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  1. For most of them (Zac Efron, really?) I wonder if it's a joke! I do think that, of the ones mentioned, Tom Hanks would prOBably do a good jOB. He's a gifted actor and a history buff so I think he would do well in the role.
  2. Well, the tea party isn't exactly a 3rd party either. Most of it's candidates run under the GOP ticket so it's more of a faction of the Republican party. Some in the Republican Party fight against these people, but, in my opinion, they are fighting more against the new faces than the philosophies they espouse. It's all about jOB security... I figured we would disagree about what constitutes a far right conservative. Being in the party leadership makes no difference. Most mainstream thought would place everyone I mentioned squarely in the far right wing of the party. I'm sure you don't agree with mainstream thought and that's fine but that doesn't make it invalid. Who do you think is far right? What do you think constitutes far right? I think defining that would prOBably help us. Yes I'm aware the philosophy that I quoted it vague. Most are and have only meaning to those who hold the philosophy. I guess I would say on the fiscal side that I'm not for oppressive taxes or for a nanny state that takes care of people without having to work. However I am for some degree of a safety net to help society's most vulnerable (ie unemployment benefits for a certain amount of time, healthcare for poor children, etc). I think my tax dollars should support that. However, there needs to be reform b/c my tax dollars should not support people who live extravagantly but rely on the system to take care of them. This hurts those who really need help. Additionally, I believe that the government (at any level) has no business in the private lives of individuals. Yes, things like life and property rights should be protected so morals like murder and stealing should be legislated. However, personal sexual preferences among consenting adults are no one's business. I'm sure many disagree and that's fine, to be honest I don't want my political beliefs to become the subject of debate on this thread, I was merely defining them because I was asked.
  3. Really though, should we care about their "win column"? I would guess that those who keep a win column are as misguided about that as they are about other things. In this case, Pastor Jones was misguided and his zeal was very misdirected.
  4. Hey, now, those are fightin words! I love Hugh Laurie!!! House is one of my fAV shows...
  5. I'm not a homeschooler and I've never been homeschooled, but I will say that when done correctly (as Happy and Annie clearly do) you are correct. Annie and Happy's children are clearly blessed with dedicated and intelligent mothers. Edited to give much deserved props to my mom who was my first teacher and still challenges me to be a life long learner!!! Moms are the best!!!
  6. Hate to break it to you TC, but unless you use a Bible that has the Apocrypha and the Anglican lectionary in it then you aren't using a KJV 1611. Given that and the fact that English spelling wasn't standardized in 1611, I'm pretty sure that you do not use a 1611 KJV. Oh, and the translation of the KJV was commissioned by King James for the Anglican church. So, actually, you have the KJV because of my church. I'm sure that just blew your mind, but think about it for a minute. Also, I suggest you clean up your language. You are claiming to be a Christian and posting in mixed company. Your language is unbecoming and offensive.
  7. He's not hiding behind me, he's simply agreeing with a statement that I made. That doesn't happen often, mind you! To say that I am not a Christian is offensive and untrue. How dare you make such statements! Salvation is not for you to judge, especially since you do not know me and you have made some very unChristian remarks on here. And yes I do read the Bible. In fact, I would bet every last dollar I have that you will here more direct Scripture read at a service at my church than at yours. Do you have lengthy readings each service from each the Old Testament, Psalms or Proverbs, the New Testament and the Gospel all before the sermon? Didn't think so.
  8. I have backed up my statement with examples but I will keep going if you would like. Far right conservatives? Jim DeMint, Joe Wilson, Huckabee (that's a national one you would prOBably know), yes Sarah Palin. She doesn't have a very long record to stand on, but the ideas she is presenting are very far right. And the new tea party candidate that just won? Christine O'Donnell? She is very right as well. The tea party is putting up very right wing candidates. One of them just beat out BOB Inglis of SC (another very conservative Republican) in the primary for the House race. I'm going to take a leap here and guess that you don't agree with the mainstream interpretation of what constitutes far right and moderate so we are prOBably speaking different languages here. Could you please tell me where I have refused to give appropriate examples when asked? I don't recall where that has happened. For your last question, I believe in moderate fiscal conservatism but moderate social liberty. I would like to see the party having the backbone to stand on those issues and to support the candidates like the John McCain of 2000, not the John McCain that would have become a puppet for the tea party.
  9. Actually, as HC noted, he's severely twisting Scripture and passing off his misguided interpretation as the absolute truth. That being said, he's somewhat amusing and entertaining.
  10. I'm not dodging anything and you know it. Anyone who reads my posts knows that I don't shy from saying what I believe, even if it results in ridicule. All I'm doing is calling out your blanket statements and your assumptions that are not based in fact.
  11. There might not be a Christian conservative as you would define it. I'm not sure what your definition is, but there are conservatives that use Christian rhetoric and ideas. Whether or not they are Christians, I can't say unless I know them personally. Far right though we have seen. And we have seen the national party pandering to its right wing base. I've said it before, but McCain picking Palin for his running mate and revising some of his stances in the 2008 election was a clear example of pandering to the right wing of the GOP. Would you care to back up your statement with examples?
  12. Some moderates are more socially conservative than others, so this blanket statement doesn't apply to all moderates. Many moderates view a lot of these things as issues that the federal government should leave alone, regardless of whether or not they privately condone or support these things in their personal lives. I would say that a lot of moderates don't believe in forcing their moral world view on others, no matter what it is. This cannot be said for either the far right or the far left.
  13. Oh yes, I love the Constitution and I certainly hope other moderates do too! I was just remarking that it's interesting how some claim to love the Constitution until it interferes with something they think should be done (ie a federal marriage amendment). I prOBably wasn't clear and it was def unfair for me to only call out the far right for this. It happens to many regardless of political persuasion. We all know the far left is equally guilty...
  14. Well I'm not sure what moderates you are looking at. There are very, very few true moderates in Congress. Even so, they are members of the Democratic or Republican party and cop to the leadership under pressure. Again I'll ask you if you have anything to back up your position. And "moderates hold to liberal positions no Christian would hold to"? Really? Hate to break it to you, but there are plenty of true Christians that are not conservative politically and plenty that are even (gasp!) Democrats. A book you might want to check out (but I know you won't) is "Jesus rode a Donkey". It's about how the right doesn't have a monopoly on Christianity. You are correct about the Bush administration in some respects. Actually, there were many laws passed in states that severely limited a woman's right to choose. Regardless, it's next to impossible if not impossible to change the Roe decision now by legislation. It's interesting that you mention legislation regarding homosexuality and shrinking the government back to the bounds of the Constitution right next to each other. Federal legislation regarding homosexuality or defining marriage would be waaay outside the bounds of the Constitution. It's really funny how far right conservatives love the Constitution until it disagrees with their pet cause.
  15. Wow. You are again offering a mere opinion (which you have the right to have) while calling my opinion wrong. Moderate is a category and many people fall into it. Where do you get off saying that moderates are liberals who don't want to call themselves such? Do you have some statistics or a source to back that up? Where did this turn to a discussion about Christian candidates? Last time I checked we were talking about the tea party and political philosophy. And yes, ever since Newt Gingrich and the "Contract with America" the Republican party has been hijacked by the far right and extreme social conservatives. If you don't believe me, actually take a look at the Republicans in Congress and look at their ratings on the conservative/liberal scale. I'm sure you will still disagree because these people are not IFB conservative, but the fact still remains. Interesting, you have managed to turn a political philosophy that is rather vague (as political philosophies usually are) and have attempted to create a moderate political philosophy with being a lukewarm Christian. It makes no sense, but I should be used to it by now. Amazing the leaps you will take.
  16. I didn't say that anyone insinuated that, nor did I say that we had liberty to sin. All I did was second her post and complement her on something that I thought was well said. You are reading an awful lot into a one line post.
  17. Yes, but tea party candidates are generally far right leaving me still with where are moderates supposed to go with the tea party hijacking the GOP?
  18. Very well said! We would all do well not to look down upon others for exercising their liberty in Christ, even if we disagree.
  19. The Republican party hasn't had any good options in a while - at least not on the national level. Most moderates, myself included, have felt that the party has been hijacked by the religious right and the far right for a very long time. Moderate Republicans and Democrats are elusive now. For proof on this just look at McCain's presidential campaign. He was forced to cater to the super conservative wing when just a few short years ago he was saying very different things. Maybe we need a viable 3rd party soon. Where in the world are us fiscal conservatives and social moderates supposed to go? Guess that's why I refuse to register with either party...
  20. In many, perhaps not all but many cases I would say that's definitely true. Edited to add: From personal experience I can say that there are some good eggs who really do care about the health and welfare of those they represent. Unfortunately they are not all that way.
  21. Interesting thought. I think it's more politics than anything. Representatives from big tOBacco growing states (my home state included) would fight tooth and nail to keep tOBacco from being outlawed. Additionally, they already fight to keep taxes from being increased on tOBacco products. One could also make a similar comparison between alcohol and marijuana.
  22. I agree, I was just musing about a potential precedent. Good points, HC. I think the media reforms were good and necessary, but I am not for doing away with the electoral college. As has previously been noted, the collage places importance on places other than just the most populous cities in the country. Of course we could discuss the emphasis that the electoral college places on swing states, but that's a different discussion entirely.
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