how quick they could come up with the money when I told them hey would only get 50 cents and hour. That left me 50 cents.
  6. Well I think you all are a bunch of pot stirrers who like to stir pots that are just not being stirred enough, cause an unstirred pot is a unwatched pot, but if you keep stirring it you can get it to a hotter temp. before it boils and then when it boils it will explode, so with a bunch of pot stirrers like the pot stirrers on this thread pots are gonna get really stirred up. Not that I would stir any pots.
  7. Just got a call looks like it isn't a stroke he is diabetic and hi blood sugar is all over the place 150 to 416, but still pray please.
  8. Pray for Mark Abney, got a call he may have had a mini stroke, take him to the hospital now for test.
  9. I guess I am part of the problem when it comes to global warming my life of profligacy, I reckon. I get up go to work to make the money to support my family come on home and study into the night to prepare my messages, drive to the hospitals to visit the sick, pick up people on Sunday to bring to church, yep, it my life of profligacy. Of course I can't afford to charter private airplane or live in a mansion on the beach in California, or have Secret Service protect where ever I go, nor ride in chaffered limo. I am one of those Americans that is causing this global warming, send me the bill
  10. Elizabeth's 2nd shot of 100, went well. Please continue to pray for her, eye doctor tomorrow.

    1. John81


      Praise the Lord! May the news continue to be good.

    2. Brother Rick

      Brother Rick

      Certainly praying, brother.

  11. I am starting to deal with a young man who has joined the church recently. He claims salvation, and even talked to me about being called into the ministry. It seems that there are some problems though. He is a USMC vet who has been to the middle east, after coming home he has ha some trouble with the law. Right now he is having trouble at home, seems moody at time, has his highs and lows. I know there is some sin in his life we need to deal with, so my question is what is being call PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). What I am looking for is information from a Christian prospective a
  12. Sorry my last post looks weird I tried to use multiquote and I goofed.
  13. 0 In a true popular democracy, the elected government serves the whole country, including the minorities, & does not enrich itself at the countries expense. Democracies don't serve the whole country, the only serve the majority that exist at that time, they are run by popular vote. Which means they can be like the wind, what ever is popular at the time of a vote is what rules. The government that is to serve the whole country including minorities is to a republic, which is a representative government (which by no means is perfect either) but is design not to be run by popular opinion
  14. Works good either way, good one I know it is old but the good stuff is still aways good.
  15. Another rejection of Christianity. http://visiontoameri...er-bowl-ad.html
  16. Just saw this thread. Pastor Jim Nicholson Living Word Baptist Church Albuquerque New Mexico In one of what they call the war zones here. And of all places we are on a road called Coors. How do you say it, "Just Google us" By-vocational for now, am an assassin on the side (pest control, you a bug man)
  17. I know some people like to write out their sermons word for word. It is said the Johnathan Edwards, read his great sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" word for word by lamp/candle light and never looked at the audience. I seem to find it easier to preach from an outline rather than a written out sermon. Which do you use and what do you think the advantages are? Do you preach other men's sermons but adapt them to you and the time?
  18. The Governor here in NM has closed all the schools, most of the state government buildings, and asked all to turn down our thermostats to 65 degrees, our gas company hs turn off the gas to about 32,000 customers. Seems that there was a electrical power problem in Texas and that where we get our natural gas from.
  19. I kinda understood it to be a twist on this old song. I know I heard it for years too; I speak of stars as in, Da 12:3 "And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever." And it is a referring to the Soul Winners Crown at the Judgment Seat of Christ, The Crown of "REJOICING." This is the "Soul Winner's" crown. Those brought to Jesus by us will be our "crown of rejoicing" at His Coming. 1Th 2:19-20. Php 4:1. Will There Be Any Stars 1. I am thinking today of that beautiful land I shall reac
  20. Sorry John, would have invited you over if you lived closer, enjoyed seconds think about you, Right. Gotta go some family time.
  21. Excuse me but supper was jut set in front of me, roast, taters, and peas.
  22. Make snow angels Ha HA, I think i going to go to bed tonight with the wedding march in my head, wife has been practicing it for three days now.
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