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  1. Got my OB cup in the mail today. Thank Bro. Matt. Now to see how much better my teas going to taste.

  2. Yep, dry them off first. I jut learned Friday that you re to eject you flash/thumb drives (or any added drive) before you remove them, seems you can corrupt them or damage your data if you don't.
  3. Lord God of Heaven hear this request even now, touch the heart of David, in a way that will bring him to you,even now we ask You God to do that which only You can do. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
  4. HaHaHaHaHa, I'm starting this today. If I can find an empty sack.
  5. Yep this is a good, one and yet typical of today. It is said that J. Harold Smith and the First Baptist Church of Fort Smith Ark. did just that for a Safeway store that was going to open on Sunday. And it burnt down. Only they didn't deny it. And I'm pledgurizing (how ever you spell it) it two, too.
  6. Bro Jim


    I got my kindle as a gift, and wanted to put my pdf books on it. kindles accept pdfs but they are hard to read, I came across this program the makes them easier to read on the kindle.
  7. I'm available for funerals.
  8. Yes it is hard to find Gospel messages preached today, I have been told i won't preach i some churches cause I preach to much Bible. How do you preach to much Bible?
  9. Bro Jim


    It depends on the e book, if it is formated in a pdf then yes if it is in MOBI you may have to get a program for it and Mobi is what most kindle style readers use, I think Amazon offers such a program if you are buying their books. But the pdf stuff yes you can read it on your computer I have done it but now convert to Mobi for my kindle.
  10. I think I'm going to be sick.. Yep I got sick. Lord God stop this kind of garbage that is being done in Your Name. Amen.
  11. I hear this book helps. http://www.regbeyond.com/t/regions/HowDoIGetTheseKidsToListen
  12. Amen to all, form the picture of Christ's sacrifice to the completion of it on the Cross.
  13. i have heard and read that it works, I may give it a try, mine is high but not out of sight. I don't like putting chemicals in my body, they all seem to have side affects, then there is the spiral of dealing with them. This pill for that and this pill because of that pill and on and on. I'm not saying all chemicals are bad, just doctors often look to them first.
  14. I use the 1769 edition of the 1611. This seems to be the one that is considered the 16v 11 today, that is the one Bearing Precious Seed publishes, the Old Scofields 1 & 2 are the 1769. Today there are several Bibles that call themselves KJVs but are revisions in some way, many of these have changed spellings and Americainizeing words (ie: knob for knop) to changing the case of letters from upper case to lowercase, (ie: Gen. 1:2 Spirit to spirit).
  15. Glad to have you with us young lady.
  16. From Palatka: You and I wake up in a psychiatric ward together. Using 4 words, what would you say to me? Note: If you comment, you must copy and paste this to your status, so I may comment on yours as well.. Be a good sport and play along... 4 words is harder than you think.!

    1. SisMargot



  17. That we might be this faithful! http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/03/02/worlds-oldest-traveling-minister-visits-texas-explaining-longevity/?test=gnews
  18. I think equating pastors with government workers is apples and oranges. God's word tell us pastors are men of God and tells the church/Christians how they are to be supported. At no time does the Bible say that supporting a pastor equal to slavery. It does say that the government will require us to pay over and above and that they (government) would require much of us. Taxes, our children, or properties. I believe we have allowed the government to intrude into the work of the church, welfare, etc. Why rely on God, when good old Uncle Sammy will do it and not require that I get to where
  19. I know I can't take anything with me, but if i could, I would at least want to able to carry my own luggage. I believe God expects us to care for ourselves and not to temp Him. Along the health lines, it is like not wearing a seat belt, "because "If God wants to take me it is His decision. He will protect me if He wants." Even thought there is truth in that, I don't believe He wants us to tempt Him. He has provided ways for us to protect ourselves, and I believe He wants us to use them, Whether it is medical testing equipment or something as simple as putting on a seat belt. If we look
  20. Breath a prayer for my wife Susie this am, taking her in for some injections in her neck, doc found 2 bulging disks. Thank You.

  21. Go to thte average Bible bookstore which is about 30,000 sq. ft. 500 of that dedicated to Bibles and of that half shelf for the KJB. It has become, "thus saith" Rick, Joel, Joyce, Charles, and etc.
  22. Some body at church asked me for some of these books. (Not)
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