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    You're absolutely right. What I said was said out of anger and hurt and was a sin. That's why I edited out of my post.


    Which of your lies or attacks toward me have you ever regretted and edited out?


    You love to see the fault in everybody else, but you never seem to see the fault in your own actions.


    At least I've apologized for my behavior. What the Hell have you ever done?


    Nothing, that's what. You don't acknowledge and you certainly wouldn't even apologize, as I did. No, you just double down on the attacks.

  2. Ah, there's that name calling again, along with false accusation.  


    Yep. You're still a lying hypocrite.


    I'll even prove it to you. Go ahead and pick any subject you disagree with me about and explain why you disagree. I'll guarantee that you'll start with your typical insults within three posts.

  3. I would agree that name calling is wrong, as are false accusations and personal attacks. Yet you seem to enjoy falsely accusing and personally attacking with your sarcastic tongue - er, keyboard.  


    Once again, you are a liar and a hypocrite.

  4. Why do you care? Oh, that's right, you don't.  


    Every condemnatory thing you said about me was unearned -whether you think so or not. That chip on your shoulder causes you to cast blame on anyone who might have something to say contrary to what you want to hear.  But, hey, you don't care, right?  So, have a nice day. Hope things go well with your vendors.

    Ah, so you've added lying to your repertoire, I see.


    I have no problem with people disagreeing with me. What I have a problem with is the constant name calling, false accusations, and personal attacks.


    If you can't disagree respectfully, that's not my problem.

  5. Me. Interesting, ain't it?   :icon_smile:

    General condemnation of the entire membership of the board.  Interesting, ain't it?  :icon_smile:


    Have a good day.  :clapping:

    What did I say about you that you didn't earn?


    To be fair, I didn't condemn you. I just said you're all jerks.

  6. I'm 41.  I grew up in the 80's, and in the farm community I grew up in, if a boy came to school wearing that......he'd been beat up.  Not that it was right, but that's what would have happened. 


    Funny, but I'm 47 and I grew up in the 80s in a farm community in rural Alabama. Even thought we were a rural farm community, we still had TV and Miami Vice still made pink a very popular color for men. It may look silly and dated now, but a pink t shirt under a white linen jacket with the sleeves rolled up, Docksiders (no socks), a pair of Ray Bans, and a couple days growth of beard was the epitome of cool at that time. I also had a couple of pink dress shirts.


    What's more, my mother loves to tell the story of how, when she met my dad at a party in 1956, he was wearing a pink shirt.

  7. Can't speak for admin or other mods, but sometimes it's days or even weeks that I'm out. Sometimes I look at a couple of new posts, sometimes several, sometimes all. If it's a new subject with a lot of threads I may or may not have the time to read them.


    By the time I saw the report admin was there.

    If Ach was PMed, you wouldn't know unless you were also PMed -- unless I sent the message, I wouldn't know either.

      As to my comment to you-- OP made it clear there was a Bible of potential interest BUT wasn't KJV.

    You later made the statement (after receiving infraction points from another mod) that insinuated you were incredulous that she (owner of ESV) hadn't been condemned for owning an ESV (contextually following "mention" of ESVs being given by your church).


    First of all, given the fact that he didn't stop, if there was any PM, evidently, it was one of encouragement.


    Second, shouldn't she be condemned for reading that evil, wicked, toenail fungus inducing ESV? If not, why not?

  8. My pastor preaches that as Christians we shouldn't even step in a movie theatre even if it is a Christian movie because it might hurt our witness.  Kinda like the don't eat the meat sacrificed to idols scripture.


    I disagree.  I don't know how anyone else feels about watching movies at home or in a theatre, Christian or secular.  I like a good, entertaining movie once in a while just for an escape.  I never heard of the "We're Not Alone" one.  I want to see the Unstoppable but gonna wait until it comes to RedBox.  :-)  There's also a new Left Behind movie coming out I think in 2014.  I don't know if it's a remake or sequel.  I just saw Gravity.  I hope I didn't open a can of worms.  :-) 

    My wife and I went to the picture show Friday night. Our son wants to see a secular movie so we went to check it out to make sure it's OK first.


    If that hurts our witness, then we've been preaching the wrong Gospel. Our witness should be about Christ and what Christ has done for us and in us, not what man-made rules we follow.

  9. :scratchchin: Hmmm.  You must live in a "skinny person" state.  Believe me, my family has seen several people each year that fit that description.  If you CAN figure it out, after a few minutes......should you really have to look the person's body over that well......is the question!  Not to mention the idea of whether or not it is proper to do so--would be my point.

    No, I just live in a state where men and women are different.

  10. Our family's personal conviction is that never, at any time should someone see one of my daughters or sons from the side or back and question what gender they are

    Somebody else said this, but I don't think I've ever met a man who couldn't tell the difference between a man and a woman when looking at them from behind. Men and women tend to have differently shaped bodies.

  11. Its not hard to understand.
    This is a KJV site.
    It is against the rules to recommend other versions.

    I didn't recommend another version. I just said that we give new believers an ESV. I didn't say any of you should use an ESV or that you shouldn't worship the KJV.

  12. It would have been very nice if a moderator would have stuck up for me in the CCM thread, when another member was going after me committing slander, OLD fashioned preacher.  Just sayin...

    Sorry. You're not in their clique. If you are, then you're part of the protected class. If you're not, then it's pretty much open season on you.


    You got off easy, though. Not only would the moderators not do anything about the psychotic "Dr"JamesAch, he actually followed me to another message board where, thank goodness, the moderators there didn't put up with his constant slander and attacks.


    Incidentally, it looks like Ach is gaining a bit of internet notoriety. I was just listening to the Dividing Line and James White called him  out.

  13. Why would I condemn her? You do such a better job of that... :P

    Why on Earth would I give somebody an ESV and then condemn somebody else for reading an ESV? Why would I condemn somebody for using the same translation I use?

  14. If you have a problem with this site and the majority of its members holding to the KJV for English speaking people, no problem.

    If you want to be vocal in your view against that stand or the people with it --- find another forum.


    (Said in position as moderator)

    OK. I'll play along: When did I say anything about having a problem with what translation somebody uses?

  15. Even to someone who has not enjoyed reading and is new to Christianty? She currently reads the ESV. I'm looking for something that can help her make the transition more easily.

    I'm glad you have one - you can speak by experience to it. Can you give me some mire description than the publisher had?

    She reads an ESV? Have you condemned her yet?

  16. There is a young lady I know who would like a study Bible. I have been looking and looking...


    The problem is, she is not a big reader. She wants something that is easily readable.  I've looked at the KJV study Bible, but I think it's a bit much for her.  The KJV Woman's Study Bible would be good, but it's got some contributors (there are articles for women in it) that are questionable. 


    She has seen a teen study Bible and liked the way it was written (the study part), but it isn't KJV.


    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    In our church, we give new believers a MacArthur Study Bible (ESV).


    Warning issued.....KJV only please.   Thanks!

  17. I'm having an issue with a relative on Facebook right now. I love her to death, but she's a Bama fan and every time I go on Facebook, all I see is her Alabama nonsense. I don't want to see that garbage.


    I don't want to unfriend her, because we were always close when we were younger, but it's getting really annoying.

  18. LTRP Note: The editors at Lighthouse Trails believe that one of the reasons so many proclaiming Christians are turning to contemplative mysticism is because they have been following a non-biblical “Gospel” that has kept them from a true born of the Spirit (born-again) relationship with Jesus Christ. Thus, mystically-induced experiences take the place of that relationship. The […]

    View the full article

    To Finneyists, to repent and be saved means to repeat a canned prayer to "accept Jesus into your heart". 


    On the other hand, those of us who hold to Biblical, Reformed theology, believe it means that the Holy Spirit, by a process called conviction, makes us aware of our sin, our enmity with  God, and our need for a Savior and then, by a process called regeneration, gives us the ability to turn from our sin, to embrace God, His laws, His will, and receive Christ and His atonement on our behalf as payment for our sin, by which we are forgiven by God, reconciled to God, and adopted as sons of God.


    But you feel free to go ahead and do it your little way. We think it's cute.

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