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  1. OK. What "Biblical principle" is it that says it's wrong for me to listen to a song about sailing, or about a guy watching his daughter play on the floor, or about how much he loves his wife? Just curious, because those are the last three songs that have played on my ipod. And, incidentally, your experience does not make something immoral or Unbiblical. It only means that you used it in an immoral or Unbiblical way.
  2. I think my point was made in my first post. You're the one who chose to drag this out, not me.
  3. I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy of saying that there can be Christian movies, but not Christian rock music. ((For the record, I can't stand Christian rock music, but I hate hypocrisy even more.))
  4. A "Christian" movie? So then, we're not judging movies by the same criteria we judge rock music by?
  5. That's a church service, though. In the context of a church service I would agree with you that rock music is not appropriate. But, even so, that rock music is inappropriate in a given context is not the same as saying that it, as a genre, is wrong.
  6. Funny, I just saw Jerry Jeff Walker not long ago and I saw none of that.
  7. Really? Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, and KISS? Way to keep up with current events. How about some Bay City Rollers quotes, while you're at it? Who's next? Foghat? Seriously, why do you assume all rock musicians share this philosophy. Cherry picking a couple of quotes (and quotes that we have no idea the context of, no less) from rock stars specifically for the purpose of painting rock and roll in a bad light seems a little disingenuous to me. It always seems like a categorization fallacy to me, as you're confusing a person's Unbiblical worldview with the morality of a genr
  8. I know I said I'd never post here again, but this is important. A few months ago, I asked you all to pray for my niece, after doctors had found a brain tumor. The doctors removed it and believed her to mostly out of the woods. Now, surgery reveals that the tumor is back and it is a very aggressive level 3. Please, whatever your personal feelings against me, please don't take it out on her. She and her family need your prayers desperately.
  9. I think it's so funny that we all got along fine until I mentioned that I adhere to Reformed theology. Now, all of a sudden, people are free to call me names and make accusations, but I'm the bad guy for objecting to those names and accusations. It's a shame, too, because I enjoyed many of the conversations I've had with some people here and, based on the fact that they thought enough of me to give me 32 "likes" before I revealed myself as a Reformed Baptist, I think it's safe to say they enjoyed my interaction with them. But now, it's pretty clear that I'm no longer welcome and, frank
  10. "...and, in all things, charity." Oops, wait. This is OnlineBaptist. We can't have that charity nonsense here!
  11. You can take it any way you want to. I don't care anymore. At this point, I know there's no hope of fellowship or, God forbid, acceptance as a brother in Christ, so I'm more or less just posting to kill time between vendors.
  12. Honestly? After all the skubalon you've heaped upon me, you'd be stunned by how much I don't care what you think of me.
  13. And yet, you seem to be OK with the Finneyists making untrue statements.
  14. Much as I can't stand CCM, this article is extremely misleading. First, I would argue that Franklin is not part of the CCM community, rather, that he is a part of the "Urban Gospel" community. A subtle difference, but a difference, nonetheless. CCM stations don't play his music, his music is not marketed to CCM audiences, and he does not tour or perform with CCM artsists. Second, there's nothing in the article to indicate that he is speaking for the CCM community as a whole, but only for himself and of his own opinions. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to criticize CCM withou
  15. Did it ever occur to you that the reason we speak loudly is that we're trying to communicate with a large group of people and must speak so that they can hear us over traffic, radios, and other city noises? Oh, wait. I forgot. We Calvinists don't evangelize.
  16. Actually, I've been told several times here that those of us who hold to a Reformed understanding of the Gospel don't believe in evangelism or the Great Commission. So you get no sympathy from me.
  17. Please show your evidence for this claim. I hope they will. I want to be exhonorated and ach exposed for the liar that he so clearly is.
  18. In other words, you lied. Just like your father, the Father or Lies, you lied. Where is your evidence that I have "numerous accounts"? What are the names on these alleged accounts? If what you're saying is true, then why aren't the moderators and administrators taking your charges seriously? The only basis you seem to have for your slander and false witness is that I allegedly only had three posts in ten years. How is that evidence? That's not unreasonable at all. This board has very few members (most likely because people passing by see hateful little trolls like you and decide to
  19. Maybe. But I would rather know if they believe I have one or not. Unfortunately, all I have is their word.
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