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  1. Went to church and has found a new therapist. Things are getting better

  2. thinks his family counselor is crazy.

  3. Has had a nice long talk with his parents. We're considering a few therapist sessions.

    1. CPR


      Glad you had a good talk. Therapy can be a great forum to work things out. Hope all goes well!

  4. was in a fight with his dad and feels horrible X/

    1. Brother Rick

      Brother Rick

      Have you reconciled yet?

    2. Alumentum


      I want to but, I'm not sure how :(

    3. HappyChristian


      Stepping up and apologizing for your part in the prOBlem will go a long way toward reconciling, Al. It's hard to do sometimes, but worth it, believe me!

  5. is at a brick wall : /

  6. Is happy that his friend found him : D

  7. Wow, she has a beautiful voice. :o
  8. is sad over what some people do. T.T

    1. PastorMatt


      What does T.T mean?

    2. Alumentum


      It's a sad/crying face

  9. I <3 my new church : D

    1. PreacherE


      I'm glad you found somewhere you could attend and be comfortable at.

    2. Brother Rick

      Brother Rick

      Great! Tell us how it went!

    3. HappyChristian
  10. O.O LOL Florida but, originally Maine.
  11. Ah ok, thank you for answering that.
  12. Ok so that makes sense. I remember my mom telling me about how you couldn't change something about something or it would be wrong X /... What have they added though? Is it just the way the do things or have they specefically made requirements or changes?
  13. So I've read a few threads about various false religions here. I've noticed that Roman Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses and others are labeled as false religions when they believe in God and Jesus like the people here do. I don't fully understand Christianity but, how are they false religions and Baptisim isn't? aren't they all Christians in the same or do they have a difference that makes them false?

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