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  1. I watched Osteen last Sunday because I was home recovering from a surgery . I thought he was quite good. He said we shouldn't allow others to bring us down and gave scripture to back it up. Very edifying.
  2. Osteen doesn't preach that if you don't tithe you are under a curse and in sin.
  3. I think I need a little Osteen after last Sunday's condemnation sermon.
  4. But what about the "meth-amphedamists" that are saved?
  5. I know that I am replying to an old question. However, I want to address the question "what is a Free Methodist". The Free Methodists split from the United Methodists mid-1800's. They had become liberal even back then. I was saved in a Free Methodist church many years ago. When I moved, there was no Free Methodist church nearby, so we attended and became members of the Nazarene Church which has similar doctrines. The focus is on entire sanctification and holiness. Some take that to mean works or effort done in our flesh, but we all know the flesh will fail us. Some in the churches I am speaking about do fall into that error; it is so easy to do. Yet, I've been in an IFB church for 10 years and see the same thing - legalism and works so prominent. Again, so easy to fall into that trap. Back to Free Methodists - they are Wesleyan in doctrine and belief. Yes, they also believe one can lose salvation.
  6. This is all so incredible! Never heard that before. Baptists founded America??? I have been attending an IFB church now for 6 years and I've heard some things I've never heard before. Baptists are not protestant, music is not worship, if you don't tithe, you're under a curse, women can 't even pray in a service, baptists go all the way back to John the Baptist, and the autonomy of the local church. It's all pretty hard to believe. And, I think whether I believe that or not, it won't have any effect on eternity.
  7. It's not good to put God in box. He can do anything He wants, when He wants. If that means that He inspires tongues of give gifts of those or prophecies, so be it. We have Him in a neat tight little package and don't allow Him to come out - so our faith is nothing more than a bunch of words on a page. The Bible, or our understanding of the Bible usurps the Holy Spirit. What, my friends did Christians do before they had their own copy of the bible for the first 17 centuries? For no one during those centuries could have private bible studies, could they?
  8. Hello and Greetings, I've already posted in the false religions area. I apologize for my negativity towards Baptist. I have been a member of two Independent Baptist Fundamental Churches over the last 15 years. I do have issues with them. I come from a holiness background and am finding it difficult to be content as a Baptist. I guess I even had issues with the holiness churches I've been in too. I almost went Catholic and for 10 years was headed in that direction but stopped short because of my wife's resistance. I may try to post more but have to get to work. Regards, Donillo
  9. Really, you should be interested in knowing when the Baptists came about. I do believe they are post-reformation. It's incredible that some claim they go all the way back to John the Baptist. Even if the evil Catholic Church destroyed their writings, there would still be some around that pre-date the 16th Century - Catholics couldn't have been that effective in destroying 100% of any baptist documents. And, what about the Bible? Didn't Catholics preserve it? If they were so evil, wouldn't they have tried to destroy it???
  10. It is that belief that our works are as filthy rags that cause people to DO NOTHING. Yet in James, we find it is "not by faith alone", we must have works. So where are the Baptist Hospitals? Some of the local baptist churches in my area think that having a car show will win souls to Christ. Yes, they even have the country band under tent for an outside service to show how much "fun" Baptists have. Another thing about Baptists is that they separate themselves from the rest of the Christian body. Isn't that a bit haughty? Our church (independent fundamental baptist), brags that they are not like those other churches, just like that Pharisee that prayed in the temple that he thanked God that he was not like that publican over there. I'm not trying to criticize, but this is my observation and I do attend a fundamental baptist independent church. Donillo
  11. If I may break in here, I have an observation regarding Independent Baptists. First, they couldn't have been around at Pentecost, because Baptists don't speak in tongues! Second, where are all the Baptist documents and writings prior to the 16th century?
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