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  1. Not at all. He's been dealt with on the other board. What I'm doing is bringing his complaint here to ask the moderators to investigate it and, if warranted, to punish my alleged violation of the rules. That seems fair, doesn't it? I mean, I'm not above the rules, am I? If his accusation is true, shouldn't it be addressed?
  2. Even if that were true, I'm not complaining. I'm just asking a question. Don't you think it's reasonable of me to want to know if I'm breaking the rules by having these alleged "numerous accounts"?
  3. No, not at all. I just want the mods to investigate me to tell me whether or not I have more than one account here. I know I don't, but I would like their decision as evidence. And, besides, whether I want him banned from BaptistBoard is a moot point at this point, as he's probably going to be banned, anyway. He's already had two threads closed and a stern rebuke from the mods.
  4. Wait a second. Repentence isn't part of the Gospel?
  5. I'm more concerned about disproving his claims that I have "numerous accounts" on OB. The other board isn't an issue. He's about to be banned from there, anyway.
  6. On another message board, "Dr"JamesAch is falsely claiming that I have "numerous accounts" here. Obviously, what our false witness bearing friend says elsewhere is not your problem. However, if what he is saying is true (and, like all the other accusations he's made toward me, it's not), then that would a violation of OB rules. Would you please investigate this and tell us whether or not I have any other accounts?
  7. If I'm not one of the elect, then I won't meet that criteria I just listed. Because I meet the criteria the Bible gives us so that we can know we're saved.
  8. But your interpretation of your man-made philosophy is another story, of course.
  9. And there's your answer, John. Please note the part of his post where he declares that we're not Bible believers, but interlopers against whom the Church must be defended.
  10. You say you haven't, but several of you have.
  11. Nice try,but that's not what he said it says.
  12. I can tell you exactly what they're thinking because, before I got saved, when I was still a false convert, I talked the talk so well that they made me the youth leader and that's exactly what I would have done. The first mistake they've made is that they've gotten their ecclesiology wrong and are using the church as an evangelism tool, when the Biblical model of evangelism is for the Church to go out into the world and evangelize, not to bring the lost back and turn the church over to them. That not only turns ecclesiology on its head, but is just a silly idea. Why are we trying to wi
  13. So then, we're not heretics and apostates anymore?
  14. What does it matter what we agree on once you've already declared us heretics and apostates?
  15. Do you have a source for this? I'm pretty familiar with the WCF and have never seen this.
  16. I took a job once that did this. It was awful. The minute my check was deposited, I would go and take it all out and just use cash to avoid all the fees.
  17. Golf on TV can be great. I just don't want to be stuck in front of a TV all day to watch it. I do enjoy golf-related video games.
  18. If it makes you feel any better, I'm 46 and play mostly golf related games and listen to rock music voluntarily.
  19. Then he shouldn't have brought it up. It's like saying, "One of the people in your neighborhood is a rapist and a child molestor, but I'm not going to tell you who." Then, of course, you come to find out that the guy is actually a brother in Christ, who's never hurt a child in his life, but who was the subject of an ugly rumor by a spiteful ex-girlfriend.
  20. You're making it up.Period. Are you really telling us that this is such a false, apostate church, but that you wouldn't warn us about it?
  21. I refer to him when it's appropriate. I also have a segment on Augustine in the Church History classes I teach, as well as a series on Christian biographies.
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