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  1. Hello- I was searching the net, and stumbled upon this Blog. It is a good read, in my opinion. She pointed out some good things... A Word Fitly Spoken "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver." - Proverbs 25:11 How will you use your words today? Why I am an Independent Fundamental Baptist: http://phillipnlauri...undamental.html
  2. I just came across a great Tyndale version of his translation. I know he was able to translate the New Testament and only 6 books of the Old. Check it out. By the way, the Tyndale version was used in many parts, particularly the New Testament when the scholars were building the KJV. http://wesley.nnu.edu/sermons-essays-books/william-tyndales-translation/
  3. I am currently reading "The Story of The King James Version 1611-2011" An excellent read for ALL. On that note, William Tyndale has influenced this version well before 1611. Check it out: The Tyndale Society -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Tyndale Society, which grew out of the William Tyndale Quincentenary Trust, was inaugurated in 1995. All members of the Society receive a magazine, The Tyndale Society Journal, three times a year, in which discussion takes place and news is given of events, research and publications. The Editor welcomes short items of information about local events of all kinds, details of investigations in progress, or views and ideas that members would like to see discussed. Members also receive the annual journal, Reformation, depending on their subscription rate. This is a forum for papers of the highest distinction in Reformation studies and is prepared under an international Editorial Board. The Society arranges conferences, lectures and social activities. Oxford International Tyndale Conferences are held every two years. The Society intends to raise money to found a Research Fellowship. A complete Tyndale Bible concordance is now almost complete. Through the Tyndale Society, arrangements can be made to visit Tyndale sites, in England and abroad. Tyndale famously said that he wanted "the boy that driveth the plough" to have the Scriptures and the Society's Ploughboy Group is a focus for outreach. http://www.tyndale.org/
  4. Pork-Chops, eggs, and Coffee.
  5. Good, because I started to say...WHOA!!!
  6. Yes. The coffee was so good, I had 2 more cups.
  7. LuAnne is correct. I dip it in egg, milk and cinnamon. I then fry it in butter on both sides, adding syrup and butter and jelly.
  8. Eggs(1), Bacon(4), French Toast(4), and Coffee (3 Cups)..and my daily vitamins(One-a-day).
  9. Ok...let us move this to the front.
  10. Stop the presses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doing away with testing???
  11. But is not there more then just test scores to compare? What checks do one use in comparison other then test scores? What do you use while home schooling your little ones to compare... Sorry I just read The Norton Anthology of English Literature, so my writing skills have been skewed a little.
  12. You have listed some great premises, Annie. I have seen and talked to many who have a variety of ideas of what is right and is not right...after leaving to lower-level education system. I have never attended a Christian School, and as such I am in the dark as it pertains to what they constitute. I do know that while growing up many talked about how "religious" schools did not equip the kids for the higher education system. And thus was setting them up for failure.
  13. Coc33- From my understanding the christian faith is believing that Jesus died for our sins; believing that there is a God and He sent his Son into the world as a replacement for our sins. We are to believe (have faith that all this took place) by reading and trusting the bible fully. If we have this faith and thus become saved, it will show in our daily lives...
  14. Is there a problem with saying what constitutes a good Christian college? If not...what constitutes a good Christian college?
  15. You guys are confusing me...

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