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  1. Sarah Palin is your wife? Then you have a lot of work to do, pal! Have you seen how that woman dresses, exposing her nakedness? I will not be posting such pictures here, but all you got to do is turn to Fox News web site and it is right there!
  2. Have you been drinking? That is a satanic web site that plagiarized some our material ages ago. This is one of the reasons, albeit a minor one, we no longer maintain a web site. How peculiar that you would be reading that!
  3. I do not expose my nakedness like that wayward woman Palin! Also read 1 Peter 5 regarding how to relate to your elders and betters.
  4. As illustrated within the Bible, it is perfectly allowed to use strong language when need be. Read Ezekiel 23 and John 8:44. Hope you will learn a few things, woman!
  5. Have you seen how she dresses? No decent woman would expose her body in such shameless ways!
  6. And just to think that I ministered to this heathen yesterday at a book signing! Well, when this ****** was running for a political office, something no woman should be allowed to do, a junior pastor at my church wrote the following short writ for the church newsletter. Given that I just wrote her a follow up email on our short session yesterday, I thought it would be good to share this with any true Christians on the board: True Christian Conservatives have always subscribed to the time honored, Jesus-approved philosophy that "A Woman's Place is in the Home," which is why I am utterly flabbergasted to see hypocritical Smörgåsbord Christians, such Mr. James DOBson and Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly, defend Gov. Mrs. Sarah Palin's candidacy for the Vice-Presidency of our Godly nation. Can DOBson, Schlafly and their ilk say, straight-faced, that Gov. Mrs. Palin's lame-brained soliloquies are not just another example of the McCain campaign's witless lackeys resorting to gimmicks, rather than placing "Country First," as the campaign's glaringly disingenous slogan suggests? Am I aware of how the McCain campaign will react when they read my last paragraph? Yes. Do I care? No, because I must admit to having an inkling of Schandenfreude, as I watch the McCain campaign implode. If you'll recall, over 12 months ago, I predicted this would happen. But what pains me most is having to listen to Gov. Mrs. Palin's nonsensical blatherings, which define satanism as a virtue, and the ability to field dress a moose de rigueur. Bottom-line: Gov. Mrs. Sarah Pain is an imbecile, and John McCain is ***********, so to speak, for having made such a mala fide selection.
  7. A few words about television: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNKJQ04SoR0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2EfL2u4VWU
  8. The death of Christ was not a merry event. His resurrection, however, was! But neither happened in December, and neither has anything to do with this pagan christmas.
  9. I would expect wishes like this from satanists like Schworer, but I thought you were a Christian. Shame.
  10. Since this is "the season", it is time to give all the true Christians and satanists a good lesson regarding this so-called "holiday". This is from the late Pastor David J. Meyer who has brought numerous heathens out of the clutches of satan. Glory!
  11. Preparing for the Sunday Mass at the Cathlic archdiosis! After a wonderful Thanksgiving it is time to get back to work!

  12. Here's some advice: 1 Thessalonians 5:22 Please consult your Bible, KJV only, of course. Or ask a reputable preacher, not a woman on the internet.
  13. It is no secret that the Anglican "church" is satanic. There is no need to step a foot into one of their dens. Frankly, I doubt your "church" even uses the Christian Bible!
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