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  1. Only in the last few years did I realize that I was considered a saint of God, and I've been saved for years!! So glad I can grow in my faith In March of 2004 I visited Italy, my sister was stationed in Naples and one weekend we went to Rome. That was quite the experience. We happened to be there on the day of a beatification ceremony. Really jsut the experience of being in a beautiful city was all we got out of it. We saw John Paul... it was kind of sad really because he was obviously not well at all. The whole process was completely foreign to us not being Catholic or knowing Latin and Italian. He died exactly one year later give or take a day. Looking back I wish I had known more than I do now so that I could personally stand up for my faith the truth, but I suppose at the time my sister and I were just excited to be in Rome on what seemed like an important day. Well that was a lame story that really doesn't much matter.. but I'm definitely thankful to be a saint of God, no fancy ceremony or inquiry in to my past!
  2. There is a girl I have as a FB friend that my husband and I went to high school with. I wasn't ever good friends with her but I knew her and talked to her sometimes. Anyway she sent me the friend request a couple months back and in a way, ever since then, I sort of wish she had not. She posted that first week about having a hard week, wishing things would look up, life needs to be normal, etc... so I tried to post some encouraging comments to her and tell her I will pray for her. She said she appreciated it but that was about it. I suppose as the weeks went on I realized it wasn't an isolated issue, but a frequent thing she does so my replies became more rare. I even encountered very hateful responses from other friends of hers downing my faith and the Lord. It was disheartening to see but I left it be and still try to occasionally respond to a post if I feel led to do so. I do not believe I should respond to everything for I feel it would be like giving too much sympathy for her situation that she seems to keep herself in. Afterall, if you took all of her posts and laid them out side-by-side you'd see how strikingly similar they are. I don't want to delete her or hide her posts because I feel it is important for me to keep her in my prayers when she posts. She gets vulgar at times on some status posts usually showing hatred towards people.. mostly general statements, nothing directed towards a specific person. Those posts I do not like, but the Lord gives me the strength to look past them and not dwell on them. She has two young children that she is in and out of court over custody matters involving them, can't seem to get a jOB and as far as I can tell, is not a Christian. Would you handle this any differently, or maybe are you in a similar situation either online or in person that you could give ME some words of encouragement? I appreciate any help, you all are always here when I need it
  3. Lisa Anne


    Our church only uses a piano. It's not a small church, but it's not huge either. There's no room in our sanctuary for an orchestra. And from what my husband gathered when he attended a Discipleship class they aren't much for anything beyond a piano. On occasion one gentleman will get up and play his guitar and sing a couple songs but that is very rare. They did talk that night about getting all the guitar players together to practice and maybe do something, I think that would be a nice little treat for the men to use their talents. My husband plays guitar and should play it more with Christian music than he does so I'm all for the guys getting together to do that. I think orchestras are beautiful but I wouldn't be interested in having part of my worship service. We keep it simple with a few songs in the beginning (typically one or two by the choir and one by the congregation) and then another song at the end during invitation with the congregation. The choir doesn't stay up front the whole time either. The preacher doesn't want the church to be distracted from the word I'm sure, so during one of the congregational singings in the beginning they filter out in to the pews.
  4. An officer that used to work with me is Mormon and I only recently learned about that underwear deal. Very strange. The guys say he always wore this white t-shirt thing or something. That video is absolutely the most awful, humorous thing I've seen all week. Wow. Almost as bad if not just as bad as the Scientology cult. I saw a PBS documentary last year about their geneology and record keeping. They have an enormous library of names of deceased, and people who are high enough in the church are baptized in the name of those people to save them. Craziness.
  5. I should not have said what I did to him. No but about it. I am OBviously not the only one concerned about his approach and demeanor in our fundamental beliefs. He always struck me as a guy who would stand beside the WBC and protest a funeral I don't know, though, he's definitely strong minded.
  6. I will remember the family in my prayers.
  7. TC, can I call you a hussy? I don't like your photo and it looks hussy-ish. Thanks for telling me it's ok to use those words. I feel so much better now......... Oh that wasn't true.
  8. I always think of pop/country artists who do covers of Christmas song/hymns. That can be pretty awful. I read someone once talk about how Jessica Simpson recorded O, Holy Night. Yeaaaaah, not good. But that's more of an example of an old hymn being reproduced, not so much a CCM style song. I wouldn't even know where to search for one of those to be honest.
  9. We don't use guitars. The reason I say that is because a couple missionaries we had visit our church do occasionally. I don't think they use it as a permanent part of their services like we do the piano, but their families have a few songs they sing.
  10. He's a pretty raunchy comedian. PrOBably a good thing you don't know who he is, but I agree, he did seemed very moved by it.
  11. Wow, very opposite of his typical behavior. Was a little saddened when he said "I know there is no God..." but somebody did plant the seed. God bless the man who spoke to Penn and I'm praying Penn will see that there is a God.
  12. Not all hymns were written during biblical times, they are written strictly upon scripture of the Bible. If you could take the time to read brosmith's books it does give a good insight in to CCM and even outlines a couple of songs. Whether a band is visible or not isn't even the issue here I don't believe. Surely the others on this board can give their explanation of CCM. And let's not forget the IFB missionaries in Africa starting up IFB churches. I can assure you there wouldn't be any CCM or instruments aside from possibly an acoustic guitar or piano in their church if they are a true IFB church.
  13. I attended a funeral today of a young 16year old boy who died a day after he struck by a car on the 29th of November. Thank the Lord he got saved an baptized at our church about 2 years ago! Unfortunately my babysitter's daughter is in the hospital so I was without a sitter but was encouraged to come anyway... that lasted all of 15 minutes. Nonetheless the service was held at a contemporary Baptist church but our pastor officiated the ceremony (Thank the Lord for that as well). The piano player/singer for the church was also playing piano while everyone filtered in to the auditorium and opened the service by playing the piano and singing "I Can Only Imagine." Being a funeral I have to admit it was still very emotional. She has a beautiful voice and the piano playing was excellent, but I wish the family had chosen another song. She added the "Yeah Yeah's" and all near the end... I don't know, God bless the young man's family but personally the music choice was not very honoring of what will really be going on with his in God's Kingdom. I guess it doesn't matter to him because he is gone now, but I don't know what kind of message it sent to the lost in the crowd, or the saved who appreciate that song as glorifying to our Lord. Our assistant pastor preached one Sunday evening and brought up that song about how scripturally wrong it is so I can only imagine, no pun intended, what was going through his mind sitting there, hopefully prayers as that is what was going though mine. That was the first time I ever heard a pastor directly speak of CCM, although I have never been raised to appreciate it, that gave me a better understanding to why we shouldn't listen to it in our churches or anywhere for that matter. I don't know why I brought that up, but I think it is important for us to remember how the devil can sneak in anywhere even during the funeral of a saved teenager.
  14. I think Contemporary Christian Music takes the glory away from the Lord and puts it on the artist. brosmith, forgive me if you said that in your book that I just finished reading. I agree with your book, and think that if the church wants to remain separate from the world accepting CCM in to the church defeats that entire purpose. It is sad to see churches incorporate that style of music. Listen to it on your own, although I highly do not recommend it, but don't bring it in to my church.
  15. Every time I open my KJV I find a passage that helps me in that moments.
  16. It is the Bible the preacher preached from the night I got saved, that makes it the perfect and only Bible for me!
  17. LOL poor kid! If only he would react that way to ever creepy old man that charged at him with a crazy face. Well, I hope nOBody ever does that but you get the humor I'm sure. It'll be an interesting year to see what family/friends say about our lack of acknowledgment for Santa. I have some decorations with Santa we use but the point about him will be clear. There was a thread on another message board I go to every now and then about Santa... when your kids found out he wasn't real. This is one of the replies... "I told my 9 & 11 year old daughters about a month ago. I decided to tell them both, because there is NO way they can keep a secret from each other. I decided they were old enough and I didn't want to be in a situation where I was lying to them about something. The first thing my 9 year old said was, "You've been lying to us all this time?" I tried to explain that we did it, so she could experience the fun of Santa, but she wasn't too happy we had made her believe in something that isn't for real. They will still get their stockings filled and get gifts laid out from Santa. That will happen until they move out of my house. The surprise part of it is just so fun for them." That is precisely the situation I don't want to be in. Who knows how my kid will react. She may not care, or she may be heartbroken.
  18. Praying for all the families you mentioned.
  19. I can imagine, but I'll be glad to stand for my beliefs. I hope to combat some of that by homeschooling.. that may save some of the trouble in regards to all the school children. SO far it seems most of her little friends are church-based and as far as I have noticed many of them have the same beliefs.. some stronger than others but basically the same. I went to TN btw, live in KY lol. Thank you though for the welcome back. It was a good trip My mom won't mind much I don't think. She seems very laid back about that and growing up in a good Christian home she would surely understand. My dad is another story. He freaked when I told him I put my tree up two weeks before Thanksgiving. His girlfriend even told me by the time Christmas comes around my daughter will think it's just another piece of furniture... Doesn't bother me any : All the gifts they gave my daughter for Christmas are under the tree now (Dad gave them to me at Thanksgiving to save shipping). He might freak if I tell him that, too. I think 90% if not all of them say "From Santa." Any time Santa is used in my house he is strictly fictional and is a pretend something Mom, Dad, or whoever gave the gift are doing. My husband's mom... yeaaaaah that's a whole other story. She's Wiccan so anything she believes or thinks is beyond my realm of comprehension. Plus she has the mental capacity of a 6 year old. Cheer up, Miss Linda! We'll prOBably have to drag each other at times (although I pray we will walk side by side most of the time) but I do believe we can press toward that mark! The Lord will give us the strength to get through anything, I'm sure you know, but it is always good to hear others say it. I know I love reading your words.
  20. Thank you very much. He will have his service Friday at 1pm. It will be a local large contemporary Baptist church but praise the Lord our pastor will officiate! I was so glad to hear that after I learned of the location.
  21. How often do you hear people you know, or people online say that around the Christmas holiday?! And I'm referencing Santa, not Jesus. How terrible is that?! I don't plan on telling my daughter that Santa is real. We will have our own way of handling the Holidays that my husband and I have discussed. Gifts OBviously should not be all about Christmas but to use something that is blatantly not real and blackmail your kids that if they say anything to their younger siblings about Santa not being real then they don't get gifts? I don't take a severely strong opinion against the fictional character, but I'm not going to lead my child to believe it for however many years then go through the ridiculous turmoil of bribing them to stay quiet so little Jane or John doesn't find out, THEN having to deal with the heartbreak your child may face when they do realize Santa was a joke all along. Ok, that was my rant because if I said that anywhere else but here or in my home I'd get stoned to death
  22. Cooper, I pray that your heart would not be so hardened. I'm sad that you are questioning Brother Matt's salvation... or anyone elses salvation on this board for that matter. If someone claims salvation leave the rest to the Lord. You prOBably shouldn't come along here critiquing every word they type to use against them. Ephesians 4:32 And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you. 1 Peter 4:9 Use hospitality one to another without grudging Without the death of Christ we would have no resurrection of Christ, so I thank the Lord He gave His life for me!
  23. It is wonderful to see that our custodian is doing well, but yesterday I learned that we had another tragedy. A teenager that was reached by our church bus ministry was hit by a car after school and died early this morning. I don't know him but he got saved and baptized at the church a couple years ago. His father does not attend church with him so we are praying for them during this hard time of losing a child and further praying that if they are not saved that they will come to Christ and start attending church regularly. Please also be in prayer for the young lady who hit him and her family. This is something that will be with her forever and I pray she overcomes guilt and other feelings she may be having at this time. Some people commenting on the article online are being hateful towards the young girl and that breaks my heart. http://www.thenewsenterprise.com/content/pedestrian-dies-injuries
  24. I hear that Mickey (the custodian) is beginning to be more responsive, opening his eyes more, and completely off the breathing machine! Praise the Lord! I hope to hear more good news tomorrow prOBably at evening service but please do continue to remember him and his family in your prayers!
  25. I did just want to update. All went well yesterday, most of the focus was on my daughter who opened up a lot from previous years. Prayer before dinner was awkward because they started out with the "father, son, holy spirit" dealio. Not sure if any of you are familiar with that prayer but I grew up on it. My husband and I kept our heads bowed and didn't participate. My dad told me this morning before we left that he was proud of what I'm doing with my family and gave me kudos. He never said anything about our faith but I have a feeling he is glad that we are trying to raise our daughter well in a Christian home. I'm very grateful all went well and we were able to enjoy ourselves with the family. We had a great time
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