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  1. I am looking for a genuine leather Thompson Chain Reference Bible (regular, NOT large print) for our son. Everyone, including Kirkbride, has bonded leather. I want a genuine leather. I checked several places online and no one has them. Any thoughts on where I can get one. Thanks everyone.
  2. Absolutely, I've known several people who have convinced themselves that God was calling them to a particular area or church only to have it end in misery. When they reflected on their decision, it was usually something like, "Well, it's what I wanted to do, so I thought God sent me there." One such decision caused a friend of mine to divorce his wife after he had inappropriate contact with a minor in his youth group.
  3. I love the look on peoples' faces when we tell them we have 5 kids. Everyone is so wrapped up in the mold of having the 2 kids and being done. We are talking about having a 6th once our youngest (2) is in kindergarten. There is nothing I enjoy more than being a parent. Sitting on the couch with my wife and having all of our kids snuggled up watching TV is great. Besides, there is nothing like being called "daddy."
  4. Amen! I love the bumper stickers that say, "You can't be Christian and Pro-Choice."
  5. Same here. My wife and I love Outback and eat there quite often. I have no qualms about asking the manager to turn down the music so we can have a reasonable conversation. We're not there to listen to the music. We're there to enjoy a wonderful steak. I have never had them not turn down the music. Especially once I get the manager involved. There was a Ponderosa around here that used to play K-Love all the time. They were told they couldn't play Christian music, but they still did. Corporate actually backed them on it, too.
  6. Dr. Shelton Smith wrote this article. It says, "Part One," so stands to reason there will be more. Haven't read it yet, though. It is sitting on my desk. I'll dive into it later tonight after the kiddos go to bed.
  7. I agree. I wouldn't go overboard with this. There are many things worse than this. Him coming to you shows a sign of maturity. When you sit down and talk to him, don't get irate. Not saying you would, but I don't know you. We're making strides with our 9 year old. He's really starting to mature and take responsibility for his actions. Good luck with this.
  8. Thanks for the info. I'll have to look into that.
  9. BroMatt, thanks for shooting Ron a message. I appreciate it. Ron, Thanks for the info. I will look those up. So, do you send me a bill for the house call?
  10. Ok, I've Googled this quite a bit and can't seem to come up with any substantial results. My daughter plays the trumpet and wants to play at the church. However, I am having a real difficult time finding good Christian sheet music for the trumpet. I can find a boat load for the piano and guitar, but not for trumpet. Does anyone know of something for trumpets? I was going to have her work from the hymnal, but didn't know if there was anything else out there. Thanks.
  11. I was called about interviewing for a youth director position while I was in Bible college. I was told this was an IFB church with a strong KJV history. I went there on a Saturday night to meet w/ the pastor and associate pastor. We were suppose to meet for about 2 hours, but they had been on a hospital call so we only got to talk for about 15-20 minutes. I had a list of questions to ask, but never got to them. Anyway, I went to the Sunday morning services and was ok with what they taught and preached. I saw some NIV bibles in the congregation, but the pastor was KJV and also said that the NIV was wrong from the pulpit. Sometimes you just can't convince some people. Anyway, after church the pastor wanted to take me to lunch so we could finish up our discussion. Hey, I'm a Baptist and it was food. It's a win-win situation. Anyway, I was going down my list of questions about the church and their doctrines. One of my questions was how many missionaries they supported. His answer was none. I had to pick up my jaw from the floor. He said that he believed that the money brought into the church was for the local church only. I guess he forgot about the little thing called the Great Commission. I politely said that I couldn't be part of a church who didn't support missions. I got my portion of the check, paid and left. He called the next day and was upset that I wouldn't be taking the position and didn't see anything wrong with "home missions" only. They did have a pretty decent missions budget, but it all stayed with that particular church or a handful of home missions. His logic was that he was a mission work from another local church and felt that the money belonged to his church.
  12. While I was in college, I had heard many good things about a church that was suppose to be IFB. When I went there, the "pastor" sat on a stool and "preached." His idea of preaching was not preaching from the Bible, but from some notes he had jotted down. It was more of his opinion than Scripture. I had to get up and leave in the middle of the service. It wasn't 6 months later that they had changed their name from a Baptist church to a Community church. Go figure.
  13. I do have to say that the tracts put out by Fellowship Tract League are very good. You can order a sample pack from them. I have passed them out for 20 years and am now a member of the church because of their tracts. I knew that they were IFB/KJB and those are few and far between around here.
  14. I heard my old pastor say, "People spend 6 days sowing their wild oats and 1 day praying they don't grow."
  15. Welcome. Isn't it great to be in a place with like-minded people promoting the "Old Paths?" Like my pastor says, "Stick around and get plugged in." Don't worry about the USMC. We won't hold that against you here. There is a prayer room around here somewhere. Kevin (aka "doc" to my Marine buddies)
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