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  1. Preacher elaborated on Brother Willis' situation tonight in the Prayer Room. He said, they called him early Monday morning with the info about the heart attack. Something did go wrong with a stent, but there was either little or no damage, can't remember his exact words there. He asked us to continue praying for Brother Willis though, as he recovers. Thanks for praying and sharing.
  2. The following note (minus my parenthetical comment and a spelling correction), is from the latest email received from Pastor Richard Owen's Prayer Letter Google Group. Bro. Alfred Willis (Pastor of Life Baptist Church, Saint Stephen, SC) had a heart attack today, he has a blockage in a stent, now in ICU, keep him in prayer.
  3. Talked with Brother Taylor earlier this evening (first time we've spoken since the wreck) and and long story short, it's a miracle he's alive! He's understandably still very sore and on some meds, but he preached yesterday morning, saying the LORD gave him a message at 3AM that morning, so reckon he was supposed to preach it! Still pray for him, his family and church, as he still has some recovery ahead. Thanks for reading, praying and sharing!
  4. Prayers Needed for Linda Baity As many of you know, our president, Dr. Ron Baity, has been a long-term caregiver for his wife, Linda, who has been in bad health for quite some time. This past Saturday, Mrs. Baity suffered septic shock due to sudden infections. It was only the grace of God that she pulled through the weekend. She is currently in ICCU. While she has made some improvement, the doctors have told us that she has many obstacles to overcome as she is also in the final stages of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and late stages of dementia. She is very weak but has been more alert yesterday and today. Many of you have met her as she continued to travel with Dr. Baity as her health allowed. She might not have remembered names or events, but she was always so glad to be anywhere he was, and she was so happy to meet those of you who came by to speak, whether it was at one of our rallies or in your church. Having known the Baitys over half my life and having worked for Dr. Baity for over 12 years as well as being Mrs. Baity's companion throughout her illnesses, I can truly say I have never known a couple more dedicated to each other and to the work of the Lord than Dr. and Mrs. Baity. The grace of God has never been seen more strongly than it has been during these very uncertain days. Although doctors have said they cannot promise a good outcome, we rest in the fact that we know the Great Physician is in charge. We ask that you keep Dr. and Mrs. Baity in prayer during this time. On behalf of Dr. Baity, thank you for keeping him and his precious wife in prayer. Michelle Lonaberger Assistant to the President Return America (http://returnamerica.org)
  5. Let me further clarify my previous post, please. The LORD has always had His local, visible church (and churches) here, ever since He started the first one in John 20. They may not have always had Independent Baptist on the shingle (so to speak), but they've been here nonetheless. I believe there are truly born again folk in man-made denominations/churches and they do grow in grace, because God will honor His word (KJB), even though it may not be rightly divided. Furthermore, individual, local Independent Baptist churches may and do go liberal and when they do, they cease to be one of God's local churches. Oh and yes, the enemy has sown tares among the wheat, the LORD will take care of them/that.
  6. Brother H, Thanks for listening, thank/praise the LORD for you and your work as well! I believe that when the LORD saves someone, they'll align themselves with a Bible-believing, Bible-preaching/teaching, Bible-practicing church and in doing so, if they'll listen to the LORD, He'll lead them to an Independent Baptist church. If they disregard His leading, they'll be in rebellion and I believe they won't go any further in their relationship/fellowship with God. Are they saved and part of the bride? Maybe, but if so, they could leave this world prematurely, because of the aforementioned rebellion. Again, thanks for listening and they encouragement!
  7. Thanks so much! The song is from Bro. James and Sis. Norma Lockard, during a Preacher's Fellowship several years ago, in Auburn, KY, LOVE IT!
  8. Where are you in GA? If you don't mind, please let us know and we'll do what we can to at least, recommend a church or churches to visit. Living in GA for a while, I can say though, it is getting harder and harder (anywhere for that matter), to find a strong Independent Baptist church.
  9. I believe Jesus established the church in John 20, which was after his resurrection, although reckon Thomas got in the next service LOL! John 20:19-23 KJB: 19 Then the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews, came Jesus and stood in the midst, and saith unto them, Peace be unto you. 20 And when he had so said, he shewed unto them his hands and his side. Then were the disciples glad, when they saw the LORD. 21 Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you. 22 And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost: 23 Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained.
  10. HMMMM, BBB, good points, however, I personally believe that the church was started before Pentecost, but not in Matthew 16, John 20 IMHO. Matthew 16 is a promise for the future and in Acts 2, the church had to be there already, since folk were added to it. Speaking of adding, if I may do so, I'd like to add a link to a message I brought along those lines a while back from Colossians 1, if you please. I don't have it all figured out at all, but I believe this will further explain things and be a help/blessing. Sunday, May 6, 2018 http://jeremiah616.sermon.net/main/main/21147528
  11. OB Prayer Warriors, Please pray for Pastor Bo Taylor of the Kimesville Road Missionary Baptist Church, Burlington, NC. We received the below information via text, at 6:58 this evening. "Hey brother, I was in a very serious wreck this morning not long after we spoke. I am home now but very sore, bruised and battered, but the Lord was with me. It could have been much worse. I'm gonna take a few days and get on my feet. I'll touch base next week." You may visit the church online at https://www.krbc1611.org/.
  12. LOL, I wondered, especially after looking at y'all's FB page! We had a dear friend/fellow church member when we lived in GA, with your same name and attend his funeral the Sunday before Labor Day.
  13. Thanks for the info! Who's the Pastor?
  14. Welcome, from a former Tar Heel! Just cain't get the tar out, LOL! Know several preacher brethren over that-a-way, good area.
  15. Update: Just got the computer out of the shop yesterday (had virus/antivirus issues) and now Firefox isn't liking OB! ARGH! Chrome worky for now;
  16. Praying for y'all during this time of bereavement. As the song title says, Earth's loss is Heaven's gain.
  17. Praise the LORD for the good report, praying for the salvation of your siblings and for wisdom for your dad and yourself.
  18. Although I don't live stream, I do use sermon.net for message archival. They do have a free 2GB account and if you use more than that per month, their other packages are very affordable. A-lot-ta folk use them for live streaming and subsequent archival (videos creating audio and video archived files BTW), but I only use the latter. Check 'em out! http://www.sermon.net
  19. Welcome AVW! I don't believe it's required to list your state, but if you respond to the Where Do You Go To Church topic in Prayer Requests, it's only right that you would!
  20. HMM, not sure if I can do that, since I'm using a screen-reader. I use keyboard commands ninety-nine percent of the time and when I have to use the mouse, it's a-hundred percent poking and prodding LOL! I'll give it a shot ASAP. Hey, maybe I should-a-tried to find Thanks a minute ago? LOL! Seriously, thanks for the help!
  21. I enjoy the Like feature, but when I click it, the choices go away before I can select one. All I can do is just like, but I'd like to do more than like LOL! I'm using Firefox with the NVDA screen-reader. Maybe I'll try it with Google Chrome?
  22. Right before Labor Day, our family went back to GA (where we lived for around three years, before moving to KY), to attend the funeral of a dear friend and church member. Brother Gary Wells, Pastor of the Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church, Summerville, GA, challenged his folk with what the LORD put on his heart for/on that Sunday morning and here it is, for your edification too. The songs before the message, are from my wife and I. http://jeremiah616.sermon.net/main/main/21272124
  23. Yes and I heard an outstanding message on that very subject from Pastor Larry Winkler, a few weeks ago and look forward to posting it on my Sermon.net Page/Podcast, right after our upcoming Revival Meeting next week! It's called The Thief's Creed or (The Theology Of The Dying Thief).
  24. Pardon me, but isn't this forum for Independent, Fundamental, Baptists? While it is true that some folk claim that those first two words are adjectives and therefore, used loosely, none of the aforementioned wickedness/ungodliness/apostasy is in God's local churches!
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