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  1. I got my kindle as a gift, and wanted to put my pdf books on it. kindles accept pdfs but they are hard to read, I came across this program the makes them easier to read on the kindle.

  2. can you read e books on a PC?

    It depends on the e book, if it is formated in a pdf then yes if it is in MOBI you may have to get a program for it and Mobi is what most kindle style readers use, I think Amazon offers such a program if you are buying their books.

    But the pdf stuff yes you can read it on your computer I have done it but now convert to Mobi for my kindle.

  3. That's neat.

    From my own experience, if you want to sell a Kindle book the best way is to have it formatted in Word and upload it that way. Obviously this program is for something you have on PDF and don't intend to sell.

    I have bought PDF books and this program will format them for MOBI too. I did a 200+ page book that I got in PDF, thats almost a ream of paper and now it is on my kindle.

    I posted to link.
  4. Here is a web site where you can down load a program from that converts PDF and other files to MOBI, it makes those files readable on a Kindle or other MOBI based readers. Works pretty good too. It made PDF easy to read on my Kindle. Oh and it is FREE.

    The link http://calibre-ebook.com/

  5. I think that I am unclear as to who is considered a "Protestant." From my understanding, which is limited of course :), there is the Catholic church, Protestants, and the third sort of "grouping" is Anabaptist. Would Baptists be considered another group altogether?

    A great history of the Baptist church/denomination it the little booklet called "The Trail of Blood", which basically says that we who are know today as Baptist came from those know as anaBaptist (rebaptizers). On another note, yes they the "Protestant churches" (they protested against the RCC) are harlot branches of the great whore RCC, I don't believe we can say that if someone is a member of one of them that they are not saved. They may not be right with God, the problem is they are in the wrong place. I have lead those of other denominations to the saving knowledge of Christ, and have tried to get hem to leave and come to a Baptist church. I like what i heard a preacher say this weekend, "Salvation is free, Christian is earned"twocents.gif
  6. The Governor here in NM has closed all the schools, most of the state government buildings, and asked all to turn down our thermostats to 65 degrees, our gas company hs turn off the gas to about 32,000 customers. Seems that there was a electrical power problem in Texas and that where we get our natural gas from.

  7. WOW, we got a couple of inches of snow last night, maybe 3 more tonight. Man do we need the moisture, but not much in this stuff, looks like a 1/4 inch from 6 inches of snow. 25 degrees right now. Taking Elizabeth to the eye doc.at 8:15, she did alright with the med yesterday, now it is the long term we have to watch for, Thank all of you for your prayers.

  8. Yes they do, DS's that is. I was in booth camp, they told us to write home and tell everyone not to send any junk food to us. I wrote told my family to pass the word, one aunt didn't get the message. We were at the firing range and a box showed up for me puzzled3.gif. She in all her love for me had sent be a box of chocolate chip cookies. DS call me "Front and Centerangry.gif" I opened the box and let out a sigh. The DS call me to attention sad.gif, and then told me to open my mouthjaw.gif, he then inserted a cookie and said chew,shocked2.gif, after one chew (whole cookie in mouth) he would holler, "OPEN" heh.gif, in come another cookie, needless to say after about 4-6 cookies, I and everyone in the platoon got the message.

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