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  1. 15 one liners in my opinion is overboard. Now we are not to set in the church looking like we have cloth rods down our backs, or look like th Book of Lamentations, or a bunch of old cows going moooo. But neither are we to be rolling on the floor in "Holy" laughter. I use a pun, or an anecdote, at times to get a point across, but comedy has no place in the pulpit. Example: God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, is for a point. WE have a humor section on this board, is that wrong?
  2. What a great prOBlem to have, 10 people need a ride to church tomorrow, but I only have room for 3, guess I will be hustling in the morning, feel like a shuttle driver, or a yoyo.

  3. It is the Book the Holy Spirit used to save a 17 year old young man today.
  4. And for only $29.95 you can get your rapture survival kit.
  5. And time in Heaven compared to time here on earth, quickly to our Saviour and quickly to us can seem to be same but be two entirely different time elements or intervals. 1000 years to us and day to Him. If the twinkling of an eye is 1/32 of a second, what would that be to Him.
  6. I've heard that comment made about aggressive soul winning too. It is up to God and Him alone we cannot force God to do anything, We cannot force of command God, there is a group ut there that believes you can, and think they are called "Word of Faith", you are sick, etc. because you have not commanded God to heal you, therefore you are in sin.
  7. Billy Sunday preached what needed to be done for Jesus to come was that the last soul that will be saved during the church age would be saved. I reckon he meant that God knows when that last soul in this age will be saved. When, where, who, only God knows. Kinda of interesting to think that the person you may be leading to Christ may be that last soul. I know God is merciful and wants to see as many saved as we can reach. But there is a stopping point in this church age of grace. There is a time for preaching on the rapture, and all other things it is called balance. So preachers go to pot on things and that is from one extreme to the other. It is important to preach the whole counsel of God, Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning..." to Rev. 22:20 "...Amen."
  8. That is why we always end up voting for the lesser of two evils.
  9. Ah the fishing hole, my grandparents on the farm outside Grain Valley MO. on Pink Hill Road, there were several ponds, one of my favorite things was to go out o grandpa and grandma's and get a fishing pole and drown worms. Learned to do some muskrat trapping too.
  10. I reckon I'm not sure where dispensations came into this, and then is that particular subject go into the 3, 4, or 7 disp. views, I believe there is only and has been only one way to Heaven and that is by the grace of God, through the Blood of Jesus Christ. My Bible KJB has 1Jo 5:7 "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one." I don't take Scofield or Darby or Criswell or Thompson or the Open Bible etc, etc., notes as the Gospel, any more than i would take Abbot, Clarke, Matthew Henry's commentaries as the Gospel either. One of the reasons Bro. Coleman left the SBC was that they were going MV and that "schools" were teaching that the fallability of the Word of God. Am I a Pretribulationist, yes, will I remain so, yes, do I blindly follow what men say, no, am I a Bible scholar, no.
  11. They had enough votes to pass it under the regular rule of a majority, but instead they (the Republicans) brought it up for a vote that required a super majority or a 2/3rds vote. Somebody was not counting or was not talking to their people. If I heard right 8 Republicans voted against it. (extending the Patriot Act).
  12. Somebody was not paying attention or got cocky. http://politics.blogs.foxnews.com/2011/02/08/house-unexpectedly-defeats-patriot-act
  13. The shake of salt was to mellow the taste, sometimes egg shell was used too. Then there is cowboy coffee, a hand full of grounds in the pot filled with water and a stick put across the top of the pot to keep it from boiling over.
  14. I love the King James Bible because it makes it simple for a simple man like me to know the mind of an infinite God.
  15. I love the KJB because no matter what man thinks the KJB is true.
  16. Our church prayer list has on it, "Help us to wipe out Islam by winning Muslims to Christ".
  17. Not to defend bus drivers, cause there are some really bad ones out there. But this I know, (drove one for a while), lousy pay, lousy hours, lousy public school kids leads to only being able to get a certain type of people to do the job. Which are some of the reasons I quite, low pay, bad hours, unionism, disrespect from kids and parents.
  18. I would suppose that "the temple of God" meant "the temple of God". As I read it it is my simply understanding that he (Paul) was refuting what those that were contradicting his preaching/teaching or trying to pull people away by preaching or teaching different that what he had already taught. That being said I understand the rest of what he wrote to simply verify what he had taught them while he was there and that was to tell them what was going to happen in the future. Which I believe is part of that which Satan will do after the Pre-tribulation rapture of the church/all saved dead and alive. What I read in the threads in OB did not seem to be just cursory discussions, those on both sides of the issue seem to put forth their views quite well, and I still stand where I stand, and will preach what I preach. God Bless Brother, for there will be a day we will all know the truth as God would have us to know it, By and By.
  19. I heard Barbara Walters was over there not to long ago doing follow-up on some stuff she had done right after we went into Afgan. She stated she was surprised that many of the woman were still walking ten paces behind their men. She asked some of them about it since before they had expressed the desire for equal rights. They gave her a two word answer for continuing to walk behind their husbands. "Land mines" There is only one way for Muslims to become peace loving and that is to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
  20. Great eye doc appointment, meds doing what their are expected to do. Elizabeth's eye is doing well, 100 more shots to go. Thank you for your prayers.

    1. John81


      Praise God! May all continue to go well.

    2. Brother Rick

      Brother Rick

      100 shots, that's going to be tough no matter what the circumstances are. I'll be praying for her.

  21. How about reel to reel, and who ever heard of a "Honda" motorcycle. A cup of coffee wasn't any good with out grounds in the bottom of the cup.
  22. Bro Jim

    Fix it.

    Let see f I remember right the average wage for a federal employee is around $75,000 and the average American's is $40,000. Let's make their pay equal to that the same as average citizen doing the same job. What concept. Is it 53% of Americans are on food stamps or some kind of government supplement. And I'll guarantee that I'm not making $40,000 myself. Kinda like the car companies paying $25-30 per hour to have cars built (to pot smokers) and expect someone making $10-15 an hour to buy those cars. Rant Rant!!
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