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  1. "Preaching IS NOT a calling from God to SOME of his children! "Preaching IS a commandment from God to ALL his children!" Bro K
  2. Candlelight; this is the way its done on with Firefox: 1. Highlight what you want to copy 2. Right click and choose "Copy" 3. Go to where you want to place it. 4. Put the cursor in the right place 5. Right click and choose "Paste" Don't know if it'll work on Chrome; but may be worth a try. Hopefully our inhouse tech (Jordon) can help us!!!!!!
  3. how to quote part of someone's post Candlelight; I just use the Copy and Paste. I use Firefox.
  4. Could this be "In my Father's house are many............. . Is the Father's house the entire heaven, where God abides???
  5. In my Father house are many Mansions........I go to prepare a Place for you.. Does a Place equate to a Mansion?? Will we need a physical place to live in?? Will our "new" body require certain substances for survival?? Will we require sleep and rest?? So many questions with no answers NOW; but, they will be revealed when we get Home. Without Faith it is impossible to please God.
  6. Amazing!!!! After 240+ posts and I'm still right.
  7. "It is not even that God is silent about it - there is simply no biblical nor linguistic room for a gap." I would agree with the biblical; but the 'linguistic' is way above this ole country boy's head. 5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day. If we looked real - real - hard we could find a gap between evening and morning (nighttime) and between morning and evening (afternoon)!!!! Now we have to deal with 3 gap theories. I think I need a vacation.
  8. How old the the earth? 6,842 years. How do I know this? My guess is as good as any other!!!!
  9. There is a limited space for the Titles; unless you open the thread. I myself only look at about 10% of the threads; because the Titles tells me if I need to.
  10. I use Firefox and it works OK for me. Just make sure its turned on. Click "tools"> Options> Advance> General> look under Browsing to insure box is checked.
  11. I have Window 7 and use Firefox.
  12. Are you using the pop-up window menu OR the keyboard? Can you highlight the words to be copied? If using the pop-up method and you can highlight the words; try the Control-C for copy and Control-V for paste on the keyboard. What is your Operating System and Internet Browser?
  13. Works OK now. Had to delete all the "cookies".
  14. Steve: I'm having the same problem. When I 'Quote' or Copy/Paste; the lettering is so lite, its hard to read. Also I cannot type a response. What did you do to correct your problem? Thanks
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