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  1. Good point Brother Foley. These things have/do happen, but to rehash them over and over again, especially up here, is pointless, save for strife.
  2. https://brojoshowens.wordpress.com/2018/12/20/star-telegrams-expose-on-independent-baptist-sex-abuse-coverups/
  3. LOL, yeah like I said, kinda a long shot, thanks for the info! One of our men was in the area on business, dropped in on him and said he's doing a good work!
  4. Yeah, I was specifically talking about the Wordpress.com Blog, since Blogspot.com was/is so inaccessible from this side of the glass LOL! The LORD is still in it, praise His name!
  5. Just googled and found your church's Wordpress.com Blog and followed! I have one of those myself, although don't know why I didn't put it in my signature LOL! http://brojoshowens.wordpress.com Also forgot to put our church's Youtube channel, so here it is! http://youtube.com/jscalloway
  6. We are members of Pleasant View Baptist Church, McQuady, KY, Pastor Dale Massengale! http://pleasantviewky.net
  7. No problem, glad to do whatever I can. No, I'm not from McHenry, but it is just down the road from us LOL! As a matter of fact, the message airing on January's broadcasts (took me a whole month to air it LOL), was preached during a Revival Meeting a while back, at a church in McHenry!
  8. Holy New Year to you as well! This is kinda a long shot, but do you know Phil Hyland? He is one of our supported missionaries. Here is a link to his SermonAudio page. Sonshine Baptist Church Phillip Hyland | Caloundra, Queensland, Australia https://www.sermonaudio.com/source_detail.asp?sourceid=sonshinebaptist Oh and here's what I started out to post, but thought of the other LOL! Here's a message from an aforementioned passage, from one of our preachers, from a Watch Night Service at a sister church a couple years ago. Pressing Toward The Mark - Jam
  9. Here are the links to the two-radio-message-series from Pastor James Knox, that I mentioned in another thread. He that hath an ear, let him hear. The Deck Of Cards, Part One http://jeremiah616.sermon.net/main/main/21102857 The Deck Of Cards, Part Two http://jeremiah616.sermon.net/main/main/21103542
  10. BBB, I believe you mean James Knox, not John LOL, an easy typo. I first heard him on the radio years ago and we had him on for a while with us when I worked in radio as well. I too, enjoy him (and even have a two-part Radio Message series from him on The Deck Of Cards on our Podcast), but every preacher is different. Since this topic has been rather derailed, I'll post the links to those broadcasts in another thread.
  11. Repentance is a direct change of mind, brought on by the awareness of sin in your life and the fact that your sin has violated the laws of God. This changing of mind, is produced by an inward sorrow, remorse and regret over sins committed, which results in a redirected, or changed life. Led To Repentance - Pastor Dale Massengale http://jeremiah616.sermon.net/main/main/8773468
  12. In the words of an old friend from back when I worked in radio, it worky! Thanks so much!
  13. Thanks and will try ASAP! It'll take some poking and prodding (especially with this screen-reader), but I am off work the next couple days, LOL! Looking forward to a good Watch Night Service tomorrow night LORD willing, so stay tuned to our Sermon.net Page/Podcast, for the messages on Tuesday!
  14. Thought I'd post this here, since it is all about salvation and what the LORD does for someone when He saves them! Please give it a listen. Sunday, December 30, 2018 http://jeremiah616.sermon.net/main/main/21286037
  15. I just started using OB again and would like to edit my signature, but when I click on Edit Profile, nothing happens. Maybe it's Firefox? It's been rather quirky since the latest update. Any assistance would be helpful.
  16. Appreciate your testimony and site, welcome back! I too, have been gone for a while, but decided to come back and check out this forum again.
  17. Dr. James Ach, good point there. Iron sharpening always helps, but some stuff put in that category is down-right argumentative and plumb hateful. Yes, stand and contend for the faith, but do it with/on the KJB rightly divided and in the right spirit. I've been guilty of not having things right there, but I sure want to.
  18. You have a point and yes, from the surface is a key phrase in my post. However, said arguments/posters are in the lime light when I've been looking in the past few days. I'm sure if I'd dig a little deeper, I'd find more fellowshipping, but used to be, I wouldn't have had to dig to find it. Maybe, when I have more time to devote up here, whenever that is, I'll start the excavation.
  19. Very true, very true. Just kind of a shock when you haven't been somewhere for a while, you come back and from the surface, looks like there's been a changing of the guard, or at least, a letting down of it, but anyway. WOW, what a run-on sentence!
  20. AMEN Candlelight! I haven't been up here much in a good long while, but a couple bad apples are kinda spoiling it for me. I know they shouldn't, but they are. Looking more like the ol' Triple F than true IFBs, but that's only from observations in recent days. What's happened!
  21. Nah, my wife was born in Springfield, 35 years ago today as a matter of fact!
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