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  1. i remember you brother and have your prayer card, an even prayer for your family from time to time. i also remember the message you preached on how "God looks at mission as opposed to how we see it" thank you again for that message, and thank you for your testimony and your families faithfulness. Lord be with you and yours
  2. thank for the warm welcome... my email is brother_matt@kingofgrace.us if you will get me the contact info we would be glad to pray and then visit your son in Henderson
  3. i hope you will enjoy this short article from brother Sutek HARD TIMES VS GOD’S ECONOMY I first traveled to Europe in 1991 and since then have lived here for a total of nine years. In Europe in ’91 there were as many different currencies and economies as there were countries. This meant that if you traveled any significant distance you would run into money complications with each change of economy. This is still largely true in Eastern Europe. I have traveled recently with four different currencies in my pocket. This is nothing less than confusion (1Cor. 14:33). WORLD’S ECONOMIES NOT SIM
  4. here in las Vegas we have been hit hard by the low economy, we have only just began to start our church about 4 months now in that time we have lead many individuals to the Lord. a few of which who where coming faithful and would have made a good church member but had to leave town because of no work, these where the construction type of people. one family also (single woman raising a family) who came by loved the church but by the time she found us was already one her way out of town because of the economy here in las Vegas... with our type of ministry, (which reaches out to mostly
  5. preach by brother matt at king of grace baptist church http://kingofgrace.us/uploads/2/8/0/8/2808002/bro._matt_the_spirit_of_ahab.mp3 this message preaches with a spirit of sticking to the old time way, geared to the young men coming up in the ministry... for more preaching click here Brother Matt psalm 138:4-5 kingofgrace.us
  6. Greetings from las Vegas Nevada: my name is brother Matt or Matthew Presley i see there is another bro. Matt here i will try not to step on any toes i am the asst. pastor of King of grace Baptist Church in Las Vegas Nevada, and will be visiting here from time to time I would like to invite anyone in the las Vegas/Henderson area to one of our old fashioned preaching and worship services for address and location info please visit the web site at kingofgrace.us we also broadcast live streaming preaching on ustream, and have preaching messages on line ready for download we are and in
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