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  1. Hey Bro. BOB I miss those parades also. Thank yo for your prayers, God bless you and yours.

  2. Hi David, If you can preach the gospel and use a KJB, we are always looking for help. Bro. Ted
  3. Hey Joel, Thanks for the welcome. Acts 4:12
  4. Hi John, Thanks for the welcome, good to be here. I believe in the old fashioned idea of iron sharpening iron? I hope some sharpening takes place. God bless,
  5. Thanks for the welcome, I hope that you can forgive me for my brashness. I just like to test the waters and see who starts complaining. If you believe that old KJB then you will know not to fellowship with world. I'm not that mean if you give me a chance, but the new birth does make me peculiar.
  6. Hey Jerry, you are prOBably right. If any one should hide their identity it should be me. Thanks for putting right. God bless, TS
  7. I was afraid I would insult someone. Sorry, I was talking about me not you. I'm sure everyone has good reasons for not using there given names. Please fill me in. I am new here so I don't understand why Christians do the same things the world does, but I'm open to discussion. By the way God knows all about you, to Him every souls is precious.
  8. Greeting from New Zealand, I am a simple missionary to a small country in the far south pacific. I would appreciate not being shunned before we talk. This is the second KJV forum that I have entered in about a year, on the last one I left after being attacked by all the senior members and the owner. I am pretty unwavering when it comes to God words, you need to believe that precious Bible and live by it. If you have not come the realization that God is pure and holy and just and all powerful then I can understand your not knowing that the the words of the Lord are pure and unchanging.
  9. I was wondering if anyone here believes that the KJB is the pure words of God? Ps 12:6

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    2. PastorMatt


      Things that are different are not the same.

    3. Ted Snyder

      Ted Snyder

      I agree, Bro. Mickey Carter got that one right.

    4. 282Mikado


      I do Ted, but that is one of the reasons I go to Old Paths. Been a long time since I've been on this forum...wasn't good for my stress life. Came back to check on someone and lookie what I found. God bless, brother! I pray for you often and always miss marching next to you in the Memorial Day Parade.

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