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  1. Knocked on about 75 doors, saw two young people saved, and after 20+ years of doing this experienced my 1st dog bite. (I have been bitten before just not out soul winning) anyhow no broken skin and a young lady got saved. Oh and the dog is okay too.

    1. Nathaniel


      That is wonderful :D (except the getting bitten by a dog part).

  2. My understanding is that is the purpose.
  3. Tiny Shoes and Sissy are good too, I bought Sissy on DVD from Daystar, Sam Gipp not the TV Bunch and it said I could copy it and share it.
  4. Bro Jim


    I have bought PDF books and this program will format them for MOBI too. I did a 200+ page book that I got in PDF, thats almost a ream of paper and now it is on my kindle. I posted to link.
  5. Bro Jim


  6. Bro Jim


    Dear Lord God, help in this situation for You know better than anyone what is needed. In Your will for Your glory, Amen
  7. Bro Jim


    Here is a web site where you can down load a program from that converts PDF and other files to MOBI, it makes those files readable on a Kindle or other MOBI based readers. Works pretty good too. It made PDF easy to read on my Kindle. Oh and it is FREE. The link http://calibre-ebook.com/
  8. Your probably right John, maybe just touchy a little bit, run it to this once in awhile. "She is the pastor's wife she should do it." I ask them the same question, the only thing that Peter's wife gave him was a sick mother-in law.
  9. Scripture please. The only responsibility my wife has in the church is to be my wife, anything over and above that is her decision to serve the Lord.
  10. Welcome to the discussions.
  11. I agree find a lady in the church who will do it and will have a Christian attitude about it. I try and use "soul winning " training to address bodily order. Some people are so into the natural thing that they don't like the chemicals in deodorant, talk is the the aluminum in them also lead to Alzhiemers. I have seen and read that white vinegar works well for BO, and when I was in the movie "Comanche Moon" the wardrobe people use "vodka" as a spray for the armpits of the costumes, to fight he oder form the actors. But it sure has to be done in Christs love. And if all else fails, then a pastor must do it.
  12. Noooooooooo, as long as we are human, and people want to say i'm righter, holier, better looking and yada, yada, yada, yadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
  13. In my ignorance, Hiss Hiss, meow, meow.
  14. A side question, what do you find is wrong with "the trail of blood"? I ask because if there is something doctrinely wrong with it I need to know so that I can check it out.
  15. Anger and wrath are two different things, though they are closely related. The sin as I read it has to do with the sun going down on our wrath, and the next verse goes on to say that when we do we are allowingthe devil to get involve or have a place/part in what is going on. Pr 27:4 "Wrath is cruel, and anger is outrageous; but who is able to stand before envy?" even tells us there is a difference. My wife and I do our best to go to sleep at nigh just as in love with each other as we start our day out. Which seems easier to do than when I am upset with one of my children, who don't want to repair or change from that which is wrong. Having (or having had) red hair, I have often accused of having a quick temper. I can and have had one too, but God has blessed me with the ability to get over it as quick as I can lose it. Have I had to work on it, and rely on God when I'm dealing with others. Sure and there in lays the answer, turning it over to God, prayer, thinking about the forgiveness of Christ, Mt 6:12 "And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors." Not that I have lost my hair , it just has lost some of its color. Webster's1828 Dictionary AN'GRY, a. See anger. 1.Feeling resentment; provoked; followed generally by with before a person. Godis angry with the wicked every day. Ps. 7. Butit is usually followed by at before a thing. Whereforeshould God be angry at thy voice? Eccles. 5. 2.Showing anger; wearing the marks of anger; caused by anger; as, an angrycountenance; angry words. 3.Inflamed, as a sore; red; manifesting inflammation. 4.Raging; furious; tumultuous. Or chain theangry vengeance of the waves. WRATH, n. L. 1.Violent anger; vehement exasperation; indignation; as the wrath of Achilles. Whenthe wrath of king Ahasuerus was appeased--Esther 2. OLord--in wrath remember mercy. Habakkuk 3. 2.The effects of anger. Proverbs 27. 3.The just punishment of an offense or crime. Romans 8. Gods wrath,in Scripture, is his holy and just indignation against sin. Romans 1 <br clear="all" style="page-break-before:always;mso-break-type:section-break">
  16. If I rad John's post the way i think i read it, then the question has to do with who is running what and or who. Is the woman running the family when it is the husband's responsibility, are women usurping authority over men in the church? Etc. Is that which we are seeing going on a patriarchal society or a matriarchal society? Who running things and who does the Bible say are to be running things? As far as the elders teaching the younger, or society has become so youth centered that the old paths are not welcome or even desired anymore. That is why it is going to be so hard to bring or have a revival in this country. We must have a revival centered around repentance and prayer. And we want a revival centered around what "I want." Until we look to God for what He wants and quit looking to self. I know this is off topic, but it is a large part of the problem
  17. It is had to do with how the child moves and or acts. There is a distinct difference in how worldly and secular music affects the mind and spirit. I would not say that because some good Christian music makes us want to move it is wrong, "Onward Christian Soldiers" makes me want to march forward in to battle, "Wipe Out" makes me want to wipe out, and been there done that. What I hear with most CCM is it is trying to sound and mimic secular music in its affect on our spirit and souls. Maybe I am prejudice, having come out of that kind of world, but when I hear most of that which is called CCM it sounds like worldly music to me. From the beat to the chanting. And I have heard songs written today by good Christians that God has touch there hearts that has great messages in them with not need for, ratty tat- tat of a drum or the hard down beat of a bass guitar, or the arm swing strum of a electric guitar. Here is good music, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th0m2259pls&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL. Yes call me prejudice if you want. I like good music.
  18. Good grief, I get tired of all the you did and he did and I'm righter than you are righter. Things like that have made me stop taking publications form some IFB'ers. "Cause I'm righter the you." Let's just get busy and get people saved.
  19. I not sure about those situations totally, but we had a woman photographer in Sana Fe refuse to do pictures for a sodomite union. They sued her for discrimination and won. seems that because sh didn't have anything in her business description they won. I know a young pastor in Taos NM, when he put together his business plan and description, he stated that he would not do those kind of events. I now and have heard that is one of those tricky ones. We purposely put in our church by laws that we believe and stand marriage is between one man and one woman. These people are well funded and will tr anyway to get their wickedness recognized.
  20. I read somewhere not to long ago that grocery stores play slow and soft music because it makes you slow down when you are shopping and there by you by more. If they play faster music it makes you more faster and buy less. I think I read that in the WSJ. I know when I'm in a store or place that is playing this stuff today that is called music it makes me want to get out in a hurry.
  21. We dealt with this some years ago in the church, one of the young men gave this illustration and check it out to see if it is true. They had a 18 month baby boy, I had taught about the kind of music that affects the body verse the spirit. He told about the baby boy and music, if they had the radio on and it was playing the worldly fast beat up tempo stuff, then the baby would be very active to the point of dancing,(so cute when a baby does it) even agitated, then he put on a tape we had made of my wife playing the piano, hymns and good gospel music, and the baby would calm down and not be as active. Look at the way "Onward Christian Soldiers" affect us/you verses something like "Sweet Holy Spirit" and I mean without the words.

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