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  1. A leader may delegate authority; but he cannot delegate responsibility.
  2. "Preaching IS NOT a calling from God to SOME of his children! "Preaching IS a commandment from God to ALL his children!" Bro K
  3. How does the "And if they will learn any thing" relate to 'speaking in tongues'? Is speaking in tongues a learning subject and the husband must be capable of teaching his wife about it? Why would Paul single out the women on this subject matter?
  4. The local church is primary a place where Christians can meet together to be taught the Word of God. I can WORSHIP God anytime and anyplace. I can FELLOWSHIP with God and fellow believers anytime and anyplace. "I worship God up at the Church house the same as I worship Him down at my house. I worship God down at my house the same as I worship Him up at the Church house."
  5. #1: Stay Away!! Surprising how simple things are.
  6. The term 'old paths' is a misnomer as used in todays IFB circles. My old paths would be in the 50s and 60s. The old paths for the 50s and 60s IFB; would be the time preceding their time. And So-On. The true Old Paths would be those created by Jesus and walked by Apostle Paul. Want to find the Old Paths......Read the Bible Thought to Ponder. If time exist long enough; We will be looked upon as the Old Path.
  7. ???????????? They didn't come to my house!!
  8. Not much. There is really only one old path: the one that Jesus made for us. If one doesn't like the leadership.....talk to the leader and if he still doesn't like it....move on down the road instead of causing discord among the brethren. Personally; the only leader I have is my Pastor.
  9. II Corth 7:14 is a road well worn within the IFB circle; by trying to apply it to our present day. 1. God will not heal the United States of America; which should be evident by the fact that we are very close to the Rapture. 2. God deals with us today as individuals; He dealt with the people of Israel as a nation. Now if ALL Americans will humble themselves, pray and seek God's face; ONLY then will I change my mind.
  10. If most are grounded; there would be no need for a debate. Maybe a "Discussion" platform would be more appropriate.
  11. Be careful; debating can very easily breed doubt!
  12. When he has to use only the Bible for his sermons and lessons; since he cannot afford books or a computer!!
  13. Candlelight; this is the way its done on with Firefox: 1. Highlight what you want to copy 2. Right click and choose "Copy" 3. Go to where you want to place it. 4. Put the cursor in the right place 5. Right click and choose "Paste" Don't know if it'll work on Chrome; but may be worth a try. Hopefully our inhouse tech (Jordon) can help us!!!!!!
  14. One of the young men in our church was preparing to preach his first sermon. I told him to present the Word of God as if Christ was sitting on the front pew.
  15. how to quote part of someone's post Candlelight; I just use the Copy and Paste. I use Firefox.
  16. Hard preaching today is not what you say; but how you say it. He may have let the Pharisees have it; but I seriously doubt He was ranting and raving while He did it.
  17. "Hard Preaching"?? I wonder if Jesus used 'hard preaching' when preaching to the folks?
  18. According to the structure of the sentence; I believe he saying that God is the authority of the church; then man(Pastor) is second. A semi-colon would have been more appropriate than a comma.
  19. Could this be "In my Father's house are many............. . Is the Father's house the entire heaven, where God abides???
  20. In my Father house are many Mansions........I go to prepare a Place for you.. Does a Place equate to a Mansion?? Will we need a physical place to live in?? Will our "new" body require certain substances for survival?? Will we require sleep and rest?? So many questions with no answers NOW; but, they will be revealed when we get Home. Without Faith it is impossible to please God.
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