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  1. Correct. With the Holy Spirit guiding you it won't take long; since He (Holy Spirit) has gone before you. We all have made mistakes when dealing with people, therefore experience sometimes is the best teacher.
  2. Its better to deal with people at their level. Helps keep one from being labeled as "Holier than Thou".
  3. "I recall when I was yet a small boy it seems I remember that in church services sometime there would be one, two, or more stand up and give a testimony of sorts before preaching services. I have not seen this happen in recent years." Same here. The prOBlem I've seen today is that the testimonies; like singing, is begining to take over the entire service. A testimony should be 'Christ centered' and not 'Me centered'. My personal opinion is that NOTHING should be placed ahead of preaching the Word.
  4. Reference Rom 10:13-14... After hearing the Word concerning Salvation, a lost person must Believe (they can either accept of reject it); if they accept it, they must Call on the name of the Lord.
  5. As far as the Gospel (the Word) is concerned: Yes As far as MAN is concerned: That's a different story, you will surely face opposition. I suggest you sit down face to face with your Pastor and discuss your concerns.
  6. In your Intro you stated: "I have been divorced, so preaching or doing anything in the church is out of the question" True, God does not like divorce, but as in any sin(s) God will forgive and forget. I believe you're referring to divorce as related to the office of Pastor. You need to understand that there is a difference between being a 'preacher' and being a 'pastor'; although they do overlap at times. Romans 10:13-14 "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. 14) How then shall they CALL on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they BELIEVE in him whom they have not heard? and how shall they HEAR WITHOUT A PREACHER?" A lost person must Hear, then Believe, then Call !!!! We are ALL commanded to preach (proclaim, herald forth) the Word; we just do it in different ways (public speaking, witnessing, teaching, etc).
  7. "As previously stated by others, all sickness is not chastening of God, yet any sickness could be connected to God's chastening. I surely would not judge what sickness if chastening by God, nor what sickness is not God's chastening, that is best left up to God." AMEN !!!!
  8. As previously stated God does not deal with his children under grace as he did with the nation of Israel. There is a vast difference between the "Law of Moses" and the "Law of Christ". Be careful of those who like to 'pull' certain verses from the OT to build a 'doctrine' on them. What about all the other verses?? Bible tells us that if we are guilty of one OT law; then we are guilty of them ALL. Its not our right to condemn God on why He does certain things. Apostle Paul tells us to be content in whatever God has sent our way. I have a friend who is blind; he is doing the work of an evangelist and singing God's praise. Be assured, one can never have a joyful and Christ-filled life by TRYING to adhere of OT laws.
  9. Yes, It was fulfilled on the Cross. Heb 7:19 "For the law made nothing perfect, but the bringing in of a better hope did; by the which we draw nigh unto God."
  10. Well, James the Preacher is back online, and he's got a message for the false "Christians". Another prime example of those who likes to go back in the OT and put us under the Law of Moses. If God dealt with us today (under Grace) as He did with those under the Law; most of us would be "6 feet under".
  11. To choose the Good and refuse the Evil....Eat butter and honey !!!!!! Isaiah 7:15
  12. There's a big difference between OUR standards and GOD'S standards. I have no prOBlem with someone stating their standards; but don't expect me to agree with them unless there is concrete bibical teaching to back them up. Most personal standards are more "opinions" than Godly standards. I came across this on a 'baptist' forum: POLL: Do you believe that it is okay for Christians to drink alcohol in moderation? YES: 30 NO: 13 NOT SURE: 2 I feel comfortable in saying that the vast majority of us here would vote NO. But this does show that many will "rightly divide" the word to meet/justify their standards.
  13. How many people have actually forsaken "ALL THAT HE HATH"??
  14. Bro Maze Jackson gave this conversation between himself and his dad while traveling back from a revival meeting. MAZE: 'I really shot them down tonight'. DAD: 'You'll never win the battle if your keep shooting your own troops'. I believe this occurred during the early part of his ministry; which apparently was a vital building block on his future ministry.
  15. During my Air Force career I was assigned to the Presidential Aircraft Security unit outside Washington DC (Those men you see on TV when the President enters/departs Air Force One). There were also other duties (flying and non-flying) within the Unit. I chose the non-flying duties; because of the negative impact I saw on some of those families who father chose to fly. It was a personal decision I had to make; and have never regretted it; even though it may have hindered my progression within my career. As in all elite jOBs; there more to it than meets the eye. My only suggestion I could give is to list your priorities for your life(God,Family,Career,etc) and pray for guidance in your decision. It amazing that at times God will take all our priorities and fulfill them as one; which we don't realize what He has done till several years later. Be assured of this 'I'll never leave you or forsake you'. God Bless
  16. Those few who do see it are being shunned. Until the leadership takes a stand to deal with the situations; nothing will be done.
  17. Mt 24:37.. "But as in the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be" No one likes what is happening to our country; but then we know these things must be. You mentioned that the Family is the backbone of our country; this is very true and it is also true that the Family is the backbone of our Churches. What I have OBserved that within the past 35-40 years the local Churches have failed in teaching their people on how to have a strong family; which will result in a strong Church. It would help if our pastors would do more teaching than preaching; as our forefathers did. On another thread there was a listing of 'Old Time Preachers'; rest assured that many of these men would not be welcomed in our churches today. When was the last time we saw a Preacher/Pastor weeping while begging lost souls to accept Christ and Christians to get their lives straight. What has happened to the 'tear stained' altars? Yes, its hurts to see what has happened; but even in the hurt we can say 'Look up, our Redeemer draweth nigh'
  18. It might be a good idea to identify which church: the Local Assembly or the Bride of Christ.
  19. Very well could be. Its been about 20 years since I've heard him preach.
  20. Took one of my old Bible off the shelf and found this outline. May it be of help. If one dies and goes to hell...who cares Lk 16:23 "And in hell he lifted up his eyes...." God Cares- John 3:16 Jesus Cares- Mt 18:11 Apostle Paul Cared- Rom 1:16 People in Heaven Care- Lk 15.7 People in Hell Care- Lk 16:27-28 DO WE CARE??
  21. I'll try to do better. It may be time to place you IMHOs on the shelf.
  22. "New Testament is clear, grace came in, how we deal with sin is different, we offer grace to that person," True. We know that by rightly dividing the word of truth.
  23. Posted by OFIB: We're not talking about that here! In case you forgot the topic, here it is! Deut. 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God. It is impossible to to honestly discuss any bibical subject without it!!!!!!! II Tim 2:15 is a major bibical principle we are commanded to apply when studing bibical doctrine. Who can argue with scripture? Apparently, lots of people who are abomination unto the LORD! The way I understand it, taking the scripture as it is, not only is what the person doing, abomination, but the person who does this, is abomination unto the LORD! Said person (whether a man waring a woman's garment, or v/v,) needs to repent, confess and forsake such wickedness and live holy unto the LORD! They can do so, if they'll just take the King James Bible as it is and not try to find a way around it, to live their wicked ways! Don't think I've heard much about that part, in these pages! First of all; we should not argue the scriptures. If one cannot converse with another with a loving and respectful attitude, they should be silence. Secondly; some like to place emphasis on the word 'Abomination' and 'what was valid back then, is just as valid today'. Abomination:As previously noted, this places emphasis on the sin. No doubt there are some sins more grievous than other sins; however, sin is sin.. When God tells us not to do something, and we do it; then we have sinned. Valid then/Valid today: If this is true, then some of us would be dead since God told them to stone to death a unrepenting rebellish son. If a lady in the church commits adultery,are we to stone her to death. If your brother(in flesh) dies we are to take his wife to be our wife.
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