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  1. It may seem dark at the moment, but don't lose hope. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, keep moving and you'll get there. God won't abandon you; let God be your light. It may take some time, but in the end, everything will be alright.

  2. Kindofblue, your church sounds wonderful. Keep going there and growing in your faith and do not pay any mind to people who seek to tear you down. A little about why I just popped up - I used to post here but I stopped due to attacks like this. I am Episcopalian. I also love Jesus with all my heart and believe in helping my fellow man as he taught us. You aren't going to convince anyone on here that your church is "right" in their eyes. Fortunately, no one's eyes on earth matter. Remember that and keep doing what you're doing. May the peace of the Lord be with you.
  3. I noticed that you checked in. You've been on my heart and in my prayers much. May you truly have a blessed Christmas.

  4. This is going to be my last post I hope. Pope John Paul II was a godly man. I am not Catholic but I respect the Pope as the Bishop of Rome. I also respect any leader who seeks to build bridges instead of walls. There is a fundamental misunderstanding among fundamentalists and liturgical and even mainstream Christians. We all believe in the same Jesus, but after that, it may get a little fuzzy. There's nothing wrong with that, unless you think something beyond an understanding of what Jesus did on the cross is essential for salvation. At the end of the day, I'm a Christian and you're a Christian and I hope that we all see each other in Heaven. To be perfectly honest, this board is not that positive for me currently. It's a bit addictive and negative and it's bringing me down. I need to focus on serving in my church, which is where I get joy and I have a purpose and I know that I am doing God's work. I thank God for all of you that have encouraged me, especially those that I have gotten to know though PM. Please feel free to keep contacting me. May God be with you all. Glory be to the Father And to the Son And to the Holy Ghost As it was in the beginning Is now and ever shall be World without end Amen, Amen.
  5. Um, I can't believe I'm even going to bother saying this, but this hardly means that Gov. Crist isn't a Christian. (I don't know that that's what you were saying, but it sounded like you were insinuating that with your second sentence.) Also, this doesn't mean that he wouldn't be a good choice for VP or POTUS. I would actually look at him more closely as he might be a decent middle of the road choice willing to listen to both sides and take many things into consideration. That's what I want in a leader.
  6. All good points to think about. These are all leading into the theories of the justice system. You are both intelligent people so I'm sure I'm "preaching to the choir" as they would say, but it all goes into if we think the penal system should be for rehabilitation, retribution, or deterrence. Now, I think all three under different circumstances, and hopefully the second less than the other 2. To address some of the points that both of you brought up; trc, I think your point is that the shoe is on the other foot when something terrible happens to ourselves or our loved ones. I agree, it's easy to sit in our ivory towers and say that the death penalty is wrong when we can hold it at arms length. I hope that I would feel the same way if a situation were to hit close to home and I pray I never have to find out. Also, I would say that someone who has had to watch something so heinous happen to his family has already had the system fail him. The person who did that needs to be punished, but nothing will bring the victim's loved ones back. That's why we need social reform to keep kids off the street and reach them before they start committing crimes. Happy, yes prisons are expensive. I don't have the statistics in front of me, but I've seen them, and death row is extremely expensive. It costs an awful lot to house a criminal in that kind of maximum security facility even for a short time and then to actually perform the execution. It's a medical procedure (and I think we all know how expensive those are!). Actually, we could relieve a lot of the burden on taxpayers and the prison systems if we didn't lock up so many non-violent offenders (ie people caught with marijuana). But that's a discussion for a different day...
  7. Murder and other crimes certainly should be punished, but I have to say that I strongly believe that the death penalty is not the way. The United States is one of the few industrialized countries that still has the death penalty and it's a shame. We have had many people on death row that have later been exonerated. How terrible to wrongly punish someone in such a permanent way! Studies have shown that the death penalty isn't a deterrent either. I for one know that my conscience would never allow me to sit on a jury and condemn a person to death.
  8. It is one thing to point out that someone needs Jesus (which some might find offensive) but quite another to call someone offensive names and make derogatory comments based on someone's outward appearance. Surely you can see the difference. With that being said I really need to heed trc's advice and stop feeding this troll...
  9. Just like every year there are some good incumbents and some bad and the same goes for the new faces. As far as O'Donnell, I would not support her if I lived in her area, but I will agree that the tendency to dredge up irrelevant things in a politician's past is vicious and generally more mean spirited than anything else. However, many conservative politicians bring up their religious affiliation first (I believe O'Donnell did but I could be wrong) so additional prOBing into something that they have already placed in the public forum is to be expected.
  10. Oh dear, there are so many errors in this and so many offensive things that I could never address them all. First of all, they are called Muslims. Second of all, regardless of how you feel about the Pope and Catholicism, it is wrong, illegal and unchristian to wish harm on anyone. Finally, there is no reason to use such ugly and derogatory language when referring to people or another country. It's offensive. There are many more things that I could and prOBably should address, but that's all for now...
  11. I'm sorry if I was unclear. I meant that if radical Muslims were keeping a "win column" they were prOBably as misguided in their application of that as they are in other things. In that case we shouldn't really bother ourselves with their judgements of wins and losses.
  12. Fair enough. I could offer some examples of a few men who meet prOBably 11 of 12 of your requirements. The only one I don't know is your #3; I'm not sure that in all cases the men I'm thinking of refrain from all secular forms of entertainment. However, rest assured that there are some politicians, some of whom I know personally that adhere to your requirements. I may not agree with everything they do, but I do respect them.
  13. Not true. You've done them good, just not the ultimate good. Perhaps by providing for their physical needs you've opened a door to share the gospel with them. Might make a little more sense than telling a bunch of starving people that what they really need to do is concentrate on their spiritual needs, right? Maslow's hierarchy, my friend.
  14. I know from reading your profile that you do not believe women should be in politics, but regardless of your view on that, I can assure you that Palin is not a feminist in the classic sense. The political ideologies that she espouses are very right wing. She by her own admission is trying to take back the term feminist from liberals who she believes have corrupted the word. Conservative and liberal relative to ourselves are prOBably different, but conservative and liberal relative to the entire spectrum really shouldn't be different. I'm asking you to give examples of what you think a true conservative would be and then contrast that with all the "liberals and fakes" that we've seen. I'm not asking you to give examples of specific conservative people because you haven't claimed that they exist. Apologies if I wasn't clear.
  15. This may be what you meant, I'm not sure, but those verses do not speak of earthly government but of heavenly or spiritual government. That's why the people of that time were confused (and Herod tried to have Jesus killed) because they were expecting an earthly ruler.
  16. Yes, but coveting, by definition is passive and only involves the mind and the heart. It is lawful but it is against God because it is more than just a desire it is an all consuming desire that is unhealthy and could be malicious. Everything that you have mentioned here is a sin that falls under another commandment. Granted these sins can be brought on by coveting and it is prOBably a true statement that coveting is usually accompanied by another sin. Sooo, that goes into mens rea, meaning that if I commit adultery or if I steal then I had to have coveted first. But, i could potentially covet something that my neighbor has and not let it go any further than that. I think we might mean the same thing, but I am saying that coveting, while a sin, isn't illegal if there isn't an accompanying illegal action. I do see what you mean by conspiracy, but that implies an intention or plan to commit another, unlawful sin, so it's going beyond the realm of mere coveting. I think there is a difference between simply wanting something and acquiring it by lawful means (this is a nice plot of land for a house for my family so I think I will seek God's guidance and see about purchasing it, or I think God is calling me to be a teacher so I am going to look into pursuing my goal of higher education). That is a goal or a desire. Coveting would be: "I can't believe my neighbor drives a Mercedes and I still drive this old Honda. He doesn't even go to church most Sundays. I really wish I had a nicer car this old thing is the worst. God, why won't you give me money for a nicer car I totally deserve it..." and so forth. It's a consuming and unhealthy desire that takes up our time and takes us away from the important things. It can also lead to other sins.
  17. There may be a very few states where laws against adultery and sodomy are still on the books, but we all know they have been either de facto or actually nullified. Actually coveting isn't illegal and I'm not sure where you are getting that info from. cov·et (kvt) v. cov·et·ed, cov·et·ing, cov·ets v.tr. 1. To feel blameworthy desire for (that which is another's). See Synonyms at envy. 2. To wish for longingly. See Synonyms at desire. v.intr. To feel immoderate desire for that which is another's. That is something that we should strive to rid our hearts and minds of, but it is not illegal. Acting on it by stealing or engaging in fraud would be illegal. However, this is a heart issue that cannot be legislated. How can we legislate hearts and minds in the secular world? We can't.
  18. I hope someone does! Really though, no one should have to tell him since he is a pastor he should know the Bible and should know this passage and many others that condemn his original plans.
  19. That doesn't mean that it's not being used for worthy causes that help people. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation does some wonderful work.
  20. That is a direct contradiction of this verse. "Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but [rather] give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance [is] mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." Romans 12:19. As Christians we are not to take revenge or to answer a wrong with another wrong but to "turn the other cheek".
  21. I imagine no one is burning Qurans in the street and I imagine that would not be very effective either.
  22. Why are you so bound and determined to say that there is no such thing as a moderate? Anyone who knows anything about politics knows that that is not the case. In fact, wherever there is a range of views to be held there will be moderates. AFR? Figures. To be honest, the labels conservative, moderate, liberal and so on are comparative labels. Their meanings change frequently and only have meaning when being compared to other views. For example, compared to your views on many issues my views are liberal. However, compared to say, the late Senator Kennedy or perhaps Congresswoman Pelosi, many of my views are conservative. Therefore, when you examine me within the spectrum, the only fitting label is moderate. Yes, on this board or according to AFR I am liberal. Yes, at a NOW gathering I would be conservative. However, the only way to determine a true political label is to examine beliefs within the entire range of possible views.
  23. For most of them (Zac Efron, really?) I wonder if it's a joke! I do think that, of the ones mentioned, Tom Hanks would prOBably do a good jOB. He's a gifted actor and a history buff so I think he would do well in the role.
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