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  1. Hey Bro. BOB I miss those parades also. Thank yo for your prayers, God bless you and yours.

  2. Actually both of those wicked cults would agree with that statement. They would just twist the words to mean what they want them to mean. They both say there is only one God and they both agree that Jesus is God. They are great Liars, Deceivers and Seducers.
  3. Excuse me but just sos ya knows. A man has no business pastoring a church when his house is not in order, that includes an obedient wife, dedicated to following her husband as he follows Christ. 1 Timothy 3:5 (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?) I don't care how dedicated to serving his wife is, unless she is following her God given leader she is wrong and he is wrong to continue in that condition. I have seen similar situations and I would never recommend that any man continue in a pastorate unless his wife is following and supporting him. He is headed for a fall without his home in order. I would suggest also that that man cannot not give biblical counsel to families with his own home not in order.
  4. You're correct Jerry, but they believe the same thing about God the Father and all of his predecessors. And if you join up with them you may become a god some day too. I don't recommend it though.
  5. Just wanted to bounce this idea off some of you more spiritual people. We have a Bible club on Sunday afternoon for the neighborhood kids here in Pukekohe. So we have been talking about making some club shirts for the regular kids as a reward. I had one of our regulars here with my gang the other day and we threw some ideas around. Before I give what we came up with you should know something about our neighborhood. We live in a a neighborhood that is primarily Maori (native New Zealanders) so most of our Bible kids are Maori. We also live in the shadow of a large Mormon debacle (they say church, we say debacle), literally it is what I see out my front door. Also two blocks back the other direction is a Jehovah's False Witnesses hall. Now most of the Maori in our neighborhood are baptized in the Mormon debacle with a few in that other cult. So here is what we are thinking about putting on the club shirts. On the front a simple Independent Baptist Chruch with Bible Club underneath. On the back something like this. If you think GOD was once a man? You don’t knowJESUS! If you think JESUS was once an angel? You don’t know GOD! What do you think?
  6. I love the KJB because if you love God you love that book, if you don;t love that book you don't know God.
  7. I love the KJB because it is light to this lost word and a "lamp unto MY feet".
  8. I love the KJB because it tells me that life is precious, and eternal life is available for all!
  9. I love the KJB because it tells me that "all have sinned", so I know just who to witness to, everyone!
  10. I love the fact that the KJB always shows me my sin and then tells me I have an advocate with the Father.
  11. I love the King James Bible because it is the HOLY BIBLE!
  12. I love that King James Bible because it was there when I was saved, and it was there when my wife was saved and it was there when my Dad was saved and it was there when my daughter was saved, and it was there when my other daughter was saved, and it was there when my son was saved, and it was there when my other son was saved, and it was there when my other daughter was saved, you see the pattern there?
  13. I love that KJB because it tells me of that one needful sacrifice, "...He offered one sacrifice for sins for ever,..." Heb.10:12

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