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  1. Are there any major differences between the KJB and the Oxford 1769 Revision?
  2. I for one am very thankful for ALL the info I can get. Keep up the good work! God Bless
  3. Came across this statement: "(Name) most likely has never actually tried to read a true 1611 King James Version. Fact is what most use today is a modern version of the original. I have seen one and I cannot read it." All feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Maze Jackson.... Gone Home Bob Steele...... Bristol, VA
  5. Sorry for the duplicate. Still learning the site.
  6. I've heard of that guy named Josh Owens!!!! Hope to see you in Sept at Charity in Kingsport TN. Do you know Bro Paul Maness there?
  7. Is the Holy Spirit removed from earth at the Rapture?? Does II Thess 2:7 refer to the Holy Spirit?
  8. Need help in understanding Eph 4: 7-12; the part which states "And he gave some, apostles;" etc I believe that the apostles, prophets, etc were the gifts that God gave to the men. I'm having a discussion with another individual who believes that the apostles, prophets, etc are the receivers of the gifts. Any references will be helpful. This is my First post; so you may have to help me along. Thanks
  9. Frank & Brenda Ketron Live in Gate City, VA which is located about 20 miles from Bristol, TN (for you NASCAR fans) Married with one daughter; 2 grandchildren Born in 1947 in Abingdon VA Retired (Got the wife working) from US Air Force in 1987. Duties: Security Policeman Independent Baptist...all the way. KJV only Discovered your site yesterday, and like what I've seen. Was on another Baptist??? Board where almost anything goes. May God richly bless you-all (southern talk); your families and your endeavors.
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