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  1. Brrrrrrrrrr - 12.2 this morning windchilllllll -22 degrees. -5 when we got home from prayer meeting last night. Getting ready to go help with a funeral.
  2. We are at 211 reasons for Loving the KJB, 1400 to go, can you add 1?

    1. Bro Jim

      Bro Jim

      No I think it is a good goal, makes us think more, and if even half the members gave only one reason we would blow it out.

    2. PastorMatt
    3. Brother Rick

      Brother Rick

      Very true, everyone needs to get on board or it won't happen.

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  3. 7:44 am 4 degrees, and expect to be -10 tonight. Hot tea anyone? Oh, I need and OB cup to make it taste better.
  4. It is a conspiracy you know, let you get use to the cold, then when it warms up, you will be on his side.
  5. Ah, a snow day has allowed me to get a jump start on the Feb contest. Please give me some competition. ;))

  6. We didn't make it to the doctor, roads closed because of ice and accidents, moved appointment to 2/8. Praying for you all and you many feet of snow.
  7. WOW, we got a couple of inches of snow last night, maybe 3 more tonight. Man do we need the moisture, but not much in this stuff, looks like a 1/4 inch from 6 inches of snow. 25 degrees right now. Taking Elizabeth to the eye doc.at 8:15, she did alright with the med yesterday, now it is the long term we have to watch for, Thank all of you for your prayers.
  8. We just gave Elizabeth her first shot, pray now there will be no reactions to the med. We may get some snow!!
  9. A CALL TO PRAYER Joel 2:12-19 Joash,Jehoiada, Revival. Jehoiada dies. Joash allows idols. War. Locust. God’s wrath. Joel the prophet calls nation torepentance. We, too, are living in anemergency hour. I. There is a Weakening of theConsciousness of Sin a. In our personal lives. b. In our homes. c. In society. d. In business. e. In politics. f. In the Church II. Many Church Members Manifest aTerrible Indifference to the Claims of Jesus Christ and His Cause a. We take all He has to give us, butgive little or nothing in return. b.
  10. Pray for my daughter Elizabeth (16) she starts her weekly injections of methotrexsate today, 1st of 104 +/- THANK YOU!!
  11. Praise THE LORD, we baptized 5 yesterday, what a day, I baptized 1 and Bro. Steve Sykes came up from Los Lunas and baptized 4. They are meeting in a store front, praying for land and a facility.

    1. HappyChristian


      Wonderful news, Bro Jim!

  12. Gotta go learn more about ya'all, yearly pest control classes, Yep, Yep.

  13. 9 hours yesterday listening to people talk about bugs, , 8 more hours today. . Still no moisture.
  14. Yes they do, DS's that is. I was in booth camp, they told us to write home and tell everyone not to send any junk food to us. I wrote told my family to pass the word, one aunt didn't get the message. We were at the firing range and a box showed up for me . She in all her love for me had sent be a box of chocolate chip cookies. DS call me "Front and Center" I opened the box and let out a sigh. The DS call me to attention , and then told me to open my mouth, he then inserted a cookie and said chew,, after one chew (whole cookie in mouth) he would holler, "OPEN" , in come another cookie,
  15. Milk too, had a teenager in the church, (little imp), the kids would have ice cream, you know the one on a stick dipped in chocolate. She would come up to me and stand there and eat it, while saying, "I'm sorry () Bro. Jim () that you () can't have () any ()." , Yeh right.
  16. If it made you feel any better brownies could be everywhere and I couldn't eat them, allergic to chocolate
  17. Here we go again, one wants to, our does he say he is our teacher, and another one wants to use a version of scripture (which mind you he does not have nor has ever seen). As for me all the yap yap yap of those that do not believe the Biblical doctrine of eternal security and are going to argue until we give in to their false beliefs and or teachings. I'm just a country boy, country preacher and even I understand that eternal and everlasting mean just that. And if that isn't good enough for you then I ask you to please call my Saviour a liar and tell Him that you have decided what eternal
  18. Subway's foot long Sweet Onion Teriyaki chicken, with the dishrag on it.
  19. High today 55 and sunny, worked up a sweat killing termites. This is the day the Lord hath made....
  20. Just talked to my sister in Tulsa, 28 degrees and snow, I told her it is 47 here gonna be 55 tomorrow, sorry.
  21. Gentlemen if you could send it our way we could sure use it.
  22. Do you know that that is quite a responsibility and that I will pray you?
  23. What is the one sin, one must repent of to go to heaven? What one sin is the sin that the symptoms and results of and are things such aids, drugs and alcohol, abortion, homosexuality, unwed mothers, sexual assault on or children. What one sin once repented of cannot be undone by man or anyone else?
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