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  1. I'm displaying the fruit of self control. What fruit are you two displaying? It looks like, since you two are trying to goad me into a fight, even after a moderator has already said, "Now, I'm pulling rank as moderator. Discuss the movie or don't respond. Thank you.", that you two are displaying the fruit of rebellion.
  2. Don't care. I made my point. I'm not taking her bait or yours.
  3. Saw it thirty years ago. It was pretty awful.
  4. Actually, I was friendly. I was polite. I was respectful. I got messages from people who "liked" my posts. Then, I made the mistake of revealing that I affirm Reformed doctrine and the knives came out. I was called all kinds of names, the butt of all sorts of accusations. Couldn't report them because the moderators were/are some of the worst ones. Who would I report it to? Now, the high and mighties, like you, not one said, "Hey, you guys think you might be a little rough on him? Is a difference of opinion about over ordo solutis (yeah, I know nobody here has a clue what that is) is really a good reason to act this way?" No, of course you didn't. But the minute I defend myself, oh, that you have a huge problem with. So don't tell me to be friendly. I was friendly and look where it got me with your little clique. By the way, I notice you didn't answer my question. I don't blame you.
  5. I don't believe I am, but for those of you who were sincere when you said you'd pray, thank you. To the others, who weren't, but were just pretending to be concerned, you have to live with yourselves. Thank God I don't.
  6. Yeah, I asked for prayer. And look where it got me. One of those who pretended to be concerned was the first buzz saw I ran into when I came back. Don't worry, though. I won't make that mistake again. Out of curiosity, since you think I'm so awful, how would you react to me if our situations were reversed?
  7. Honestly? I try not to perceive you at all. I just post to threads that interest me as I wait for vendors.
  8. I'm sorry. I thought I was saying that outright. I don't think much of the men here, either, in case you're wondering.
  9. Having been one of Ach's targets, I think he's being kind. I won't even say what I think of Ach because there may be lad...well, females reading.
  10. How odd that things have reversed. Michael Stivic would have worked himself up over the federal government's anti-Constitutional antics, while it's now the evil, closed minded conservatives who are the ones defending civil liberties.
  11. Most of us have. I'm just surprised that she has.
  12. Really? That's what passes for "nice" around here, huh?
  13. Then stop. Actually, I told you twice that I felt I made my point and was finished. You insisted on bringing it up again. Well, keep in mind that I hadn't yet revealed myself as Satan Incarnate (aka a Calvinist). Incidentally, I've recently started posting on CARM. Funny, but the Finneyists are the only ones there who are rude and obnoxious (and the atheists, of course, but they're that way with everybody). So it's not just here. I guess it's universal among Finneyists.
  14. When we lived in town we did. We live too far out in the country now for trick or treaters. And, no, it isn't a sin.
  15. Yeah, that must be it. I must have just been combative when I admitted that I hold to Reformed theology. That must be what made you act this way! Thanks for clearing that up. Is that also why one of your fellows followed me to BaptistBoard to not only attack me, but to go after my wife and family? Incidentally, if I was being as combative as you now claim (and, remember, you're the same person who kept trying to goad me into an argument, even after I told you two times that I felt I had made my point and was finished), then why did I keep getting messages saying that people liked my posts?
  16. So am I. I gave up any hope of fellowship long ago. Now, I just post here to kill time between vendors. I extended a hand of friendship when I first came here and you guys pretended to accept it for a while. Then, I made the mistake of revealing myself as one of those big, bad, evil monergists. I gave up on fellowship long ago. Now I just post to threads as they interest me to kill time waiting for vendors.
  17. And which, "individual" would that be? One of the individuals who treats me like garbage because I affirm Reformed theology? One of the individuals who treats me like garbage because I like rock music?
  18. In other words, there are none. No, there are no biblical principles about music. And yes, I said just music, because knowing what the Bible teaches about music encases ALL kinds. But, hey, live on believing there are none. I never said that it does or does not glorify God. What was it you were saying about making "assumptive statements" again? You're right - forgive me. I guess I assumed that all Christians want to obey the injunction that "whether therefore ye eat or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God." Silly me that I would think music - even secular - would fit in that. What makes you think we would have you? Yep - leave the smiley off because we don't want anyone to see that it was a lighthearted statement. But you just can't take lighthearted when your icon is assailed, can you?
  19. You're absolutely right. I should not have taken your bait. I will not post in this thread any more.
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