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  1. Dave, I know what you mean, about not covering every point. I either write a scripture or definition down (or more commonly,) I "was gonna say somethin'" & completely forget it!
  2. 1. Due to my Bible being in 18 volumes, it's easier for me (in the long run) to outline my messages. My points are always at the beginning of a line, with the scriptures for said point written out after & indented two spaces on however many lines are needed to complete that point. That way, if/when I get in a hurry & need to see what my points are, or go to the next one, all I have to do is look at the beginning of lines! 2. There are times I use other men's outlines or thoughts, but I let the LORD (in the words of Evangelist Larry Raynes) "put the meat on the bones!"
  3. This is another serious question, that I've had since my college days. Didn't he not believe in tithing to your local IFB church? Didn't he believe you could send your tithes to the SOTL? O-k, make that two questions. LOL!
  4. I got acquainted with Curtis Hutson's preaching back when I was in college, but (& this is a serious question,) didn't he have a hand in the NKJV?
  5. I'm sorry, but I don't know any of them. However, I'm glad the LORD has used them, to change your life! Thanks for the reply!
  6. Thanks for the info. I haven't looked at his site in a while, so it may be time again. So far, the only audio messages I've been able to find of him, are verry poor quality.
  7. Howdy here again! New audio posted! 4. The OBligation Of The Home from Evangelist Stinnett Ballew http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2689593

  8. We've been out of town & such, but now part three is posted! 3. The Order Of The Home from Evangelist Stinnett Ballew http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2685583

  9. New Audio Posted! 2. The Origin Of The Home from Evangelist Stinnett Ballew http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2680245

  10. This is a must hear message! 1. The Opposition To Our Homes from Evangelist Stinnett Ballew http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2677920

  11. I know it's late, but, new audio posted! Traveling The Emmaus Road from Evangelist Terry Pace http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2675697

  12. New audio posted: Running On Empty from Evangelist Randy Sutherland http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2675027

  13. New audio posted! Living For A Dead Cause from Evangelist Randy Sutherland http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2651533

  14. Audio: Roll Call At Calvary from Evangelist Randy Sutherland http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2649705

  15. Father, Forgive Them; For They Know Not What They Do from Evangelist Billy Mitchell http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2633650

  16. Bring The Book And Let's Read Therein Again! from Pastor Virgil Barnard (tags got a little mixed up) http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2628764

  17. The Dearest Friend I Ever Had from the late Evangelist Maze Jackson http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2626279

  18. Cruse Control (What To Do When You Get To The Bottom Of The Barrel) from Evangelist Randy Sutherland http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2617860

  19. Trust me on this one, you'll need it sooner than you think. Being Driven By The Storm from Pastor Dale Massengale http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2617192

  20. What A Word Is This! (The King James Bible, Part 3) from Pastor James Jones http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2612266

  21. What A Word Is This! (The King James Bible, Part 2) from Pastor James Jones http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2609937

  22. What A Word Is This! (The King James Bible, Part 1) from Pastor James Jones http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2606192

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