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  1. Howdy there & welcome to OB! If you check out the Links section (& more specifically, the Church Directory,) you just might find a church in your area! If not, let me know your location & I'll see what I can do! Glad to help any way I can!
  2. I just posted new audio & I'm sorry, I mis-spelled the preachers' name. Dying In Faith from Pastor Jim Rolan http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2731465

  3. You've gotta hear this great message from Pastor James Jones! The Church: The Temple Of God http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2728809

  4. Along the same lines as last time, we've got new audio posted! Amazing Grace from the late Evangelist Billy Kelly http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2726751

  5. Hallelujah for God's grace! Here's a great message on it, from Evangelist Billy Mitchell! The Grace Of God http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2723365

  6. Great Friday evenin' to all! Speakin' of great, here's a great message from John 14, from Evangelist Larry Raynes, of Taylors, SC, that I just posted! A Sure Cure For A Troubled Heart http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2713275

  7. Here's a great message from Evangelist Larry Raynes, from Genesis 49! A Fruitful Bough http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2711636

  8. Happy Father's Day! BTW, this is my 1st & I enjoyed it! New audio posted! Faith from Evangelist Larry Raynes http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2709488

  9. Oops, looks like I'm a little late with this one, but ya gotta check out this message! It's a must-hear! David's Desire For God's Divine Presence from Evangelist Larry Raynes http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2707088

  10. What Is Your Life? Evangelist Larry Raynes asks/answers this question from James 4 in this great message! http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2705313

  11. For those of y'all who don't have your message (s) for the LORD's Day yet, here's one from Evangelist Terry Pace! Can God? (Yes, ya read that right!) http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2702486

  12. Interesting. We had a national Missionary who came by my 1st church who did that, but I haven't seen it since. I think I even had an album of his music in years past. Glad the LORD used him, to change your life!
  13. I've heard of that 1st message you mentioned, from some Pentecostals I went to school with, back a few years ago. Due to that, I have no desire to hear it. I've seen it online, but never downloaded it. I've heard the names of the others you mentioned, but that's all, off the top of my head.
  14. I wouldn't give that whore monger who's BTW, disqualified from preaching, credit for anything!
  15. We're just planters/waterers, but God does all the work & giveth the increase! The Holy Ghost is the author of the KJB, so He's the one who guides folk to it!
  16. I know it's late on this Tuesday evenin', but I just posted another great must hear message from Evangelist Terry Pace! The Right Side Of The Altar http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2700513

  17. Good LORD's Day evenin' to all! I just posted a great message from Nehemiah, from Evangelist Terry Pace! I Can Not Come Down http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2698590

  18. Good late monday night to ya! Just posted new audio! 6. Scriptural Principles For Dating from Evangelist Stinnett Ballew http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2694323

  19. On your first statement, amen & on your second, wow.
  20. I don't think I've sat down & listened to an entire message from John R. Rice, but I've heard a lot about him, especially back in my college days, that we've already gone over here. As far as them bringing thousands to salvation, only the LORD does/can do that. A lot of folk give Peter Ruckman credit for showing them the KJB is God's word, but the LORD showed me that long before I had ever heard of that whore monger! Again, that's another thread.
  21. Amen brother, ya said a mouthful there! I've only seen the preacher who preached the night the LORD saved me once after that night & that was just a few months after that, at another local church's Revival meeting! I did however, find him on the web last year, contact him & tell him what the LORD did for me that night, May 7, 1993! He & I wouldn't run the same roads today, but the LORD used him back then, to preach the Gospel of my salvation!
  22. Sounds like an interesting fellow. Due to my screen-reader, Firefox & embedded objects not being the best of friends, I'm not able to check out the clip, but I will try to look him up on the web! Glad the LORD used him, to change your life! I think at the Judgment Seat of Christ, the BIG guns will take a backseat to the preacher who was just outright faithful.
  23. Back in my college days, the Pres of the college (Carolina Baptist College,) Pastor Jerry Carter, of Reidsville Baptist Church, Reidsville, NC, said that he had sets of John R. Rice's books in the book store, but that he had taken his book on storehouse tithing out of each set, saying he (Rice) advocated sending your tithe to the SOTL & not giving it to your local church. Of course, Jerry Carter also believed in "paying your back tithe," something I had never heard of before & not much afterword, but that's another thread. BTW, I think the college is closed now, but that's also anoth
  24. Great Friday evenin' to ya! New audio posted! 5. The Opportunities Of The Home from Evangelist Stinnett Ballew http://www.sermon.net/thegladtidingsbroadcast/sermonid/2692015

  25. If He leads them away from how it's written out, it probably wasn't His will for them to write it out that way, in the first place.
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