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  1. Only in the last few years did I realize that I was considered a saint of God, and I've been saved for years!! So glad I can grow in my faith In March of 2004 I visited Italy, my sister was stationed in Naples and one weekend we went to Rome. That was quite the experience. We happened to be there on the day of a beatification ceremony. Really jsut the experience of being in a beautiful city was all we got out of it. We saw John Paul... it was kind of sad really because he was obviously not well at all. The whole process was completely foreign to us not being Catholic or knowing Latin and Italian. He died exactly one year later give or take a day. Looking back I wish I had known more than I do now so that I could personally stand up for my faith the truth, but I suppose at the time my sister and I were just excited to be in Rome on what seemed like an important day. Well that was a lame story that really doesn't much matter.. but I'm definitely thankful to be a saint of God, no fancy ceremony or inquiry in to my past!
  2. I will remember the family in my prayers.
  3. I always think of pop/country artists who do covers of Christmas song/hymns. That can be pretty awful. I read someone once talk about how Jessica Simpson recorded O, Holy Night. Yeaaaaah, not good. But that's more of an example of an old hymn being reproduced, not so much a CCM style song. I wouldn't even know where to search for one of those to be honest.
  4. We don't use guitars. The reason I say that is because a couple missionaries we had visit our church do occasionally. I don't think they use it as a permanent part of their services like we do the piano, but their families have a few songs they sing.
  5. Not all hymns were written during biblical times, they are written strictly upon scripture of the Bible. If you could take the time to read brosmith's books it does give a good insight in to CCM and even outlines a couple of songs. Whether a band is visible or not isn't even the issue here I don't believe. Surely the others on this board can give their explanation of CCM. And let's not forget the IFB missionaries in Africa starting up IFB churches. I can assure you there wouldn't be any CCM or instruments aside from possibly an acoustic guitar or piano in their church if they are a true IFB church.
  6. I think Contemporary Christian Music takes the glory away from the Lord and puts it on the artist. brosmith, forgive me if you said that in your book that I just finished reading. I agree with your book, and think that if the church wants to remain separate from the world accepting CCM in to the church defeats that entire purpose. It is sad to see churches incorporate that style of music. Listen to it on your own, although I highly do not recommend it, but don't bring it in to my church.
  7. Every time I open my KJV I find a passage that helps me in that moments.
  8. It is the Bible the preacher preached from the night I got saved, that makes it the perfect and only Bible for me!
  9. How come I never really realized there was a status section here?! Neat!

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      I can't answer that question. :)

    2. Brother Rick
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      Lisa Anne

      Thanks for being honest :P

  10. I have, too, enjoyed reading them. I think when you come from an upbringing that has made salvation seem like the hardest decision you'd ever make, and something that is rare to see and then move in to a church that opens your eyes to the world and all that really matters about being saved... then you just get a little curious. And I think it is great to hear testimonies. I love to hear people's experiences! The Spirit moves in you and you really feel blessed.
  11. Did they ever believe in the first place? I pray for anyone they continue to 'minister' to. "He said it was difficult to continue to work in ministry. "I just look at it as a job and do what I'm supposed to do," he said. "I've done it for years." And it bothers me that they even think they can lose their faith if they were saved to begin with. There's no mention of earnestly praying, just that they did a lot of reading. I am curious as to know what their church teaches and what sort of church they may have been raised in or what they were told about salvation. It's sad to read their statements :\
  12. I listened to some of her stuff a while back. I need to just break down and buy it here eventually lol
  13. I wish I could remember the date. I know my Mamaw has it written down in her Bible. She always keeps such good record. I know I was 13 and got saved at a revival a little ol' church in Macon, GA had going on. I, too, was the one holding on to the pew begging to sit back down but the Lord wouldn't let me. I made it to the front of the church and knelt down. I didn't know a lot about the Bible but I knew that we were born sinners and unless you accepted Jesus you could not go to Heaven. I think I fought the idea on the altar a while. I was scared, afraid to stand up and say I got saved. I spent some time down there with the Lord. I'm so thankful I finally listened to the Lord and stood up. It was a joyous occasion for the church. I am thankful for the people who gathered around me and prayed with me and for me.
  14. Praise the Lord for your testimonies! Thank you for replying.
  15. Very true. My mother's husband was saved on the side of the road, pulled over one night on the way home from church.

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