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  1. I'd feel horrible if my wife ever felt that she had to do all those things. It wouldn't kill me to help out. I actually enjoy doing most of the chores my mom used to do.
  2. In my opinon, she has WAY to many books published. After a while it gets a bit annoying : /
  3. Went to church and has found a new therapist. Things are getting better

  4. Found this article, I thought it was intresting... http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_rel_religious_literacy_poll
  5. For an all loving God, he sure does hate A LOT of things... as for that guy being back online, dear Odin help us all I have a question to anyone. Does God inflict illness or bad things on people? Or does Satan do that?
  6. I do believe this is called ranting, not preaching. If I saw this guy coming down the road yelling like this, I would suggest he find help and then walk away.
  7. thinks his family counselor is crazy.

  8. You think that if he wanted to insult someone he'd at least us insults that make sense. A faggot is a pile of sticks or metal rods. It's also a cigarette. So, I don't see how calling someone a pile of sticks is offensive but, it just makes you look idiotic TC.
  9. Has had a nice long talk with his parents. We're considering a few therapist sessions.

    1. CPR


      Glad you had a good talk. Therapy can be a great forum to work things out. Hope all goes well!

  10. going back to what a friend of mine on this site said(yes the girl that was tormenting you a few weeks ago), do you happen to be a member of the Landover Baptist Church? They seem to like that phrase 'true christian' a lot and would love to have a crazy whack-jOB as yourself. Either that or they wont like that you're using their trademark.
  11. - _ - uh, you do realize that not only are you talking like an ignorant, hateful fool BUT, you are pronouncing it wrong and your 'pun' makes no sense. It's not Muhammad as in moo, it's Muhammad as in mow(your grass). It has a short o, so the moo you seem to be fond of or the moose that I've seen you use is wrong phonetically and morally.
  12. Not only could I ignore a crazy, screaming man who is waving a bible at me with a bunch of people behind him, I could call the police. Perhaps even get rid of them myself...
  13. Why do you have this urge to use hateful names and make a bad name for Christians?
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